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  • Good afternoon everybody,My name is TeodoraKostadinova and I am here on behalf of the communication department of Italian Food and Culture foundation to show you the concept behind the newest project of the foundation called ‘The ExhibEAT’ – a special event designed to internalize the made in Italy.
  • The present com plan has been conducted by IFCF Communication Department with the aim to draft one-year communication plan for the project the“ExhibEAT” to be launched in Germany in the late 2010. For the special event organized to spread and value the Italian culture of tableware have been chosen two big cities in Germany– the capital Berlin and Hamburg in northwestern Germany because of their cultural and economic features. Berlin:Because of its geographical location, its convenient transportation connections, and the cultural diversity, Berlin plays an important role in expanding economic ties with Eastern and Central Europe. In Berlin can be rent attractive real estate in downtown locations – at much more affordable prices than in most European cities. The city's transportation infrastructure is one of the most modern in Europe.  Hamburg:The Hanseatic City of Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany with approximately 1.8 million inhabitants - Europe's second largest - and a major international commercial hub. As a magnet for over 3,500 international companies and their employees, Hamburg is an incredibly international and culturally diverse city. The city boasts some of Europe's finest offerings in art, theater, opera, music, and ballet often dubbed as the cultural metropolis of the north. 
  • First let’s take a snapshot of the international environment we want to operate in.Since 2008 the international economic crisis originated a general slowdown: international trade collapsed and so did commodity prices. Italian economy was hit harder than the rest of euro-zone, registering a collapse in good and service exports In this context, the Italian economy is facing the necessity to improve its external openness and facilitate companies’ internationalizing process.In accordance to Italian Trade Commission strategic objectives to help Italian companies maintain their presence in traditional partner countries, The Italian Food and Culture Foundation chose Germany as a target country to foster the ‘Made in Italy’ image.  
  • But why we consider Germany as an opportunity market?...We don’t take this for granted but this is data from the annual report of‘ the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Society at a Glance’ for 2009.
  • The Italian Food and Culture Foundation is a non-for-profit organization founded by the famous Italian actress and Oscar award winner Sophia Loren.  The main goal of the foundation is to raise the demand and the purchase of made in Italy products, to strengthen the image of Italian lifestyle abroad,in cooperation with Italian and foreign partners.Having no shareholders, the patrimony donated by the founder belong entirely to the foundation itself. Fundraising strategies include supporters’ voluntary donations, sponsorships and ad hoc funds: in particular, the Extraordinary Program for the Made in Italy Promotion, a long-term strategic program run by the Italian Trade CommissionItalian Trade Commission Priorities (ICE)105 millions € in 2009 to international business initiatives focusing on: reinforcing already existing markets promotion in traditional partner countries fostering the image of Made in Italystrengthening alliances among companies and local retailers7.Public funds for Made in Italy Extraordinary Promotion (ICE) Italian lifestyle and Italian brands are increasingly perceived as the world leading symbol of good taste, creativity and quality.Opportunity and treats:With the Exhibeat project IFCF enters a very competitive market with highly ambitious goals. However, promoting Italian quality lifestyle in Germany is a very potential activity bearing in mind the long term relationship between both countries and the similar cultural dimensions. Furthermore German market has always been very attractive for international entries because of its society characterized with big purchasing power and cultural diversity.
  • Communicating a special event like The ExhibEAT we have to consider the need to conduct a truly integrated communication campaign designed to get the message across even though it is tailored to various stakeholders.IFCF will start the communication with partners and sponsors before launching the media campaign in June that targets mainly at consumers.  Key players should be kept informed and satisfied with e-mail communication, regular newsletters and meeting when necessary. A project proposal describing the aim and the idea behind The ExhibEAT will be send in the beginning to recognized potential partners. For the advertising campaign is recommended to counsel a German advertising company. 
