Appreciative team building events Gauteng


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Life Masters REAL team building ideas, activities and events to transform trust, resolve conflict, build relationship, clear baggage anf grow leadership, facilitated by Tony Dovale & Debbie Vernon - South Africa 083-447-63400

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Appreciative team building events Gauteng

  1. 1. Pilots of Possibility If it is to BE… It’s up to ME! Tony Dovale
  2. 2. Example of Effectiveness Client: Mr. Lee OnRaise his leadership approach to engage his target market on a new level
  3. 3. REAL Team•Resilient•Energised & Engaged•Appreciative Action•Leadership with Love
  4. 4. Lies… lies…lies “Try” & “Fine”
  5. 5. What do you want more of? LOVE Or… FEAR
  6. 6. Be a cool Dude…Be intelligent & awake CHOOSE yourATTITUDE
  7. 7. “Breaker” Pit Choice Map
  8. 8. • Compete / Conflict – Win-Lose• Co-exist / compatible - neutral• Collaborate /create Win-Win
  9. 9. Lev of Leadership Motivation Consciousness Style /need7. Service Wisdom / Visionary Humanity / Selfless6. Make A Diff Mentor Partner collaboration SelfLess5. Internal Cohesion Inspirer Meaning & Purpose4. Transformation Facilitator / Influencer Mastery Transforming3. Self Esteem Organiser Sense Of Worth2. Relationship Communicator Love & Belonging Selfish1. Survival Manager Security & safety
  10. 10. What do we want?• Awesome Team qualities• Awesome Leadership• Current Qualities• Appreciate – 5D new choices• Clear slate• Start again
  11. 11. Inspiration is theoxygen of the soul. The human spirit yearns to inspire and be inspired
  12. 12. WHY creates How• Support• Honest & Open• Integrity• Forgive• Truth & Trust• Accountability• Response-ability
  13. 13. Appreciative Inquiry Discovery: Opportunity Context Positive Core Delivery: Pos Topic Dream:DOing & Sustaining (What you Want More of) Envisioning what might the Change be; shared images for a preferred future Design: Finding innovative ways to create that future; Breakthrough propositions
  14. 14. How Many Squares?“Your mind-lines hold you from success”
  15. 15. Who is In CHARGE?• React or RESPOND?• Anger Story• Happiness Choice?
  16. 16. Consciousness Map Appreciating• Loving 500 Reverence• Reason 400 Understanding• Acceptance 350 Forgiveness• Willingness 310 Optimism• Neutrality 250 Trust• Courage 200 Affirmation• Pride 175 Scorn Depreciating• Anger 150 Hate• Desire 125 Craving• Fear 100 Anxiety• Grief 75 Regret• Apathy 50 Despair• Guilt 30 Blame• Shame 20 Humiliation
  17. 17. 4 Generic Questions to Start• Tell us about a positive past experience in an effective team?• What do you value about yourself? What are your strengths?• You have 3 wishes for BHP Team, what are they?
  18. 18. STRESS TEST Below is a picture of 2 dolphins. If you can see both dolphins, your stress level is within theacceptable range. If you see anything other than2 dolphins, your stress level is too high and you need to adjust your thinking.
  19. 19. TRUST• Credibility• Intention• Concern• Competence• Confidence
  20. 20. Confusing Motivation with Inspiration Motivate: to provide a motive; to induce, incite, impel; to be the cause or driving force behind something that somebody does Self Interest, greed, Win/Lose, Burn-
  21. 21. Confusing Motivation with Inspiration Inspire: from the Latin spirare, meaning „spirit‟, to affect, guide, or arouse by divine influence; to fill with enlivening or exalting emotion;to animate; a divine influence upon human beings; to give life, the breath of God; Service and Love – Win /Win, Sustainable
  22. 22. NE
  23. 23. Limited Zone
  24. 24. Warrior MagicianCourage, Strength, Honour, Magic, Wise, Fun, Insight,Action, Focus Knowledgeable, CreativeLover Sovereign/King/QueenSupportive, Caring, Love, Ruler, guide, Coach, Visionary,Compassion, Nurture, Hero, Forgiver, StrategistUnderstanding
  25. 25. Top Daily Hassles• Relationships• Health of family member• Rising prices• Home/Yard maintenance• Too many things to do• Misplacing or losing things• Property, investments or taxes• Crime & Safety• Physical appearance• Money
  26. 26. Your Destiny?• 3% Successful & Wealthy (Coached)• 6% Survive/Family• 11% HAVE to Work• 29% Dead!• 51% Poverty
  27. 27. ROI• Quality Relationships – 8X• “Fair” Compensation - 4.3x• Coaching - 4x• High Standards - 3.9x• Satisfaction & Morale - 3.2x• Empowerment - 2.9X• Commitment, Enthusiasm, Respect 2.6x• Long Term Orientation - 2.3x• Training & Develop - 1.1x
  28. 28. How Many Squares?“Your mind-lines hold you from success”
  29. 29. Most Successful WOW PlacesManagement……listens…values input…is trusted…are good coaches…communication is good…practice what they preach…people are respectful of others
  30. 30. 6 Core Human Needs• Certainty/ Comfort – Survival, security & control• Uncertainty / Variety – Stimulation, excitement & surprise• Significance – Purpose, Meaning, Importance, Valued• Love/ connection – Bonding, Sharing, Belonging, ONE• Growth – Self, together, away from pain, higher ground• Contribution – Participation, value, needed
  31. 31. Competing Collaborating assertive Win Win-WinDesire to assert own view Dominate Integration Asstertiveness Compromising Find middle ground Share unassertive Avoiding Accommodating Delay Yield Neglect Appeasement uncooperative cooperative COOPERATIVENESS Desire to satisfy self or other’s concerns
