Making your class more sociable

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  • 1. Welcome!
    Please go to and sign up for a student account.
    Use code m5qdbm
  • 2. Making Your Class More Sociable: Using Social Networks with your Students
    John Woodring
  • 3. How do you interact with your students online?
  • 4. How do your students interact with each other online about your class?
  • 5. Why a Social Network?
    This is where students and parents are located.
    Easier to engage in dialog and share information with students and parents.
  • 6. Rules
    Making Your Class More Social
  • 7. Social Network Rules
    It’s business, not personal!
    Class business only!
  • 8. Social Network Rules
    Only share information regarding class.
  • 9. Social Network Rules
    Be prepared to ban those who break the rules.
    Have control over who joins in the discussion.
  • 10. Social Network Rules
    Offer this as an option and not a requirement.
  • 11. Social Network Rules
    Only use the tools you and your administrators are comfortable with.
    Have a plan for it’s use.
  • 12. Social Network Rules
    Allow and even encourage parent participation.
  • 13. Social Network Rules
    Setup an opportunity to demonstrate how you use social network and offer help for those who wish to join in.
  • 14. Social Network Rules
    Post where people can join your social network such as website and/or syllabus.
  • 15. Facebook
    Making Your Class More Social
  • 16. Make sure you understand how to set the privacy settings to the point you can teach it!
  • 17. Setup a Group for class purposes.
    You can control who sees information
    Pages for your school.
    You don’t have to befriend anyone to join a page or group.
  • 18. Let’s take a quick look at Facebook
  • 19. Twitter
    Making Your Class More Social
  • 20. Uses for Twitter
    Creating a personal learning network
    Photos with mobile or third party apps
  • 21. Using Twitter Safely
    You can create different Twitter accounts.
    Creating private links
    You do not have to follow students or you can unfollow them
  • 22. Location-Based
    Making Your Class More Social
  • 23. Location-Based
    Examples are Foursquare and Gowalla
    Used usually with mobile devices
    You will check-in at a location and it is shared with friends
    Apps for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Blackberry, and Palm products
  • 24. Uses
    Create virtual field-trips
    Create tips or give information about a location
    Organizations, cities, and businesses are sharing information when people check-in
    Badges, pins, and other items can be picked-up
  • 25. Take part in the Gowalla Trip Challenge
    Setup a Gowalla account
    Search for the SCETV Summer Workshop 2010 trip.
    Check-in to at least 5 of the 10 locations to get credit for the trip
    Show your badge at the check-in desk to receive a prize.
  • 26. Educational social networks
    Making Your Class More Social
  • 27. Edmodo
     Compared to Twitter
    Do not need an e-mail to sign students up
     Secure Environment
     Share ideas, files, and assignments
     Mobile Access and iPhone app
     Create and grade assignments
     Store and share Files
     Class Calendar
     Notifications via e-mail, text, Twitter
     Share links and embedded objects
     Create Polls
     Able to subscribe to public streams via RSS
     Document viewer
  • 28. Course management system
    Social network
    Students can have their own sites
    Class profiles and WebPages
    Create Tests and Quizzes
    Online Drop boxes
    Private Messaging
    Group work spaces
    Personal File storage
    Parent Access
  • 29. Ning
    Ning Mini for Educators
    Provided by Pearson
    Must apply for this state
    Fees range from $19.95 to $499.95 per year
    Members can blog, share pictures and videos, chat, create groups and forums