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Teacher training   my brainshark - 1 introduction
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Teacher training my brainshark - 1 introduction


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Introduction to a proposal to use the cloud-based software, MyBrainshark, in an English Language Teaching setting - The China Central Academy Of Fine Arts, Beijing. Note: This was created for an ICT …

Introduction to a proposal to use the cloud-based software, MyBrainshark, in an English Language Teaching setting - The China Central Academy Of Fine Arts, Beijing. Note: This was created for an ICT module on an MA course at the University of Warwick. Part 1 of 6.

Published in: Education, Technology
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  • 1. 1. Introduction With Phil
  • 2. 中央美术学院 Each lesson is one hour long. We shall be in this room all day this week Monday – Saturday (inclusive) time: tbc Aim: to introduce a digital cloud-based software tool to use with students on the International Foundation Course @ CAFA Requirement: BYOD (Bring your own device)
  • 3. An asynchronous, cloud-based software tool.What does that mean?What do you think it can do?Here’s an example: My Timeline
  • 4. An asynchronous, cloud-based software tool whichallows you to: Upload different kinds of content to share online. e.g. a document, PPP, photo album or video. You can add a voice-over or narration. It also allows podcast to be produced. It allows sharing and embedding (+ tracking).
  • 5.  Multimedia digital presentations It’s free for individual users.
  • 6.  Quick four minute tour of ‘my Brainshark’: Quick Tour There are thousands of presentations already uploaded. Authentic listening practice. They are mostly created by sales and marketing teams to sell their products. However, we could still use them with our students.
  • 7.  Do you know of some other software which is similar to my brainshark? Discuss.. Images used under terms of ‘fair use’ policy
  • 8.  1. Getting started + Introduction 2. Uploading content and recording audio 3. Working with photos or video 4. Working with a PPP or PDF 5. Being creative + constructive alignment 6. Sharing and Storing +Further Ideas + Review
  • 9.   Discuss possible uses with another person. It helps students to practice and perfect their speaking skills It helps students to improve pronunciation (with classroom feedback) It is based on a communicative and situated pedagogy It potentially overcome issues over face-loss and weaker speakers It encourages autonomous learning (already happening on the art side) It is useful to watch other Brainshark presentations for authentic listening practice It encourages reflective practice It creates space for classroom feedback and other connected activities It allows students to create, practice and present their work It allows students to build up a digital portfolio of their art work
  • 10.  Skills Pyramid Own taken from Hampel and Stickler, 2005, style Open University. Skills for Online Language Tutors. Creativity and choice Facilitating communicative competence Online socialization Dealing with constraints and possibilities of the medium Specific technical competence for the software Basic ICT competence
  • 11.  Discuss and draw up a list of ways that the tool could be used: (a) in the classroom (b) away from the classroom How could the tool help with the objectives of: (a) the teachers? (b) the students? What problems do you envisage?
  • 12. 中央美术学院So what do we think about using this tool?What about the other presentation toolsmentioned today?Screencast videos are available at: website for this tool is at: up with an email and a passwordand try it for yourself.Next time: Uploading content and recording audio.