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How to make a comic book
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How to make a comic book






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How to make a comic book How to make a comic book Presentation Transcript

  • How to make a comic book 2nd Year ARTS
  • OverviewComic book tell bold andexciting stories with acombination of colorfulcharacters, speech bubblesand bright colors.
  • What you need:1. love of storytelling2. brave heroes and heroines3. a fantastic adventure
  • Step 1Research what comic books you like.- style of the illustrations- what types of heroes and heroinesa. futuristic space operasb. detective dramasc. medieval adventures
  • Step 2Create the characters for your comic book.a. draw a blueprint for each major characterb. create these characters using a basic frame
  • c. Draw an oval for the head, rectangle for the chest and an upside down triangle for the pelvis
  • Step 3Create the costume for your hero.What kind of hero or heroine you are creating ?-stealthy and lurks in shadows, then dark masks and black clothes should be used-bold and strong hero, perhaps consider bright colors and a flashy cape
  • Step 4Lay illustrations on a comic book page.-These should be on pages that are 11 inches wide and 17 inches long.Lay out :"Z" format , diagonally left and then right , start with a large picture showing a lot of action then continue diagonally left and to the right for smaller frames that help support the main action .
  • Step 5Ink your pages using a black ink pen.-Place thicker lines of black wherever there is a shadow.
  • Step 6Color each page using art markersTake note:1. Make a photocopy of your inked work before coloring the comic book to preserve a black and white copy of the book.2. Keep in mind that a black and white comic book will be much cheaper to print than a color comic book.
  • Activity 1On 1 whole sheet of paper, create 1 hero/heroine and 1 villain.
  • THE ENDhttp://www.mania.com/to-make-comic-book-step