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The Truth About The Last Days, Antichrist, The Rapture, More.

The Truth About The Last Days, Antichrist, The Rapture, More.

Published in Education , Spiritual
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  • 1. ==== ====The Truth About The Last Days, Antichrist, The Rapture, More. ====The carnal church does not believe in Jesus; for it the congregation where the desires of the fleshand mind reign. It is that congregation that ministers to the sinful desire of the mind. The mind ofman desires to remain in sin and transgressions. The human mind desire to be pleasurized bylascivious and licentious behavior. Sin and transgressions cater to the evil desires of the humanmind. The desire of the human mind is an enemy of Jesus. The conversation of the carnalconcerns itself with divers uncleanness; despise divine order, presumptuous, self willed, not afraidto speak evil of angels, apostles, and prophets. They like Sodom and Gomorrah, have giventhemselves over to fornication, and strange sexual practices; and like them, they will also sufferthe vengeance of eternal fire.Jesus said, except one leaves his own evil desire, to believe in his revelation, he cannot be hisdisciple. Jesus said, the true disciple of truth will pick up his own cross and follow Him. In Jesusthere is safety from the wrath and judgment of God against sin. The scripture says: "Cast out the"church" given over to satisfying the rebellious desires of the mind. For the rebellious mind shallnot be heir with the Jesus and His body the Christian Church. The body of Christ is not a body ofsin, but a body of the gift and the grace of God.The carnal church is the Church of sinful desire. It is the Church of rebellion, sin and transgressionagainst the Ten Commandments. The carnal church is the Church of sickness, disease andunnatural sin. In the carnal Church, a veil of unbelief covers the mind of worshippers. When theylook at the Ten Commandments they cannot and do not see the image and the glory of Jesus. Thecarnal Church is a congregation of spiritual mental illness. They see a dichotomy in the TenCommandments and Jesus. They see a dichotomy in the Godhead. They see a dichotomy whenin fact of scripture, Jesus is the embodiment of the Ten Commandments; and the fullness of theGodhead in bodily form. The Ten Commandment is spiritual. The mind of man is forever, at waragainst the spirit of God. Jesus is the spirit of the Ten Commandments. He gave it. He spoke it.He became it. The carnal church seeks to make void the Ten Commandments. The TenCommandments cannot be made void; they can only be made flesh in the human personality.As the carnal Church turns away from the Ten Commandments, they turn away from Jesus. Whenthe carnal Church attempts, in their worship, to gaze upon the face of Jesus, having turned awayfrom the Ten Commandments, they incur the wrath and judgment of an almighty God; for nothingunclean can live in his presence. To preach faith in Jesus apart from absolute obedience to theTen Commandments is to declare the depths of Satan. To seek deliverance apart from obedienceto the Ten Commandments is to seek deliverance apart from Jesus. Faith declares that we are therighteous of God, by faith in Jesus. The carnal Church lives in sin and is condemned, because itcannot fulfill the righteousness of the Ten Commandments, because it does not believe in Jesus.Their mind is occupied with the doctrine of the flesh.
  • 2. The body of Christ is the righteousness of the Ten Commandments written by Jesus upon the soulof the Christian, by the spirit of God. The Ten Commandments is joined to the soul by the blood ofJesus. The New Commandment is written in the soul of body of Christ. The Commandment writtenon stone brings the death angel. The Commandment written in the heart brings eternal life, andmakes us worthy of eternal salvation. There is a veil of unbelief, over the carnal mind which blindsthe mind to the glory of Jesus. The carnal mind cannot see Jesus. The veil is removed only uponrepentance. Upon repentance the mind turns to Jesus and beholds the glory of the beauty andholiness of His majesty.The ministration of the spirit is more glorious than the ministration of condemnation, because theglory of the resurrection exceeds the glory of Mt Sinai. The confidence that Jesus is therighteousness (embodiment of the Ten Commandments) of God makes for righteousness bydivine decree, for: "the just shall live by faith". The glory of the Ten Commandments is exceededby the glory of the resurrection of Jesus, who writes His law in the body of Christ. The glory of theTen Commandments is abolished by the glory of resurrection of Jesus, for the glory of theresurrection is eternal.Until the preaching of the Revelation of Jesus Christ, the human mind is blinded by the TenCommandments, on account of the condemnation of sin. Blindness, in those ordained to life, isremoved by the miracle of the preaching of the Revelation of Jesus Christ. As the soul turns toJesus, the veil over the mind is taken away. Jesus is Spirit; and where Jesus is, there isdeliverance from condemnation, sin, death, hell, judgment, and the vengeance of eternal fire.Looking in the face of Jesus is likened unto looking into a mirror; as when looking we are changedinto the same image of the glory of Jesus, by His divine spirit. For body of Christ, the TenCommandments, are essential to salvation, because it spiritual and righteous, and is fullyembodied in Jesus of Nazareth. The body of Christ is encouraged seek the righteous of the Lawby through the faith of Jesus.The Christian believer is a not a debtor to the flesh; to live after the flesh. For all that live after theflesh, shall die. The Christian through the Spirit mortifies the deeds of the body, and truly lives theabundant life. The Christian holds within his spirit the hope of the resurrection, and such ispatiently waiting for the redemption of their body, in the first resurrection. Christ being raised fromthe dead is the first fruits, afterward they that are His at His coming. Christ brought us to birth bythe word of the spirit of truth, so that the Christian Church can be the first fruits of his new creation.John Hoskins is a graduate of Yale University, School of Divinity. His ministry is to teachaccurately the Revelation of Jesus Christ; and enable members of the Christian Church to remainloyal to Jesus Christ at the end of time, and to be to be victorious in the last day. His series ofvideos on the Book of Revelation is a must for all Christians. His website at http://kerygma-of-christ.Org is a must for all Christ believers.Article Source:
  • 3. ====The Truth About The Last Days, Antichrist, The Rapture, More. ====