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Hunger Games Jeopardy
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Hunger Games Jeopardy


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I created this game to use at the Hunger Game party I am hosting in my classroom during spring break. I found some Hunger Games Jeopardy games online, but I wanted to create a more difficult version. …

I created this game to use at the Hunger Game party I am hosting in my classroom during spring break. I found some Hunger Games Jeopardy games online, but I wanted to create a more difficult version. I think you will need to download it for the hyperlinks to work properly. The final category "Beware the Ides of March" is based on Hunger Games characters who have the same or similar names as characters in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar. Also, I meant to add a Daily Double, but I forgot. You’ll have to add that yourself.

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  • 1. Final What’s Beware theSuzanne Jeopardy R. I. P. Adaptation your Ides of Collins District? March 200 200 200 200 200 400 400 400 400 400 600 600 600 600 600 800 800 800 800 800 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000
  • 2. Before penning the Hunger Games trilogy, Collinswrote the five books in this series
  • 3. What is The Underland Chronicles?
  • 4. Collins was partially inspired to write TheHunger Games because ofthe myth of Theseus and this creature
  • 5. What is the minotaur?
  • 6. It should come as nosurprise Collins wrote thescreenplay for The HungerGames since she wrote TVepisodes for shows on this cable channel
  • 7. What is Nickelodeon?
  • 8. Collins’ inspiration for The Underlander Chroniclescame this famous children’s classic
  • 9. What is Alice in Wonderland?
  • 10. Collins was inspired to write The Hunger Games while channel surfing between a reality TVprogram and news reports from the war in this country
  • 11. What is Iraq?
  • 12. Eleven tributes die on the first day of the Hunger Games at this openinglocation, which shares itsname with a Thanksgiving object
  • 13. What is the Cornucopia?
  • 14. Glimmer dies after Katniss drops a nest of these creatures on her
  • 15. What are tracker jackers?
  • 16. A subshrub found in the Mediterranean, this plantshares its name with which Tribute?
  • 17. Who is Rue?
  • 18. The penultimate tribute to die in the 74 Hunger th Games, she dies afterstealing berries from Peeta
  • 19. Who is Foxface?
  • 20. The tribute behind Rue’sdeath, he dies a victim ofKatniss’ skills at the bow and arrow
  • 21. Who is Marvel?
  • 22. In the movie, Prim givesKatniss the Mockingjay pin. In the book, it’s this character.
  • 23. Who is Madge?
  • 24. Before directing The Hunger Games, Gary Ross wrote and directed this 2003 movie starring a horse
  • 25. What is Seabiscuit?
  • 26. Home to both SarahDessen and the Tar Heels,this state was Gary Ross’s choice for District 12
  • 27. What is North Carolina?
  • 28. Mainly known for her workin independent movies like Winter’s Bone, this actress portrays Katniss in the movie
  • 29. Who is Jennifer Lawrence?
  • 30. The first single released from The Hunger Gamessoundtrack featured Taylor Swift and this folk duo
  • 31. Who are The Civil Wars?
  • 32. The black market ofDistrict 12, Katniss sells illegal game here
  • 33. What is the Hob?
  • 34. Its prime export beingagriculture, District 11 is incharge of orchards and this Southern crop used to create clothes
  • 35. What is cotton?
  • 36. A maker of textiles, District8 houses a factory in chargeof creating uniforms for this fleet of Capitol police
  • 37. Who are the Peacekeepers?
  • 38. Located by the sea, District 4’s bread is tinted green because of this ingredient
  • 39. What is seaweed?
  • 40. A provider of lumber to the Capitol, District 7 is hometo many forests of this kind of tree
  • 41. What is pine?
  • 42. Sharing his name with botha conspirator and a poet in Shakspeare’s Julius Caesar,he designs Katniss’ “Girl on Fire” outfit
  • 43. Who is Cinna?
  • 44. Her Julius Caesar counterpart swallows hotcoals. In The Hunger Games, she is Peeta’s stylist.
  • 45. Who is Portia?
  • 46. In Julius Caesar, he dies fighting for Brutus. In TheHunger Games, he dies of an arrow wound.
  • 47. Who is Cato?
  • 48. Instead of removing Caesar’s celebratory trophies, he wears purplelipstick in The Hunger Games
  • 49. Who is Flavius?
  • 50. Part of Katniss’ prep team,her Roman counterpart is Julius Caesar’s heir
  • 51. Who is Octavia?
  • 53. Originally used by the Roman satirist Juvenal in 100 A.D. to describe a shallow population, thephrase “panem et circenses”literally means circuses and this food
  • 54. What is bread?