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Kit Fox, Student report

Kit Fox, Student report

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  • 1. Devin Science Report Mr. Castrellon May 2014
  • 2. Introduction This presentation will be about kit foxes. The scientific name for kit foxes is Vulpes Malrotis. They are also called the swift fox. You are going to learn about their diet, interesting facts, habitat, and map of range. Their evolutionary history is related to wolves, coyotes, jackals, and domestic dogs.
  • 3. DIET Their diet consists of mice, birds, frogs, insects, lizards and rabbits. They will also eat many kinds of fruit and berries. They will hunt for eggs, kangaroo rats, meadow roles, prairie dogs, snakes, fish, and ground dwelling birds. They consume cottontail, black tailed jack rabbits and hares.
  • 4. Habitat and range They live in the grasslands and deserts of western North America. In rural areas, they prefer farms, meadows, brushy places, and woods. The kit fox favors arid climates, such as deserts scrub. Kit foxes are found throughout western United States and in northwestern and north-central Mexico. They live in the drier parts of California such as the Mojave Desert rub, and chaparral.
  • 5. Map of Range
  • 6. Family Life Foxes live in family groups while the young are growing up. They do not form packs as wolves do. At other times, live alone or in pairs. If one of a pair of foxes is chased by an enemy, its mate may dash out of a hiding place and lead the pursuery astray. The young foxes stay near their den at first. By the time the kit fox pups are seven to eight month old they have learned and take care of themselves. A family often uses the same den year-after-year to rear pups.
  • 7. Life Cycle pup juvenile adult
  • 8. Anatomy
  • 9. Interesting facts The kit fox are called the swift fox. Thought some scientist believe they are separate species. That they eat what is easy to find. As the afternoon sun sinks in the sky a kit fox rests on a rocky ledge one looks out on the surrounding desert landscape .It usually has a gray coat, with rusty tones, and a black tip to its tail. Kit foxes are among the smallest foxes in the Americans.