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  • Guided tour of UEA;1. Aerial Sportspark2. The Square; Streetview images of the Square3. Aerial shot of Arts Building4. Streetview of Terraces/Lake
  • About me! Tom

    1. 1. About me!An introduction, and someinformation about my life.
    2. 2. Me! My name is Tom Castle (my full name isThomas William Castle) I’m 20 years old, and my birthday is the 12th ofApril (so next week I will be 21 years old!) I am a student at the University of EastAnglia, in the city of Norwich, in England. I was born in a town called Ipswich. Then, Ilived near Newcastle for 8 years. I moved toIpswich again in the year 2000, and I lived inNorwich for 2 years while at university. Then, insummer 2012, my parents moved to Norwich.
    3. 3. Where Ihave lived:2 small villagesnear Newcastleuntil the year 2000My parents movedto a village nearNorwich in July 2012Norwich in September2010, for universityBorn: IpswichApril 12 1992LondonIpswich againfor 12 years
    4. 4. My interests I love reading and writing (and alsodrawing/art, although I am not very good!) My favourite sport is cycling. I also like running andswimming. I play the bass guitar, and I love rock and metalmusic. I also love old video games! I do not have anXbox 360 or Playstation 3, so I play old games forthe Playstation 1 and 2. I also enjoy travelling – this year, I’ve been to lotsof places in Spain, and in the future I want to visitplaces like Australia, America and Russia.
    5. 5. Where I Live! I live in a small village near Norwich. It iscalled Colton. When I am not at university, I live with myparents in my house in Colton. Here are some pictures of my house…
    6. 6. Meet my family! When I am not at university, I live with my parents –I do not have any brothers or sisters. This is my mum – her name is Rosie. She is areceptionist. This is my dad – his name is DominicHe is a magazine journalist.
    7. 7. Meet my family! And this is my dog Jake! Do you see anything strange about Jake? 3 legs! He likes to run, but he fell over andbroke his leg. So now he has 3. But he isstill a happy dog. This photo is ayear old, he ishealthy now.I tried to take anew photobut he doesn’t likecameras!
    8. 8. Norwich!My city’s history• Norwich is an old Anglo-Saxon city, and it isabout 1,200-1,400 years old. It used to be thebiggest city in England.• Now, it is quite a small city. To compare with otherslike London or Manchester:• The population of the city centre of Norwich is 130,000• Manchester’s population is 500,000, while London’spopulation is 8,200,000!• But, it is now very famous for its culture.• The canary is the symbol of the city – that is whyit is on the badge of the Norwich City footballteam.
    9. 9. Welcome to the University ofEast Anglia!Let me show you someof my university…
    10. 10. My flat during myfirst year of universityThe lake, which isopposite my first-year flat.
    11. 11. My University Studies I study LINGUISTICS (lingüística) at the UEA. It is about how languages work. I study, for example, how language isdifferent in newspapers and media Problems with translation in films andtelevision It is very interesting!
    12. 12.  I also study CULTURE That is why I am in Spain, to learn aboutthe culture of the country. I have spent 2 years at university. I am here for 1 school year, until May 31. Then I go to university again for 1 moreyear, from September 2013 until July 2014.My University Studies
    13. 13.  After I finish university, I want to become ateacher of English. I want to teach in England, but I wouldlike to teach English in different countriesbefore that. In England, it takes 1 year of studying tobecome a teacher. But, this is onlypossible after finishing university.My University Studies
    14. 14. That’s the end!Any questions?Ask me anything.