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Don’t put that phone away
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Don’t put that phone away


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  • 1. Don’t Put That Phone Away: Using Mobile Phones in the Classroom
    John Woodring
  • 2. Mobile phone use in class?!
  • 3. Burn the heretic!
  • 4. Let’s see what you think?
  • 5. Pew Internet and American Life 2010
    88% of teenagers who own phones are texters
    Half send 1,500 texts per month
    One third send 3,000 text per month
  • 6. Morgan Stanley Report 2010
    Based on the current rate of change or adoption, the mobile web will be bigger than desktop Internet use by 2015
  • 7. Market Research Firm Gartner
    By 2015 50% of computers purchased for 15 year olds and younger will be touch-screens
  • 8. Types of Phones
    Conventional Phones
    Smart phones
  • 9. Mobile Phone Features
  • 10. Basic Uses
    Text to a blog or microblog
    Create podcasts
    Create YouTube videos
    Exchange emails
    Classroom response systems
    Smartphone apps can make these tasks easier.
  • 11. Pros and cons
    Can create audio and visual media
    Communication and collaboration
    Research tool
    Helpful applications
    Tech tool students already have
    Poor security and management control
    Easily lost or stolen
    Must keep students on task
    Cost can keep some students from using all functions
  • 12. Smartphone Applications
    Programs designed to perform tasks on an mobile OS
    Usually cheaper than computer programs
    Wide variety of applications covering many topics
  • 13. Location-Based
    Applications that use phone’s GPS function
    Used to tag a location
    Games and tours are now location-based.
  • 14. Augmented Reality
    Live direct or indirect view of a physical real-world environment whose elements are augmented by virtual computer-generated imagery
    Combines real and virtual worlds
    Is interactive in real time
    Is registered in 3D
  • 15. Augmented Reality Examples
  • 16. Augmented Reality in Education
  • 17. Mobile Websites
    Many websites are enhanced to look and work better on mobile phones
    Is your websites mobile friendly?
  • 18. Quick Response or QR Codes
    A two-dimensional bar code that contains information such as website URL’s, addresses, and other information
    Need a camera connected to a decoding application
  • 19. QR Codes used in education
  • 20. What do you now think of using mobile phones in your classroom?
  • 21. Take part in the Gowalla Trip Challenge
    Setup a Gowalla account
    Search for the SCETV Summer Workshop 2010 trip.
    Check-in to at least 5 of the 10 locations to get credit for the trip
    Show your badge at the check-in desk to receive a prize.