Fun team building activities for adults
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  • 1. Brought To You By http://teambuildingactivitieshq.comFun Team Building ActivitiesFor Adults Brought to you by Team Building Activities HQAll Rights Reserved © 2011 Team Building Activities HQ
  • 2. Brought To You By http://teambuildingactivitieshq.comIf you have a group of adults who could benefit from team building, youcan be sure there are more then a few ways to go about this. The mosteffective way to create and learn fun team building activities is to hire apro. There are firms and companies that specialize in teaching yourstaff to work better together. These companies can also help resolveany work place issues or trust issues within the staff. This does notmean that these meetings and team building experiences must be dulland lifeless, there are some really great ways to have fun while stillteam building.Some fun team building activities are:Spending time away from it all: Spending time in nature can not onlyhelp your team bond, but help with individual issues. When teambuilding activities are done outside the team members will express amore active interest in what you are doing. Out door activities caninclude games such as capture the flag, adventure tag and G.P.S games.All of these require a large amount of team work and goodcommunication skills. Each team will also have to choose a leader, thisway one person can direct and delegate to the others.Pretend emergency or project issue: This is a way to bring peopletogether. Create an issue with a client or projection, and have a smallgroup come up with a solution. This is a great way to work onemergency skills as well as team work. This can be fun, as it gives thestaff a reason to brain storm and create new ideas. Sometimes theseissues can become real down the road, and this can ready youremployees.All Rights Reserved © 2011 Team Building Activities HQ
  • 3. Brought To You By http://teambuildingactivitieshq.comIce breakers: These are fun and short games that help staff membersbetter know each other. These include simple get to know you gamessuch as “who am I” or “guess who said it” these help people get overthe anxiety of speaking out loud, and give the group a reason to laugh.Other great ice breakers include acting and singing, making them evenmore fun to watch.Team building activities for adultsFun team building activities for adults, are really not a whole lotdifferent from those for children. All activities include ice breakers andgetting to know you games, as well as more planned and structuredones. Adults tend to be more reserved and less likely to join in thenchildren, ice breakers and other “join in” activities can help with that.Since most adults are able to say what they think and articulate betterthen children, some team building activities can be feeling or talk basedas well.The work place is better for everyone when it is a nice place to be.When the team comes together to create a good working environment,with a healthy atmosphere in which to work, things run muchsmoother. Creating a work environment that is able to invoke trust andself esteem, is hard; but worth it.All Rights Reserved © 2011 Team Building Activities HQ
  • 4. Brought To You By http://teambuildingactivitieshq.comTo learn more about team building activities for theworkplace come visit us at:http://teambuildingactivitieshq.comIf you’d like 31 free icebreakers to take your teambuilding activities to the next level you can get that forfree by visiting: if you’d like an advanced toolbox of team buildingactivities, then I recommend you take a look at this: Rights Reserved © 2011 Team Building Activities HQ