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Needs assessment samples
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Needs assessment samples


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Some samples of needs assessment questionnaires and instruments.

Some samples of needs assessment questionnaires and instruments.

Published in: Education

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  • 1. LA SALLE UNIVERSITY BA IN SPANISH, ENGLISH, AND FRENCH EVALUATION IN EFLT NEEDS ASSESSMENT SAMPLES1. Suggested questions for asking EFL students in your needs analysis questionnaire What experience do you have of learning English? When do you use English? Who do you communicate in English with? Do you use English at work? Do you use or need to use English in these situations:- social situations- meetings and discussions- negotiations- telephone calls- report writing- e-mails How advanced are you using English generally, on a scale of 1-5?1= beginner; 2= basic; 3= intermediate; 4= advanced; 5 = very advanced How confident are you using English in these situations?- Introducing yourself- Ordering food in a restaurant- Asking for directions- Shopping- Making general conversation- Writing a postcard- Writing a letter of complaint- Using the telephone What experience do you have of learning other languages? What are your main 3 reasons for learning English? What do you find most difficult when learning English? (e.g. speaking, writing, reading,listening)Taken from ELP Needs Analysis QuestionnaireDear ELP Student,The English Language Program (ELP) would like to know some information about our new students tohelp plan future courses. It would be appreciated if you would take some time to answer the followingquestions on this questionnaire. Your answers will be important to create the type of English classes
  • 2. most useful for you. Your answers to this questionnaire will be confidential and only used by the ELPfor this research - it will not be available to any other person. Answering this questionnaire isvoluntary. If you do not want to take part in this questionnaire research, leave the questionnaire blank.Please use the computer mark sheet to answer this questionnaire. Mark the appropriate circle using anH pencil.
  • 3. Taken from Balin, M. (2005). Assessing Students’ Perceived Language Needs in a Needs Analysis.Proceedings of the 9th conference of Pan-Pacific association of applied linguistics, pp. 26-43. Retrievedfrom Sample needs Assessment Forms
  • 4. Taken from