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Analysis into Ancillary Products - Movie Poster 1 - Shutter Island


Shutter Island Poster analysis

Shutter Island Poster analysis

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  • 1. Analysis into Ancillary Products – Movie Poster 1 - Shutter Island By Daryl Teague
  • 2. Font The font on this movie poster is bold and stands out well due to the sans serif font and the size, this make it easily visible by the audience and can encourage them to watch the film. These fonts are conventional of the psychological thriller genre and movie posters as they are typically used and appeal to the target audience. The tagline “someone is missing” is also in sans serif font and is also easily visible so it can encourage the target audience to watch the film too. The Shutter Island title has a distress font which ties in with the rocky island and theme and also gives a sense of mystery and danger.
  • 3. Colours The colours used on this movie poster are typically dark and mysterious as they signify evil and danger, the black colours show darkness and the red shows blood, the white colours also contrast these and allow them to stand out well to the audience which encourages them to read it and watch the movie. The colours are conventional of psychological thrillers as they signify themes with tie in with the genre and the film, they are also conventional of movie posters as they are typically used.
  • 4. Images This movie poster holds two main images, one being of the main actor Leonardo DiCaprio who is a very successful and famous actor, as he uses up half of the movie poster, this makes him easily visible which encourages the audience to watch the film as he has been in highly acclaimed psychological thrillers such as Inception. The other image of the island establishes the setting, the dark colours and mist suggest that it is mysterious which ties into the genre and appeals to the target audience.
  • 5. Layout The layout of the movie poster is very simple and professional, as the main images are placed at the top and the middle, with the majority of the text at the bottom. The route of the eye is on Leonardo DiCaprio which can encourage the audience to watch the film due to his past work. This layout is conventional of movie posters as it shows the main character and the title which is typically used and shown visibly well in the poster.
  • 6. Key Points Established setting. Large visible fonts which are dark colours and signify conventional themes. Dark lighting to suggest to evil and mystery. Tagline to encourage the audience to watch the film. Large image of main character.