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The Truth About The Last Days, Antichrist, The Rapture, More.

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  1. 1. ==== ====The Truth About The Last Days, Antichrist, The Rapture, More. ====There exist three prophecy gifts and when properly understood and after you ask the Lord for thegift of prophecy you can operate in all of them and bless many people. In this short article I look atthe gift of prophecy, word of knowledge and word of wisdom and show you how they are all part ofthe gift of prophecy but three distinct gifts. I will use a prophecy that someone did over me todayand show you step by step through it.To start with let me give you a simple idea of what the three gifts entail.ProphecyProphecy is a written or spoken message off God ( the Spirit of God) through a human mouth orpen. Prophecies can be simple words strung together with a message, or a combination of apicture and words. A good combination of prophecy with a picture is a prophecy that I received theother day.I see someone... it appears to be a man by the size and shape. He is wearing heavy combat bootsthat are very thick with loose dust. His shoe laces are untied and dragging on the ground. He isdressed in heavy clothing made of very rough material.. His back is bent...not from an infirmity butfrom fatigue. He walks along this long path alone..up ahead in the distance he sees what looks likea he nears it he sees trees that are blooming and have an odour of freshness...likeflowers...He sees beautiful lush plants and shrubs...He walks further into this area and sees asmall body of a stream...He hunches down dips his hand into the water anddrinks...The water is cool and sweet...refreshing...He sighs...long and hard...He smiles and standsup. He is no longer bent over he is standing tall and smiling. The heavy layers of loose dust havefallen from his boots. His clothes are clean lighter weight and appropriate for where he is.. He hasa look of satisfaction....of joy...of relief...of thanks that he has arrived.At present I am going through a really rough time not being able to sleep at the right time at night.This has been going on for about a month. It has been wearing me down and like the man in thepicture I am fatigued and bent over with troubles. This prophecy very clearly describes to me whatI have been going through and also gives me hope that the answer is just around the corner andthe end is in sight.Not all people have pictures or see visions when they prophesy. Some people simply speak wordsand write words. All the words of a message can be called the prophecy, even scripture verses,but parts of the prophecy can also be words of knowledge and words of wisdom.Words of knowledge
  2. 2. Words of knowledge are the part of a prophecy that are about a thing that is a fact that is presentlyin your life right now or has been in your past that the person prophesying in the natural sense ofthings would have no knowledge of. A word of knowledge is when Jesus said to the Samaritanwoman that she had spoken correctly that she had lived with several husbands and that the manshe was living with now wasnt her husband. That was knowledge that was divine in nature andshe asked him if he was a prophet. When you deliver and accurate word of knowledge in aprophecy it really gets the persons attention and the stunning effect that they have on therecipients hasnt really changed today.Words of wisdomA word of wisdom is a word of divine direction by the Lord in the midst of prophecy. This might besomething like dont sign that business deal tomorrow, or dont do this or that, or else be directionto do something. In the midst of prophecy, it isnt the person prophesying over you giving youadvice, it is the Lord giving you divine direction.In the Old Testament kings would consult a prophet when they went to war and ask if the Lord wasgoing to show them favour and ask advice. Sometimes the prophet would speak a word of wisdomlike dig a whole lot of trenches and fill them with water and when you hear this sound make a bignoise. Something like that happened in the Bible and the enemy fled at the prophets direction asthe Lord did a miracle.A word of wisdom might just be one line in a page of prophecy but it is one line that you shouldtake note of and see that you do it.So let us look at this prophecy and see what it entails as an exampleThe words of the prophecy are in italics and my description are below each of them.You have had great distress in your life.At 14 years of age I was sexually abused and this led into a life of addiction and a very sad life.Some fourteen years ago I developed a schizoaffective disorder ( Bipolar and schizophrenia) Ihave suffered greatly with this condition and my parents have suffered a lot during all of it also. Fora total stranger to say this as the first words of a prophecy is very comforting to know that the Lordseems to know who he is speaking to. This is a classic word of knowledge. Some of you may sayit is quite general, but how many people have had great distress in their life. She had my attentionright away.You have been in backslidden states several times in your life.20 years of my life I was backslidden yet there were a couple of years in that 20 years that I wasback on track again. Once again this is another word of knowledge. A skeptic might say it is toogeneral also but to the person who has lived my life they have full knowledge that their life hasntbeen to model Christian life.The Spirit of the Lord shows me you cry out to him for restoration in many areas in your life.
  3. 3. I have done a lot of bad things in my life and in doing so picked up all sorts of demons anddamaged myself in many ways. I am always in the lookout for a way to restore myself to thefullness that God has for me. There are areas of my life that I know I need work on. Next month Iam booked in for a session with some spiritual counselling and healing at a local church and I amcounting down that days. Once again this is a word of knowledge as only the Lord would know thatI cry out for restoration.Loneliness is one of the many areas in your life you seek Gods hand in.Since I have not been to work for a month I have been getting very lonely. I was only saying to mymother the other day that I have been getting lonely. This is another word of knowledge and asubject that weighs on my heart.He is working on your Faith in the promises he has made or showed you.This is a word of prophecy that isnt a word of knowledge but makes a lot of sense. I read a bookon faith that had about fourteen stories of great people of faith and they asked them about theirfaith. The first three people in the book, one after the other said that the major contributing factorof their faith were the trials that they had endured.In the midst of a major trial where I cant sleep properly God is reminding me that He is busyworking on my faith. I was only thinking as I was trying to go to sleep tonight how was I ever goingto be this great speaker in the future when I cant even sleep like an ordinary person.Here God is saying this trial is for me to overcome and practice being an overcomer in once againand for me not to lose hope in all the promises that the Lord has made me.He stops me and reminds me to tell you not to isolate yourself from the world.With the above descriptions I hope you are able to see that this line is a word of wisdom. I havebeen doing exactly that. I have been at home away from my place of voluntary work for threeweeks and I have been getting very lonely. The Lord here is telling me to go back and connectwith the people. Even if I cant get into there until work is finished or half over, I can still go into ourcommunity centre and connect with people. The Lord doesnt want me to get so lonely and hewants me to connect and laugh and be with others.Let your boldness show forth in the things of the kingdom...Another word of wisdom. Another direction from the Lord.As you can see there are many words of knowledge in this prophecy and two words of wisdom. Itwas a really refreshing word for me to get especially with the word of wisdom telling me to connectwith the world. I really needed to hear that. I really needed to hear it!I hope now that you have a good idea what prophecy, words of wisdom and words of knowledgeare now. I hope you enjoyed this article. If you would like a prophecy of this person whoprophesied this to me simply go to my site and ask for Bambi to prophesy over you.
  4. 4. If you have enjoyed my article you can read the book "The parables of Jesus made simple" forfree here in its entirety or just selected parables in chapters at The book will be published in book form in January 2011For prophetic counsel, Christian life coaching, Dream interpretation, Christian chat and greatKingdom Teaching come and see us at Source: ====The Truth About The Last Days, Antichrist, The Rapture, More. ====