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  • Hello everyone and welcome to the GeoTargteting Webinar for Local Merchants. We’re very pleased to that you’ve been able to join us and we look forward to a lively discussion. My name is Tom Dye and I’ll be your host for today’s agenda. Just a couple of items before we press on, I’ve put you all on mute so that the audio quality of the webinar is better, but you if you look to the upper right hand corner of your screens you’ll note a hand icon, if you click on it, this will let me know you have a question, I’ll open your audio and you can ask your question.We want this to be an open forum so please don’t hesitate to use that button. I know that for some of you, geotargeted advertising maybe a relatively new term, but hopefully, by the end of this short webinar, you’ll have seen how incredibly valuable it can be to your business.  Ok let’s dive in. The first questions we get when we talk with local merchants is; why should I care?
  • And frankly that’s a great question. The lifeblood of any local business is the local consumer, people within a certain geographic distance, that could be a neighborhood, a section of town or even a city. Local businesses need local consumers. When you look out over the past oh say 2-3 years, especially with new technologies like FaceBook, Twitter, GroupOn and many, many other daily deal sites, one thing has become crystal clear. Local consumers are using the power of the internet to search for relevant and meaningful content about their local merchants.But….How do Advertisers better capitalize on “Buy Local”? How can Advertisers build brand loyalty in addition to coupons and daily deals?
  • There are a lot of marketing options available to Local Merchants when it comes to reaching their local consumers. And I’m sure all of you have wrestled with the question of which is best for your business? Which give you the best bang for your buck?Each of these options have value but; How Can a Local Merchant more effectively reach their LOCAL consumer and see actual results without wiping out margins while building brand loyalty?Before we move let’s first talk about what we mean by “HyperLocal” GeoTragetingFirst, what is it? How does it compare to these options?
  • When we talk about the value of the local internet we mean that Merchants and Consumers all share the same geographic area, the same “TURF” as it were. While services like Facebook and twitter are fantastic ways to mobilize a customer base, these tools require dedicated effort and focus to maintain? How many of you have time to tweet and post? You no doubt have invested in your brand and websites, but how do you drive them there?You may have used GroupOn or other daily deals to drive traffic, but did it build loyalty and what impact does a 70% discount have on your margins?All of these advertising options are definitely ways to drive traffic to your location or website, but they fall short on reaching the consumers in your area. But what if you could reach them without them having to do anything? What if where ever they went online, you were there?
  • GeoTargeting is the easiest, lowest cost way to reach, just your local customers. The platform we provide is the only way to really maximize your advertising dollars AND reach everyone on your local area. Our service is seamless to the consumer, no pop ups or annoying fly overs, no creepy behavioral tracking or anything downloaded to their computer. They simply see your brand.
  • Nearly every web page your local consumers visit have parts of their web page dedicated to serving ad content. You’re no doubt all familiar with these. Typically sites like CNN, ESPN and hundreds of others sell ad space directly to national advertisers which is why you’ll see ads from geico, ford or chevy,…………….everything but the local advertiser.When they can’t sell an advertising space they turn it over to one of hundreds of ad networks to fill with everything BUT the local advertiser. MyTurf is a new kind of Ad network designed to allow local businesses brand with Video and Display advertising to the top websites in a specific area!That makes MyTurf very, very different
  • MyTurf partners with the local internet provider, providing local merchants an opportunity to GeoTargettheir brand just to the local community. Now, as you can see by the example, your ad content can be displayed. Ad content that is Local, relevant and meaningful to the local online consumer.
  • Here’s a simple way to visualize what how MyTurf works. Advertisers, Merchants or Affiliates that want to advertiser locally access our AdManager portal where they can upload their ad content, pick a location or several locations and pick an ad campaign that best fits their budget.MyTurf then reviews the content to make sure it follows the legal standards for advertising, and passes it to the local Internet Provider to serve out to the local community of online consumers.
  • MyTurf doesn't restrict your ad to just one or two sites, you now have a local internet presence that is pervasive reaching every online consumer in your areas on nearly any web page they visit. Your ads can “own” the Internet in a very defined set of locations!So lets take a look at what you would see if you were to use our service.
  • Lets take a look at what it looks like in the real world.
  • Our AdManager portal gives you everything you need to upload your ad campaigns and publish them to the local internet. You can create campaign, choose when to run it, how often your ad should run and the locations you wish to run it in.During and after your campaign you’ll be able to track its success using our reporting tools.
  • Lets take a look at how you can make money as a Myturf Advertiser Affilate
  • MyTurf is looking for partners to help bring the technology out to the market. SEO/Marketing and local ad agencies can sign up to either reference merchants directly to MyTurfs local ad sales department or to become a full-on advertiser affiliate partner. What’s the difference?
  • Local or National advertisers are referred to MyTurf directly we pay up to 5% of the first year of the top line revenue collected from the referral. It requires a simple referral agreement. From there, MyTurf’s sales and support team will manage the account working directly with the customer and MyTurf “owns” the account and relationship.For qualified Affiliate partners, MyTurf offers an Affiliate program. This program is designed for Affiliates that manage and own the customer relationships. MyTurf pays 30% of the top line revenue collected when Affiliate partners manage their own customer base. MyTurf provides the Affiliate with their own ad manager portal, ad tools and discount promotional codes as required to manage customer accounts. Marketing & Sales collateral, materials and other training tools are also included.