  • The ExhibEAT target group is compound of private (customers) and business (retailers, restaurants, foodindustry representatives, wholesalers) segment. The private target group is the most relevant to IFCF objectives and the communication strategy will be focused on it.The main target of the communication campaign will be a broad range of mass consumers aged between 20 and 60. The aim is not to segment people in very specific demographic and psychological groups but to attract as many citizens as possible. In the target group of people aged between 20 and 60 can be identified different social types:
  • The communication department tried to conduct a roughly estimation of the budget of the campaign. According to it the overall costs for the one-year campaign will amount of 175 000 euro. The founder of the foundation Sofia loren gives a patrimony for the event of 100 000 euro. What we can do in the ideal case is to manage to gather 75 000 euro more. If this is not the case the comm department will adapt the plan according to the available funds. 
  • The campaign objectives have been set at two different levels: on one hand, the objectives directly connected with the successful communication of the ExhibEAT exposition:  • By the end of the campaign, the 60% of the target group will know about the ExhibEAT; (awareness)• The 40% of the target group will positively consider the initiative and spread the buzz; (feelings)• The 30% of the target group will visit it. (action) If we manage to fulfill this mead-term objectives we will meet out Overall objectives: • increased awareness and demand of ‘made in Italy’;• high IFCF’s reputation  
  • Strategically, the ExhibEAT is placed far away from main fair cities (Colonia, Frankfurt) and when no other big events are already been planned. Positioning :A unique two week exposition of Italian tableware and food with art and cultural inputs.  As u can see we are positioning the Exhibeat as a highly sophisticated event showing the traditional Italian tableware and culture in the appropriate fashionable way.  Other big special events potentially competitive are traditionally taking place every time in Germany, especially around Christams:The cristmas marketImport shop berlin is a big fair for locally produced commodities all around the world (in november)Green week berlin is a organic food fair. (in January) Competitive advantageThe ExhibEAT exposition will be distinguished from its competitive special events as an innovative and interactive mix between experience design and a food and wine tasting.  
  • Cultural adaptation of pay off & messages translated in the local language. Feed your taste! Translated in German: NähredeineSinne!
  • TV and radio ads are not considered in Germany and for the desired target groups. That will save money from the budget for normally most expensive television commercials and will allow disseminating the budget for other expensive and impressive campaigns in print and outdoors.  Naturally the marketing mix will focus on Internet and online ads, print ads in magazinesGuerilla and viral marketing will be also considered in Berlin and Hamburg.It must be considered also to use the opportunity of having Sofia Loren in Germany for the opening of the event and possible interviews with German media should be arrange in advance – not more than 2 in the biggest newspaper and magazine.  Whole page, with The ExhibEAT logo, produced in the German advertising agency in the following editions:Daily newspapers: Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Handelsblatt, Sueddeutsche Zeitung, Jungewelt (youth newspaper)Weekly editions: Die Ziet, magazines:Der Spiegel, Focus, Stern , Haus, Deutshland, Living at Home, German World  
  • Webvertising:Social groups –Facebook, Twitter Paid ads in GoogleWeb page of the event in German, Italian and English with optional newsletters during The ExhibEAT; with daily updated information, interviews with organizers and the testimonial Sofia Loren; webgames , cooking recipes, Italian lessons, gallery with Italian traditional and modern tablewareBanners in online media (online editions of the same media used for print advertising
  • We also don’t want to miss the opportunity to create a buzz for the Exhibeat using alternative comm tools like Guerilla mktg in normally crowded places like the harbor in Hamburg and the subway in Berlin.
  • The communication department also conducted a precise activity plan and media schedule including prelaunching activities starting with the contacting of potential sponsors and partners in Jan 2010
  •  In order for events to remain viable over time in such a competitive market, it is crucial that their performance is evaluated. Such evaluations can highlight opportunities for improvements in future projects of the IFCF to be offered in other foreign markets.  Regular feedbacks from key partners and suppliers will assure that each event follow the fixed timeline and sudden difficulties be coped with (from April to the end)Regular checking and tracking the profiles of viewers of the website will be made via Google statistics ; Monitoring of German media for the attention they give to the eventEconomic evaluation of the ExhibEAT and the return of investments“Satisfaction game” for visitors at the ExhibEAT way out E-mailing questionnaires to the partners after the eventFinal evaluation report for IFCF Board Committee by the end of March 2011       
  • The ExhibEAT

    1. 1. Italian Food and Culture Foundation presents The ExhibEAT INTERNATIONALIZING THE MADE IN ITALY
    2. 2. A Communication Plan What? The ExhibEAT promotional campaign When? June 2010 – Jan 2011 Italian Food & Culture Foundation IFCF Who? Where?
