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  • Good Afternoon teacher and my classmates.My name is Thitiporn PholdeeToday, I’d like to present you one of the most beautiful city in the western side of the world for me.“Rio de Janeiro , Brazil”.If you don’t have an idea about it, let me show you why this city attracts me.
  • There are three points that I would like to talk about.First, I’m going to tell you some interesting information of Rio de Janeiro.Then, I’ll show you how beautiful this city is with its famous attractions.Finally, I’ll tell you what you shouldn’t miss to do when you stay in Rio.
  • Let start at the first point.What is an interesting information that you should know about the city?
  • take a look at these maps.The left one shows us where Brazil is. It’s the largest country in South America.If we look closer in the right one , Rio de Janeiro is here.(Click)It is the second largest city in Brazil with an area of approximately 1,200 square kilometers on the South Atlantic coast.The population number here is about 6 million.
  • I’ve told you about it’s size and population already.Now, I’ll tell you what this city is like and how it was discovered? Rio de Janeiro’s outstanding landscape is mainly made up of seas, mountains and forests.Moreover, it has a tropical climate because it’s surrounded with forests. It was discovered by Portuguese navigator Gaspar de Lemos in January 1501 . The name of this city means “January River” becausehe mistook the entrance of Guanabara Bay for the mouth of a river and he named it after the month.
  • Next, what about Language and Currency?The language here is Portuguese because Brazil is the only Latin American nation that derives its language and culture from Portugal. And the currency here is ‘real’ (BRL)
  • I’ve finished the first point already.Next, let me present you the second point.Here are the Rio’s attractions , top 3 destinations of the tourists.
  • Let’s begin with, the attraction number 1Christ the Redeemer. This beautiful statue is considered as the largest statue of Jesus in the world and one of The New Seven Wonders of the World too.
  • Next, the attraction number 2Sugarloaf Mountain.You can enjoy a comprehensive view of Rio, the bay with countless boats, as well as the mighty statue of Christ the Redeemer at its peak.
  • Last, the attraction number 3Copacabana beach.It is one of the most famous beaches in the world. It has the mountains and city as a background. One side of the beach is enclosed by the crystal clear water of the ocean and the other side are all the modern buildings of the city.
  • I’ve told you about the top 3 attractions already. So I’ll begin the third point now.These are activities that you should try before you leave Rio…..things not to miss.
  • The first thing is eating the local food.Don’t leave Rio de Janeiro without tasting the best food in Brazil: Picanha. It’s a juicy cut of beef that you can eat with rice and vegetables while drinking the famous Brazilian drink, caipirinha. You won’t be disappointed!
  • The second one.Rio de Janeiro is also famous for its Carnival. The carnival celebration in Rio is known as ‘the world’s largest party’. People in Rio will go to an avenue thathost Carnival ‘Sambódromo’.During the three days of Carnival, the whole city is filled with music, singing, dancing and many street parades of costumed dancers performing the samba.
  • The last one you shouldn’t miss is going paraglide.The best thing to try on a sunny morning is Paragliding or hand gliding. Go to Sao Conrado mountain and have the amazing experience of watching Rio de Janeiro from the air, flying like a bird. From there, you can see the beach, huge favelas, and amazing Corcovado. It's a truly unique moment!
  • In conclusion, I have already talked about three points.At the first point ,I hope you remember about some Rio’s general information like how big it is (it’s not so big compare to Bangkok), How it was discovered(named by misunderstanding),including its currency and language.At the second point, Don’t forget the top 3 attractions of Rio( Christ the Redeemer, Sugarloaf Mountain, and Copacabana Beach).At the last point, please remember what you shouldn’t miss to do when you stay in Rio(tasting local food, enjoy the carnival, and adventure).
  • Thank you for your attention. I hope this presentation will make you impress in Rio de Janeiro and maybe agree with me that this city is fantastic.


  • 1. Thitiporn Pholdee No.55030069 Sec:1
  • 2. An interesting information that you should know...
  • 3.  The second largest city on the South Atlantic coast of Brazil.  An area of approximately 1,200 squarekilometers.  More than 6 million of people live here.
  • 4.  Rio de Janeiro is mainly made up of seas, mountains and forests.  Discovered by Portuguese navigators Gaspar de Lemos in January 1501 .  The name of this city means “January River” because he mistook the entrance of Guanabara Bay for the mouth of a river and he named it after the month.
  • 5. The language : Portuguese The currency : real (BRL)
  • 6. Top 5 destinations of the tourists.
  • 7. #1 The largest statue of Jesus in the world One of The New Seven Wonders of the World.
  • 8. #2 enjoy a comprehensive view of Rio like.. The bay The statue of Christ the Redeemer
  • 9. #3 One of the world’s most famous beaches. Having the mountains as a background. Enclosed by the sea and the modern buildings of the city .
  • 10. Activities that you should try.
  • 11. #1 Taste… the best food in Brazil : Picanha Brazilian drink : caipirinha
  • 12. #2 known as “the world’s largest party” Fill the city with  music  singing dancing many street parades.
  • 13. #3  Go Paragliding or hand gliding at Sao Conrado mountain. Watch Rio from the air.
  • 14.  About The City  It has a spectacular landscape and it is such a lively city.  Rio’s Attractions  There are many kinds of place to visit suit to everybody's travel styles.  Things Not to Miss  Don’t forget to fulfill your experience with these activities.