  32. 32. Key Questions• 4. Destiny, Cause & Calling aligned? – Is my Calling aligned with the Cause of our organisation?• 5. How may I serve you?• 6. How can I guide your contribution of brilliance & help you to grow and become fulfilled?• 7. Am I inspiring others ?• Am I creating the conditions that will inspire me & us?
  33. 33. Inspired orForced?
  34. 34. AQ Details• C – Control (Helplessness = Stress) – Perceived influence to improve the situation – To what extent do you control your own response to the situation (Delayed / Spontaneous*)• O – Ownership (Engagement/Dis Eng) – Extent to which you take it upon yourself to improve the situation, regardless of cause.• R – Reach (bleeding over, Fear & worry) – How far you let the adversity into other areas of your life.• E – Endurance (catastrophising) – How long one perceives the adversity will endure The meaning you give an event is the event – Deepak Chopra
  35. 35. EILEAD to build AQ• Energy - What can I do right now to elevate my energy levels?• Identity - What must shift in me, to enable me to handle this better?• Listen to your AQ response – Was it a high or low resilience response? Was it constructive or destructive? What can I do NOW to enhance this?• Explore origins & ownership of the result – What are the possible origins of the adversity? What portion of this adversity is my responsibility? What, specifically, could I have done better? What aspects of the results should I own? What can I do NOW to change this?• Analyze - What evidence is there that I have no control here? – What evidence is there that the adversity has to affect other areas of my life? How can I contain it? What evidence is there that the adversity must last any longer than necessary?• Do something - – What can I do NOW to gain a little control over this. What could I do to limit the reach or duration of this adversity?•
  36. 36. Management‟s job is to… make people want to learn things by managing their “why”- helping them understand why this is important, why it is exciting & fulfilling, why people should sacrifice their time & attention to get involved.
  37. 37. Give to Get David Maister‟s Research clearly shows that if you can raise team satisfactionin your firm by 10-15% you could see 42% more net profit.So, are you improving & measuringPersonal & Team satisfaction yet?
  38. 38. Logical Levels of Results Unaware - Results Aware + Reactive Actions Proactive Min impact and Use Skills Max Impact and Use Resourceful/Collaborate Victim/ Do it for me Abilities Support is OK They owe me Warmware Attitudes Watch me do it Unless the areas I have no Ability, I am not worthy, I have Ability, I am worthy, below the line are I can’t do, It is not safe to do, I can do, It is safe to do, cleared, efforts to success is not achievable Beliefs success is achievable effectively enhancefactors above the line on a long-term are Restrictions Re-Programming your WASTED time, “Learned Helplessness” Programming Personal Operating System money & effort! AQ - Adversity Intelligence & Resiliency ”Leaks” = Fear, Resentments, ”Innergy” = Past & Future Anger, Loss detracts from NOW “Static” Success enhance “Now” Focus Languaging - Self Aware Moods - Self-Manage Awareness - Physiology Core Energy / Soul
  39. 39. Leadership is not so much about technique & methods as it is about opening the heart.Leadership is about inspiration - of oneself & of others.- Lance Secretan
  40. 40. Destiny: To be proactive in creating a world of freedom, love, peace & abundanceCause: Inspiring others to see their value & Sacredness everywhereCalling: To Lead & Serve through my Writing, Coaching, Workshops & Speaking
  41. 41. 1. Selecting a focus area or topic(s) of interest. Discovery – appreciating & valuing best of “what is”.2. Interviews and stories designed to discover strengths, passions, unique attributes.3. Identify patterns, themes and/or intriguing possibilities. Dream – Envision “what might be”.4. Create bold statements of ideal possibilities - provocative propositions. Design – Dialog “what should be”.5. Co-determine “what should be” (consensus re: principles & priorities). Destiny – Innovate “what will be”.6. Taking and sustaining action.
  42. 42. “In organisation’s, real power and energy is generated through relationships.The patterns of relationships and the capacities to form them are more important than tasks,functions, roles, and positions.” -Margaret Wheatly, Leadership & the New Science
  43. 43. Key Driving Questions• 1. What is my Destiny? – Why am I here on Earth? – How does my life make a difference?• 2. What is my Cause? – How will I be while I am here? – What will I stand for? – Are my aspirations a magnet for passion?• 3. What is my Calling? – What will I DO, and how will I use my talents and passion to serve? – What is your Calling and how can I help you to achieve greater mastery?
  44. 44. Appreciative Leadership• New definition of leadership includes: – ability to… Look for & see the best – lift up & energize – create an alignment of strengths – see opportunities in the environment more rapidly than others.
  45. 45. "To be what we are, and to becomewhat we are capable of becoming, isthe only end of life" Robert Louis Stevenson
  46. 46. My New Team Commitment• What I’ve gained is…• What I’d love from my team?• What am I prepared to offer… is?• “You can count on me”!• Can I count on you?
  47. 47. Namaste‟• I honour the place in you where the entire universe resides. I honour the place in you of love, of light, truth and peace. I honour the place within you… where if you are in that place, and I am in that place in me, there is only ONE of us.
  48. 48. NE