    3. 3. EXTERNAL ANALYSIS: INTERNATIONAL CONTEXT ‘Made in Italy' image Italy loses needs to be export revitalized market shares and 2008 external International openness Crisis
    4. 4. GERMANY: OPPORTUNITY MARKET 5th world economy  Fast recovery  main Italian importer  uptrend in tableware imports  Germans have more free time and prefer to spend it outside, not in front of the TV
    5. 5. INTERNAL ANALYSIS  Italian trade commission
    6. 6. THE EXHIBEAT COMMUNICATION PLAN: FULLY INTEGRATED COMMUNICATION IFCF Stakeholders partners sponsors Media Mix, promotion (German adv agency) The ExhibEAT
    7. 7. TARGET GROUPS Business Aged 20 -60 Italian Upper and food lovers middle class (early professionals adopters) retailers, restaurants, Trade and Private consumers popular media full/empty foodindustry journalists nest representatives, couples wholesalers Designers, Young people people, interested in students, art and quality travelers of life
    8. 8. BUDGET Campaign: Roughly estimated expenditures (euro) German advertising agency 30 000 Rent two venues for 2 weeks in Berlin and 50 000 Hamburg Publishing print advertising, billboards and 30 000 webvertising Web page design and hosting 5 000 ExhibEAT organizational costs 50 000 Additional costs 10 000 *100 000 euro for the campaign will be given from the founder of IFCF – Sofia Loren 75 000 are to be gained from external sources
    9. 9. COMMUNICATION OBJECTIVES Feelings 40% Awareness Action 60% 30% Overall Objectives: ‘made in Italy’ internationalizing; IFCF reputation
    10. 10. EXHIBEAT: COMMUNICATION STRATEGY  Positioning/competitors traditional Christmas markets Import sophisticated shop Technical Berlin Exhib EAT Competitive advantage Green week Berlin fashionable
    11. 11. EXHIBEAT MESSAGE  Feed your taste! Cultural adaptation of the message translated in German: Nähre deine Sinne!
    12. 12. Media COMMUNICATION MIX  Focus on print media and Internet: social media online  Publicity - interviews  Print advertising – dailys, weekly editions, magazines  Billboards
    13. 13. webvertising MEDIA TOOLS  Social groups – Facebook, Twitter  Paid ads in Google  Banners in online media  in German, Italian and English;
    14. 14. OTHER COMMUNICATION TOOLS:  Promotional leaflets/cards  Art installations:  Small special events  Giant panettone
    15. 15. Communication mix Nähre deine Sinne! COMMUNICATION TOOLS Guerrilla Marketing
    17. 17. 2010 2011 Jan Feb Ma Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Partners/ sponsors contacting PRE-LAUNCHING ACTIVITIES Partners/ sponsors consultation German agency consultation Select & Book host venues Campaign Final vision and pre- testing Conceptualizing Guerrilla mkt and art installations LAUNCH OF THE EXHIBEAT CAMPAIGN
    18. 18. LAUNCH OF THE EXHIBEAT CAMPAIGN Activity/ time Jan Feb. mar Apr May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan 2011 Web page/ webvertising Billboard/ print ads/ Guerrilla mkt Press releases Sophia Loren interviews Public Art installation Press conference ExhibEAT Hamburg Berlin opening Special guests publicity Closing gala
    20. 20. THANK YOU FOR THE ATTENTION! Italian Food and Culture Foundation