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  • 1. NAME: ____________________ Physical Fitness Quiz 1. Ability of the heart and lungs to get oxygen throught the body 2. Ability of the joints to move through a full range of motion 3. Ability of the muscles to move a maximum amount of weight in a single repitition 4. The ratio of lean body mass to fat mass in the body 5. Ability of muscles to work for a long period of time without getting tired 6. How often, how many times per week 7. How long, duration of work out 8. How hard you work: easy, medium, hard 9. What kind of exercises you do 10.Long duration exercises, need lots of oxygen 11.Short, explosive movement that use energy sources that don’t need oxygen 12.Work from high reps and low weight to high weight and low reps 13.Work from high weights and low reps to low weight and high reps 14.Lifting at a station for a certain amount of time and them moving quickly to a new station and starting again. 15.Lifting the same weight for multiple sets of same reps 16.Lifting different weights for multiple sets of at least 6 reps 17.Putting up and down the ladder systems together 18.Doing back to back sets of lifts for the same muscle(s) or agonistic and antagonistic muscles Write the number of the statement above that best describes the term below. ____ aerobic ____ muscular endurance ____ type ____ frequency ____ body composition ____ circuit training ____ flexibility ____ intensity ____ up the ladder ____ cardiorespiratory endurance ____ down the ladder ____ anaerobic ____ time ____ pyramid ____ muscular strength ____ super set ____ multiple set ____ single set