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Evaluation - Real Magazine Annotations of Conventions

Evaluation - Real Magazine Annotations of Conventions






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    Evaluation - Real Magazine Annotations of Conventions Evaluation - Real Magazine Annotations of Conventions Presentation Transcript

    • FRONT COVER More information on the top strip is conventional. Large MastheadAggressive Cover image which is conventional,with dark colours and a it is also bold andviolent facial expression large with contrastingwhich help portrays the colours which help itaggression that is stand out to theconventional of Rock audience.magazines. Costume isalso dark, the bandmember is also wearing aintimidating mask whichmakes it moreconventional as it will Coverlines to give theappeal to the audience. audience more information on what is in the magazine. Free Posters gift are usually included in every edition which makes it conventional and typical of rock Barcode and price in the magazines. corner are also conventional. Aggressive fonts for the cover story with slipknot, the slug is also aggressive “SOMEBOY’S GONNA GET KILLED” which is also very violent and conventional.
    • CONTENTS PAGEEditors letter in the top leftcorner is conventional as it is The contents title has beentypically used in rock placed at the top of the page inmagazines and magazines in the primary optical area which isgeneral. conventional. The contents title also contains magazine edition information.A wide range of images have A pull quote which containsbeen used on the contents slang and swear words whichpage which include bands and shows rebellion, is placedartists who are also under the contents title, theseconventional due to their body type of quotes are typicallylanguage and the mise-en- placed under the contents titlescene. in Kerrang magazines.Dark colours have beenused such as black, andyellow with the use of white to The contents informationcontrast them and allow to has been conventionallythem stand out more. placed on the side, it is typical of Kerrang magazines to place them on the right hand side. A subscription offer has been placed in the bottom right corner which is also conventional of magazines in general.
    • DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD The pull quote is aggressive due to the language used, this language can appeal to the target audience and it is typical of rock magazines to use slang and swear words, as this appeals to the target audience. The pull quote is also large which allows it to stand out well, however the font is serif font which isn’t very conventional. The font is also bold and easily visible which is again conventional as it stands out to the audience.The Standfirst is alsoconventional as it givesinformation on the article,and stands out well thetext being bold and large.The words “Metallica” and“How do they do it!” arecoloured differently so theaudience can see iteasier. The double page spread conventionally has a The kicker has been large image which cover used which is half of the page. The use conventional, it stands out of a group shot makes easily to the audience them look more and attracts their eye intimidating, they are also towards the paragraph. holding mildly aggressive facial expressions which The body copy is conventional due to the columns is also conventional. used and pull quotes between the paragraphs, this is conventional because it is typically used in rock magazines. Some of the text has a white background so the text can stand out easier and become more effective.