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Delta kappa gamma presentation

  1. 1. + social media mama growing teach mama from the ground up: blogging, tweeting, liking, and chattingsocial media mama * amy mascott *
  2. 2. + tonight: the big 3 1. birth of a business: teacher to social media mama 2. social media tools 101 3. tools I use: lazy me social media mama * amy mascott *
  3. 3. + history. . . 9 yrs ago: (2003) 10 yrs ago: (2002) - 2nd yr teaching in - 4th yr teaching in MCPS HCPSS - pregnant - engaged * Eudora email, Marks, Gradebook Plus * First Class, Making The Grade,, social media mama * amy mascott *
  4. 4. + history. . . 7 yrs ago: (2005) 4 yrs ago: (2008) - 20 month old and a - 4, 3, 1 year old newborn - diapers, bottles, - tutoring, parenting messes - Master’s in Reading - Needy friends * internet, Sesame * Facebook, blog Workshop, blog-hater, lurker, Twitter lurker, social media mama * amy mascott *
  5. 5. + November 2008. . . • Blogger • early html • social media mama * amy mascott *
  6. 6. + first post: November 2008  I’ve finally jumped on the bandwagon of the blogging world, and, I have to admit, I’m doing it reluctantly and imperfectly. Being a lover of interaction with people, I often wondered how bloggers fit their blogging, tweeting, facebooking, and cyber-interacting into their real lives, especially those who are full-time, stay-at-home with their kiddos types. I can barely finish cleaning up the breakfast dishes, do a load of laundry, or read the newspaper, let alone actually find time to sit down, relax, and read someone else’s blog. . . .  However, I have come to realize that I cannot be an internet and blog-hater for much longer, or I will be left behind, and I refuse to be so. So instead of complaining, I’ve decided to share my world, as nutty and crazy and unorganized as it is, with others, for three reasons: social media mama * amy mascott *
  7. 7. + 3 reasons for starting the blog: 1. I love teaching. I miss teaching. But I’m forgetting some really important students. 2. My second reason for throwing myself out there to the sharks is to help other teachers-turned SAHM’s find ways of earning some extra money by launching their own tutoring business. 3. My last reason is that there’s no better way of learning than by doing. So here I am. . . Maybe you will find humor in the way I fumble with my early-elementary knowledge of websites and weblogs, the way I try to stumble to keep up with the rest. social media mama * amy mascott *
  8. 8. + goal: develop community family readers friends companies MOMS Club conferences Twitter DC Metro preschool Moms social media mama * amy mascott *
  9. 9. + June 2009. . . teachmama re-vamp • Digital Image Suite • Amazon store • More html fun • • ads, sponsors, giveaways social media mama * amy mascott *
  10. 10. + goal: carve out my niche read write comment maintain focus declare myself the expert
  11. 11. + goal: grow online community Facebook Twitter: • fan page • Twitter parties • RSS • #hashtags • Invite friends to ‘fan’ / ‘like’ • conversation build brand Blog FREElancing • comments • guest posts, bigger blogs • conversation • eZines • linkys, hops, awards • bigger sites: Washington Times social media mama * amy mascott *
  12. 12. + February 2010. . . we teach:• • newsletter: Mail• personalized Chimp community • sponsors• online forum• 50+ groups, 4200+ members• message blast social media mama * amy mascott *
  13. 13. + June 2011. . . teach mama media, llc • We’re in • partnerships business! • balance • goals, growth • learning curve • professional development • reflection social media mama * amy mascott *
  14. 14. + quick survey: Do you. . .  Use Twitter?  Use Facebook?  Use Skype?  Use Pinterest?  Particpate in a Ning?  Write a blog?  Use a photo-sharing site?  Use a wiki? social media mama * amy mascott *
  15. 15. +  Twitter  Facebook Skypesocial media tools 101  Pinterest  Ning -----------------  Blogfocus:  Wikilearn about some  YouTubeavailable online  Flickr/ Photobucket/ Picassaresources thatteachers can use  Linkedinwith ease  Discuss: WHY use them? What is the benefit? social media mama * amy mascott *
  16. 16. + Can you identify. . .
