Parent Workshop Getting more out of your Mac Laptop


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ISB Parent Workshop designed to help parents become more familiar with their mac laptops (and desktops)

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  • Helping Parents get more familiar with their mac laptops (and desktops)For the purposes of uploading this workshop presentation to SlideShare - the movie clips have been removed and replaced with a screenshot
  • 3:55 (insert iMovie - Anatomy of the Mac)
    Desktop (dock - how to open something)
    Icons (Finder, Dashboard etc - scrolls through the icons & what they are + introduces stacks)
    Menu Bar (status menus)
    Finder (Close look - Different View: icon, list, column, coverview: Create, rename & organise folders)
    Spotlight (how to use it)
  • 5:48 (insert iMovie: PC to Mac: The Basics)
    Basic Differences
    Apple Menu/Dock vrs Start Menu Windows
    How to: start application, add/remove application to dock
    Stacks: applications, documents, downloads
    Minimised windows
    Trash - drag & drop
    How to: Secondary Click vrs
    Running Applications
    Keyboard Shortcuts (Command vrs Control)
    Finder vrs my computer
  • 1:52 (insert iMovie: Finder Basics)
    Sidebar - one click access plus introduction to Devices, Shared, Places, Smart Searches
    List view - Icon, List, Column, Coverflow
  • 2:46 (insert iMovie: Using the Sidebar)
    What it lets you open, searches
    Devices (all the drives, external devices connected)
    Shared (network, connecting to computers on same network)
    Places (instant access to places you use all the time, adding folders to places)
    Smart Searches (how to use)
  • 2:08 (insert iMovie: Personalizing Your Mac)
    Change desktop image, screensaver
    Customise Dock
    size, magnification, position, add apps/folders, stacks, delete from dock
  • 1:29 (insert iMovie: Expose Basics)
    How to cut through the clutter
    How to customize (active screen corners, show all windows open, show all applications, clear desktop etc)
  • 2:51 (insert iMovie: Parental Controls)
    How to:
    Create an account, Manage Time Limits, Control Web Browsing, Restrict Mail, Limit ichat, View logs & check activity
  • 4:13 (insert iMovie: Enhance your Photos with a single Click)
    Enhance photos with one click
    Remove Red Eye
    Fix light/dark photos
  • 5:18 (insert iMovie: Crop Your Photos)
    Crop photos
    Rotate/straighten Photos
    Retouch/Brush problem areas
    Photo Effects
  • 2:23 (insert iMovie: Create and Share a Slideshow)
  • 15:00
  • Parent Workshop Getting more out of your Mac Laptop

    1. 1. Know your Mac Parental Controls created by Chrissy Hellyer Parent Workshop 10 November 2010 A Touch of Creativity with Chrissy Hellyer, ES Technology & Learning Coach
    2. 2. created by Chrissy Hellyer • Anatomy of a MaC • PC to Mac • Finder Basics •- Sidebar • Personalise your Mac • Exposé Basics KNOW YOUR MAC
    3. 3. Connect 2.0 All links can be found on:
    4. 4.
    5. 5. created by Chrissy Hellyer • Manage Time Limits • Control Web Browsing • Restrict Mail/Limit iChat • Logs PARENTAL CONTROLS
    6. 6.
    7. 7. created by Chrissy Hellyer • iPhoto • Adjustments & Enhancements • Create a Slideshow A TOUCH OF CREATIVITY
    8. 8. created by Chrissy Hellyer • You are a consultant for an Online Educational Magazine that has chosen to profile ISB. • Using the images provided for you in iPhoto, create a slideshow promoting ISB. 15 MINUTE TASK
    9. 9. Thank you for joining us today