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5 Tips to improve your blog entries.
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5 Tips to improve your blog entries.


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5 tips

5 tips

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  • 1. + 5 Tips to Write Great Blog Entries
  • 2. + Audience Every blog post has a target audience it's written for. Before you start writing your blog entry, think about it. How will they best understand your message? What do I want them to do with what I post? How do I expect them to react? Will they have to post a comment? Do they know how to? Remember the golden rule: Don´t take anything for granted!! If you don´t write it they will not infer!!!
  • 3. + Don´t Just List Links  Don't fall into the trap of just throwing things in for no reason. If a certain link or video is in your blog, for sure there is a good reason. Let your readers know why this deserves to appear in your blog. The material can be extremely important / interesting but if you don´t tell your audience what to do with it, they will disregard it.
  • 4. + Visual Appeal  The visual appeal of your blog's content can be just as important as the content itself. Write your blog posts in short paragraphs (no more than 2-3 sentences is a safe rule). Use attractive images to provide visual relief from heavy text and call your readers attention. Most readers will skim a blog post or web page before committing to read it.
  • 5. + Calling to action.  The best way to check whether your audience is there is to call them to action. The secret is to call them to do something that will account for their “visit”. The most common way is to ask them to leave a comment. Make sure they know how to and insist they sign in with their names. If you post a Padlet they can participate directly in the blog post.
  • 6. + Getting organized  Blog entry checklist 1. Title. 2. Write blog post. 3. Will I include any links? 4. Add photos, videos. 5. Check what it will look like in Preview. Make any necessary adjustments. 6. Remember tags (words which help you and your audience find posts quickly) 7. Happy with what you see? Now you can hit Publish!!!
  • 7. + Bonus track Internet is a whole world in your computer. If you are having any type of problems and things are not working as you´d like them to (mind you: I´m still talking about blog entries!) for sure someone else in this wide world has been in the same situation, and if you are lucky and this happens to many, some nice guy somewhere has uploaded a video or comment explaining how to solve it. Yes, what I´m telling you is to Google what is going wrong. Try to use simple words to ask the question and most probably you´ll get an answer!! E.g: how do I ……..? If this doesn´t work just wait until Tuesday and you´ll find me at York to give you a hand!!