  • MyTurf has some great ways to show potential advertisers the new technology and what it can do for local awareness. Just like local broadcast or cable TV, the Myturf system can get the information out in a high frequency and very localized manner. Once you become a qualified ad affiliate, you have access to all kinds of sales material including live demos and trial accounts.
  • The sign up process is easy, just fill out the Affiliate qualification form and receive your logon information and training. MyTurf expects ad affiliates to manage their accounts with first level support, MyTurf will always be there for second level support when needed.
  • You’re questions have been great so far, but I’m sure you may have others and just waiting to ask. If so please use the hand icon on the upper right side and I can answer as many as I can with the time we have left. If I don’t get to them all, or if you’d prefer, you can easily reach me via email, skype or phone all of which are listed here.
  • MyTurf advertising webinar

    1. 1. Advertising on Your Turf GeoTargeted Advertising Webinar Presented by Tom Dye
    2. 2. Why Should Challenges you Care? Merchants: Want LOCAL consumers to buy local Local Consumers: Shop Local. But also demand relevant information about local merchants But…. How do merchants better capitalize on “Buy Local”? How can Advertisers build brand loyalty in addition to coupons and daily deals? © 2011 MyTurf, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 2 Confidential and Proprietary
    3. 3. What Are Merchant’s have lots of Options the Print TelevisionOptions? Direct Mail Daily Deal Sites Social Media But these options are expensive, have unknown results and in the case of Daily Deals, require a huge hit to the margins How Can a Local Merchant more effectively reach their LOCAL consumer? How can you get results without wiping out margins while building brand loyalty? © 2011 MyTurf, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 3 Confidential and Proprietary
    4. 4. What is HyperLocal GeoTargeting isGeoTargeting Marketing? the ability to drive Local and Relevant content, to a Specific, geographic location or demographic © 2011 MyTurf, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 4 Confidential and Proprietary
    5. 5. Introducing MyTurf’s AdValue platform is only AdValue solution that lets advertisers GeoTarget their brand and message right to their local community. – Wherever the local consumers go online – With no change in their everyday online experience. – Without privacy invasive ad cookies or behavioral tracking © 2011 MyTurf, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 5 Confidential and Proprietary
    6. 6. How Does MyTurf Work andWhat Does it Mean For Me? © 2011 MyTurf, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 6 Confidential and Proprietary
    7. 7. How When websites can’t fill their Direct sold adDoes It space, they turn to Ad Networks to fill it.Work? © 2011 MyTurf, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 7 Confidential and Proprietary
    8. 8. How Because MyTurf works from within the local ISP network, we put local advertisers first, fillingDoes It these left over spaces with GeoLocal ads.Work? Advertisers can GeoTarget their brandand message © 2011 MyTurf, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 8 Confidential and Proprietary
    9. 9. Advertising Local Flow MyTurf Merchant AdManager Advertiser Portal Local Merchant uploads their ad content and picks a location near MyTurf combines the ad them with our easy to use with the the most AdManager portal popular sites visited by the local consumers and sends it to the local Internet provider MyTurf Technology Local Internet Provider Merchants ad is displayed exactly to the merchants locations choices © 2011 MyTurf, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 9 Confidential and Proprietary
    10. 10. Why is MyTurf retargets ads to nearly every web MyTurf page a local consumer visits. Resulting inDifferent high impression rates, high response rates at lower cost than daily deals or coupon services © 2011 MyTurf, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 10 Confidential and Proprietary
    11. 11. LiveDemo© 2011 MyTurf, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 11 Confidential and Proprietary
    12. 12. AdManager Merchant Portal 1. Log On 2. Upload Ads 3. Create a 4. Select the campaign and the location you want © 2011 MyTurf, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 12 Confidential and Proprietary
    13. 13. MyTurfAffiliates© 2011 MyTurf, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 13 Confidential and Proprietary
    14. 14. MyTurf is simply looking for the best Local Ad Affiliates to partner with! There are two ways to get started;Referrals • Referral to MyTurf ad Sales & • Full-on Advertiser AffiliateAffiliateAccounts © 2011 MyTurf, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 14 Confidential and Proprietary
    15. 15. MyTurf Referrals Paid Payments: 5% of first year top line revenue from anyRevenue referred account that signs up with MyTurf through either Share our ad Sales group or on-line. • MyTurf Manages account after referral Affiliates Payments: 30% of all top line advertising revenue from accounts managed by Affiliate • Affiliate “owns” customer accounts and relationships • Affiliate uses myturf ad manager tools, via Affiliate account • Affiliate customizes report data as needed © 2011 MyTurf, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 15 Confidential and Proprietary
    16. 16. Demo MyTurf has Demo Servers!Sites • Affiliates can use the MyTurf demo servers • Live Demos • Trial accounts through promotional codes – Ask for our demo documentation! © 2011 MyTurf, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 16 Confidential and Proprietary
    17. 17. Steps: AffiliateProcess is 1. Fill out Affiliate Qualification form Easy! 2. Receive Qualification and default login from MyTurf 3. Receive training Marketing/Sales training and collateral materials 4. Start the revenue stream by managing local advertising accounts © 2011 MyTurf, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 17 Confidential and Proprietary
    18. 18. Questions? Questions? Questions?Contact Info:Tom Dye866-553-4915 ext 1tdye@myturfads.comSkype: tdyeaustin © 2011 MyTurf, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 18 Confidential and Proprietary