  17. 17. + quick look: Twitter  What is it? Tips: Twitter is a microblogging tool  Follow back the people who are that allows you to share links and following you content  Retweet (RT) the things you find interesting to engage in dialogue  Where is it? and build relationships.  Add a hashtag (#) so your tweets will come up in searches such as #ece for early childhood education  How to use it:  Create Twitter lists to follow a group Engage with colleagues by sharing of people brief snippets of content in 140 characters or less with your  Block and unfollow spam Tweeters followers. Besides personal tweets, Twitter users often share written  Use the same etiquette you would use in real life content— blog posts, journal articles, etc.— links to photos,  Use direct message (DM) when videos, and interesting content having a private conversation or sharing email addresses around the web. social media mama * amy mascott *
  18. 18. + Where are we? . . .
  19. 19. + quick look: Facebook Tips:  What is it? Facebook is a social  Check your employer’s social networking policy. networking site and service.  Customize your privacy settings according to how much information  Where is it? you want to share and with whom. Err on the side of caution.  Be respectful of student privacy when posting any class photos visible to your friends and networks.  How to use it:  Be mindful of what you post on your wall. Besides your personal profile,  Use private groups to communicate Facebook can be used to with colleagues about school-related curate lists of personal interests, issues. chat with contacts, and join  Create friend lists to organize your interest groups. relationships . social media mama * amy mascott *
  20. 20. + And this is. . . social media mama * amy mascott *
  21. 21. + quick look: Skype  What is it? Tips: Skype is a free internet tool  Be mindful of privacy, safety, and that facilitates communication security concerns when setting up through typed chat, audio Skype profiles for students. voice calls, and video calling.  Only accept requests from known individuals as contacts.  Where is it?  Invest in a dedicated microphone and webcam if using Skype frequently.  How to use it: Skype can be used as a  Try to eliminate as much professional development tool background noise as possible. and a teaching tool. It can be used to access conference  Conduct a test call to ensure your computer has a strong connection presentations or to bring the classroom to life through live conversations with experts or classrooms around the word. social media mama * amy mascott *
  22. 22. + Hello, friend. . .
  23. 23. + quick look: Pinterest  What is it? Tips: Pinterest is a visual pinboard-  Examine other users’ boards like a bulletin board- that before you start creating your own, making notes about what allows you to bookmark your ideas you think are valuable and favorite content using images. which are not.  Where is it?  Follow any and all boards that interest you.  Think ‘outside the board’. You can pin anything—so create boards of  How to use it: ideas, people, quotes, dreams, Pinboards serve as virtual file folders lessons, you name it. which can be created to sort photos  Collaborate on boards as a team of activities and resources for various by inviting friends and colleagues. curriculum areas and units. Pinned items can be pushed to Facebook  Repin, repin, repin! and Twitter, allowing your content to be shared with other educational communities. social media mama * amy mascott *
  24. 24. + What on earth? . . .
  25. 25. + quick look: Ning  What is it? Tips: Ning is a platform that can be  Try it out! Apply for a Pearson Ning used to create social Mini scholarship (<150 members) networking websites.  nsorship/  Where is it?  Create a focus or vision.  Make it a personal, welcoming,  How to use it: and supportive environment. Ning allows users to create a  Make everyone a stakeholder. community site with a Delegate. customized look and feel. Sites can be developed to engage  Join other Ning groups for ideas members in rich discussions while and inspiration. also integrating social networking tools, photos, and  Use an analytics service from video features. beginning. social media mama * amy mascott *
  26. 26. + goal: make it easy (for others)  4Shared:  Facebook:  Share documents  Pagemoto--  Scribd:  Apps– RSS Graffiti --  Create lists, followers, shelf  Shortstack—  Share on Facebook, Twitter  Embed documents on site  ‘Like’ pages– tag pages, people, events  YouTube:  Linked In:  Share videos  online resume  Cultivate channel social media mama * amy mascott *
  27. 27. + goal: make it easy (for me)  RSS:  Slideshows  read, stay in touch with others’ blogs  PicMonkey:  Photo editing  Pinterest:  Connected to Flickr ma  HootSuite:  Visual, quick!  Schedule tweets  Tripled traffic in short time  Schedule FB posts  Tumblr:  Twitter:  Lists, groups, columns, about  My faves, quick a la blog  Followers, tweets, tags  Triberr:  Join ‘tribes’ auto tweet posts  Flickr: social media mama * amy mascott *
  28. 28. + goal: move onward, upward Publishing Growing Partnering Speaking Learning social media mama * amy mascott *
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