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  • 1.  
  • 2. 10 digital behaviours
    Staying safe when surfing the net
  • 3. I stay away from places which are not appropriate for kids my age.
  • 4. "I use Internet to learn and improve my knowledge" 
    N°1 Miss Natalia
  • 5.          I understand liberty means doing what I like as long as I don't hurt others. 
    N°2  Miss Jesica
  • 6. I don't provide personal information in the places I visit. 
    N°3 Miss Silvia
  • 7. Be careful with your details and 
    other personal information you share.
    Remember, once you put your information on the Internet, you don't know who's hands it will fall into
    Only say what you´d be happy to say to some random person you meet in the street.
    Don´t share information like "I´m going to a party at ABC" or "I live in DEF" It can get you into trouble with people you´ve never met before. 
    N° 4 Miss Karina
  • 8. "I don't share my password or user name"...WITH EVERYONE...
    "I only share it with my BEST friend"
    "I don't mind sharing it"
    "I only share it with my family"
    "I share it it my special girlfriend"
    "I trust my friends"
    "I would only share it with someone I trust"
    "I don't consider it a secret"
    "My friends won't do anything bad with it"
    "I need to share it cause I get on-line using my friends' mobiles!"
    "We all share it so as to talk with different boys"
    "I use my friends' identities responsibly"
    N°5   4th year
  • 9. I look after myself in the net while surfing in the same way I do when I'm out in the street 
    Vicky: I always use the same pages.
    Juli: I acknowledge I should be more careful on the net.
    Tatiana: in the street you don't have rules, it's a matter of luck, in the internet you can cheat...
    Imanol: the street is by far more dangerous than  Internet.
    Experts think...
    Mauro: I don't compare both, internet remains, but the street is dynamic... where things change all the time.
    Gerardo: I'm not interested in social sites, so I'm not worried about that.
    Santi: I never accept people in facebook I don't know
    Karen, Flor and Belén agreed that it is easier to look after themselves on the net than on the street.
    Carolina:sometimes kids become very motivated and even knowing they have to keep safe, they forget and then it becomes dangerous.
    Mica: I look after myself by keeping in touch always with people I know. Agostina: I have everything on the net but I take care of what I do.
    N°6 Miss Marian
  • 10. I am careful with the information I share with people I meet in the net. 
    N° 7 Miss Emilia
  • 11. I respect the information I have about my friends and don't share it without their consent.
    N° 8 Miss 
  • 12. I participate in social networks expressing myself, accepting other's opinions and thoughts.
    N° 9 Miss Marisol
  • 13. I don't accept as friends people I don't know.
    N°10 Miss Vale
  • 14. Don´t forget
    Be CaRefUL