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#weteach fall workshop
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#weteach fall workshop


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information from #weteach back-to-school local workshops held in DC, Orlando, Silicon Valley, and Seattle in September 2013 | features information on 5 technology tools guaranteed to make your …

information from #weteach back-to-school local workshops held in DC, Orlando, Silicon Valley, and Seattle in September 2013 | features information on 5 technology tools guaranteed to make your school year better | | teach mama media, llc |

Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. + local workshops: bringing the #weteach community together online and offline to learn, share, & grow teach mama media, llc #weteach *
  • 2. + Who we are:
  • 3. + agenda: today: welcome eat & introductions back-to-school chat 5 technology tips wrap-up #weteach
  • 4. + hosts #weteach Chrissy Watson @TheOutlawMom Allison McDonald @NoFlashCards Kim Vij @EducatorsSpin Amy Mascott @teachmama
  • 5. + Amy Mascott  a Reading Specialist, writer, former hs English teacher, & mom of three who resides in the suburbs of DC.  Find Amy at:    @teachmama    Instagram: @teachmama1 #weteach
  • 6. + first. . . Share your name & 3 facts about YOU! welcome!! #weteach
  • 7. + now. . . What has been your biggest back-to-school SUCCESS thus far? Surprises? Exciting news? chat #weteach
  • 8. + now. . . What are some of your back-to-school challenges so far, as a parent and/or teacher? chat #weteach
  • 9. + now. . . What are your best tips for effective home- school communication? chat #weteach
  • 10. + now. . . How do you keep yourself, your family, and your students healthy during busy school year? #weteach
  • 11. + now. . . How do you keep yourself, your kids, & classroom organized? chat #weteach
  • 12. + Our picks: PicMonkey BookBoard VolunteerSpot WyzAnt SquareHub And a few more! 5 technology tools: guaranteed to make Back-to-School BETTER for teachers & parents #weteach
  • 13. + PicMonkey #weteach
  • 14. + What is it? PicMonkey Why will you love it? Students: case-specific for homework, projects Educators: charts, newsletters, classroom decorations, workshops, lessons Parents: gifts, invites, thank you’s, graphics tool, photo editing, home organization, businesses  Free online photo editor that allows you to collage, touch up, teeth whiten, fonts, effects, filters, frames, stickers & more. Photo editing made of win. #weteach
  • 15. + PicMonkey for. . . students #weteach From a
  • 16. + PicMonkey for. . . parents #weteach
  • 17. + PicMonkey for. . . teachers #weteach
  • 18. + Easy to use for any reason: #weteach
  • 19. + BookBoard #weteach
  • 20. + What is it? BookBoard Why will you love it? Like digital streaming of books Online library Focus on BOOKS! Free 3 month membership for YOU! See video:  Designed to motivate kids to read, Bookboard is a digital library subscription service with over 400 books for kids up to age 12 to discover, unlock, and collect. The service grows with kids’ reading level and interests, and reinforces the experience of story time with rewards that instills a love of reading in kids by gradually unlocking more books as they read. #weteach
  • 21. #weteach
  • 22. #weteach
  • 23. #weteach
  • 24. #weteach Check your workshop swag bag for the details on how to obtain your free 3-month subscription!
  • 25. #weteach
  • 26. #weteach
  • 27. + VolunteerSpot #weteach
  • 28. + What is it? VolunteerSpot Why will you love it? Free Easy Saves time FREE 3 month upgrade for YOU!  an online tool that saves parents, teachers and community leaders hundreds of hours by simplifying the task of signing up, scheduling and reminding volunteers – reducing your busy work, boosting participation, and leaving you more time to focus on what’s important. #weteach
  • 29. + Simple Signups Totally Mobile NO PASSWORDS / REGISTERED ACCOUNTS FOR PARENTS & VOLUNTEERS! #weteach
  • 30. +Try it Now @ # Save time & boost participation in everything you organize! SCHEDULE • SIGN UP • REMIND >> FREE & EASY! Carnivals & Fundraisers Teacher Appreciation & Potlucks Sunday School Book Fair Class Helpers & Parties Walkathons & Races Teams Scouts #weteach
  • 31. + WyzAnt #weteach
  • 32. + What is it? WyzAnt Why will you love it? Parents: try it for free (one session); 3 coupons for $20 off a session—give to friends, family; resources on site Teachers: always looking for tutors!  WyzAnt is the leading tutoring marketplace on the web with 78,000+ tutors offering private lessons in hundreds of subjects like math, science, test prep, foreign languages, music, computers and much more #weteach
  • 33. + SquareHub #weteach
  • 34. + What is it? SquareHub Why will you love it? send private messages and photos coordinate activities share with just your family free in iTunes app store.  SquareHub is the private family network that makes coordination and communication easy, instant, and fun. #weteach
  • 35. + other resources #weteach  Target:   Cartwheel: catered coupons for you  RedCard: 5% off when you use it; 1% goes to the school of your choice (Take Charge of Ed)  GIVE with Target:  1 billion to education by 2015  field trip grants, library makeovers, & more Bing: • •Reward program: provide schools with tablets •Providing skills to use tablets •Safe environment to use tablets: ad-free searches; filtered out adult content; privacy  
  • 36. + What do you think? What will you use? How will you share? Let us know: #weteach
  • 37. +Thank you! Continue the conversation: dback