Interactive science notebooks


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This prensentation includes information about using ISNs in the classroom.

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  • This presentation is to give you information about what Interactive Science Notebooks are and how they can be used in a classroom.
  • An Interactive Science Notebook is also called an ISN. Real scientists, like DaVinci (see picture), use notebooks. They can be used as a portfolio of all of your science work and are a great resource for studying for tests and quizzes.
  • ISNs are a great way to organize your science work and can be used a creative output for your work.
  • The ISN is divided into 2 sections. The Left Side is for Learning and all teacher input/content is put here. These are the odd numbered pages. The right side is for reflection and is for student output and are on the even numbered pages.
  • Examples of Work for each side or what to put where.The Left again is for Learning – all lecture notes, lab activities, procedures for labs, book notes, vocabulary words, and classroom information are placed here. The right side is for reflection and includes concept maps, graphic organizers, data from experiments, conclusions from experiments, reflective writing and drawings for example.
  • The following supplies will be needed when using the ISN: crayons, colored pencils, glue, and scissors.
  • The students should follow some rules when using their ISN. Do not rip out any pages, your ISN will become messy.Keep all handouts glued in the ISN.Use the ISN for Science Only.Enter all page titles in the Table of ContentsDate and Number each page to keep organized.
  • These are the sources I used for the pictures in this presentation.
  • Interactive science notebooks

    1. 1. Interactive Science Notebooks By Jessica Soell
    2. 2. What is an Interactive Science Notebook? • Interactive Science Notebook = ISN • Real scientists use notebooks. • A portfolio of your work • Great resource for STUDYING DaVinci’s Notebook
    3. 3. What is an Interactive Science Notebook? (Cont.) • A great ORGANIZATIONAL tool • COLORFUL and CREATIVE
    4. 4. ISN is divided into 2 Sections Left Side • Learning • Teacher input/Content • Odd-numbered pages Right Side • Reflection • Student output • Even numbered pages
    5. 5. What Goes Where? Left Side • Lecture notes • Lab activities • Procedures for labs • Book notes • Vocabulary words • Classroom information Right Side • Concept maps/graphic organizers • Data from experiments • Conclusions from experiments • Reflective writing • Drawings
    6. 6. Science Notebook Supplies Crayons Colored Pencils Scissors Glue
    7. 7. Notebook Rules • Do Not Rip Out Pages • All handouts must be glued in • Used for Science Class Only • All entries in Table of Contents • Date and Number Each Page
    8. 8. Resources Used • • 6/ • • 5/ • • • • •