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The Truth About The Last Days, Antichrist, The Rapture, More.

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  1. 1. ==== ====The Truth About The Last Days, Antichrist, The Rapture, More. ====In the Last Day, the Christian will be hated of all nation for their loyalty to Jesus of Nazareth. In thelast day, they will have their furniture thrown into the streets and their houses burned to theground. But the Christian will count it all joy, to suffer and be persecuted for the glorious name ofJesus of Nazareth. The unbeliever, on the other hand, while standing on the precipice of theeternal destruction, will be overcome with fear and wail on account of at the dreadful signs of thelast day. Terrifying and frightful signs will make grown men will break and run down with water,and wail as a women in child birth. The dreadful and fearful signs in the last day will induce strokesand coronary problems as the unbeliever see the earth reeling and wobbling as a drunken man.The unbeliever will quake with fear in the face of a dark and gloomy future. In the last day, theunbelievers will quiver with dread and be terrified on account of the reality of desolation.In the last day the Christian, will not be perplexed or troubled as they see the galaxy in cast into avortex and vomits on the earth. The Christian, instead of spending his or her blessing of living onthe earth in lascivious and licentious style of life; use his or her time wisely. They seek to behavethemselves in accordance with the revelation of Jesus Christ. Instead of abusing life, they usedthe blessings of life on earth to worship and glorify Jesus of Nazareth. Now it is time for rewardwhich Jesus promised the patriarch Abraham, and David King of Israel. The LORD promised theChristian, a blessed life on earth, and immortal life upon the dissolution of the universe.In the last day, the Christian is prepared to ride out the days of vengeance when Jesus pours outHis anger in the earth. We have had ample time to make out calling and election sure. We haveheard the gospel narrative. We have heard or read the Book of revelation, yet many act like ahorse looking at a street car. They cannot seem to make sense of the Revelation of Jesus Christ;hence they ridicule it as nonsense. Now it is the literally, the last day and the end of all things. Andwhen they shall say peace and safety, then, sudden destruction shall come upon them as childbirth upon a woman, and many shall not escape tribulation of the last day.The Christian, in the last day, is exhorted to put away sin and stand fast in the power of God.Jesus of Nazareth, before he left the earth, and again, in a special vision to John the writer of theBook of the Apocalypse of Jesus Christ, told the Christian all things that would occur in the lastday, and how to be victorious in difficult times. So the Christian is unafraid to meet the signs of thelast day. The Christian is not afraid of the man neither of lawlessness nor of the convulsion of theheavenly bodies. Jesus of Nazareth has explained to the Christian that these are the events thatwill grip the world with terror; and that these are the days of divine vengeance.This is the time when Jesus of Nazareth, will appear to subjugate the powers that be in heaven;and upon the earth; in the sea; and under the earth. This is the time of the last day; the time whentime shall be no more. No more wars. No more hunger. No more sickness, disease and death. Nomore oppression of the poor and the righteous upon the earth. This is the last day.
  2. 2. The Christian in the last day did not abuse life on the earth, and is conscious on the meaning ofthe signs of the lasts days. The unbelievers is unconscious of the meaning of the signs of the lastday, so they abused the signs of the last day to accumulate to themselves things that rust anddecay; and things that a thief can break in and steal. The unbeliever abused rapid transportation;Rapid development in science and technology; Rapid communication. They abused rapid meansof banking and manufacturing; to plunder and abuse of the treasures of the earth.In the last day, the meek shall inherit the earth; and the plunders shall be dispossessed. In the lastday, Jesus is fixed at the door. In the last Day, Jesus has stood up to effect vengeance. He hasopened the book of judgment and wrath, and who shall be able to stand? The last day is when avoice can be heard saying: "time shall be no more". On this the last day at the end of time, theChristian can see clearly the meaning of the cross and the resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth. Onthis the last day, the Christian can see clearly the benefit of having live a life of self control. TheChristian can hear a voice that says: "You have run a good race! You have fought a good fight!You have kept the faith! Therefore, a crown of eternal is laid up for you!John Hoskins is a graduate of Yale University, School of Divinity. His ministry is to teachaccurately the Revelation of Jesus Christ; and enable members of the Christian Church to remainloyal to Jesus Christ at the end of time, and to be to be victorious in the last day. His series ofvideos on the Book of Revelation is a must for all Christians. His website at http://kerygma-of-christ.Org is a must for all Christ believers.Article Source: ====The Truth About The Last Days, Antichrist, The Rapture, More. ====