Types of sentences Kennedy Fleming 5th pd.


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Types of sentences Kennedy Fleming 5th pd.

  1. 1. Types Of Sentences By; Kennedy Fleming Language Arts/ 5 th Due October 8,2013
  2. 2. Simple Sentences Simple Sentences are a sentence consisting of only one clause, with a single subject and predicate.  Simple Sentences has one independent clause and no dependent clause.  Simple Sentence consisting of only one clause  Example: The boy looked around the 
  3. 3. Simple Sentence Con’t    A Simple Sentence has no coordinate or subordinate clauses. Example: We were late for the party. Example: I love the Miami Heat.
  4. 4. Simple Sentences Con’t These pictures are an example of Simple Sentences.
  5. 5. Compound Sentences A Compund Sentence is a sentence with more than one subject or predicate .  Compund Sentences do not have subordinate clauses.  Example: The weather is turning , and leaves are falling from the trees.  Example : The Girl Was Hungry, so she ate some yogurt. 
  6. 6. Compound Sentences Con’t Compound Sentences is made by joining two independent clauses with a conjunction.  A Compound Sentences does not require a dependent clause.  Example: Travon cut the grass and Dan washed the car.  Example: Mom baked the chicken and I baked the cake . 
  7. 7. Compound Sentences Con’t An Picture of a Compound
  8. 8. Complex Sentences  A Complex sentence is a sentence containing a subordinate clause or clauses  Example: Even though he thought it would never happen in Flordia , Kevin wished for a snow day .
  9. 9. Complex Sentences Con’t chart helps This ntify your you ide ex sentences. compl
  10. 10. Compound- Complex Sentences  A compound – complex sentence has two or more independent clauses plus at least one dependent clause.  Example: Fedreico would not look away from the television, but he continued to reach for a cookie from the glass jar that was on the edge of the counter.
  11. 11. Compound – Complex Con’t     A compound – complex sentence is a sentence with several independent clauses. A compound –complex sentence combines elements of compound and complex sentences. Example :The dog fell down the hill, we waited for help, but no one showed up to help us. Remove the cake from the oven, let it sit for thirty minutes, but make sure to move it to a plate as soon as it cools.
  12. 12. Compound – Complex Sentences Con’t These are examples of compoundcomplex sentences.