10 Tips For AdWords


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10 AdWords Tips from an SEM pro. Submitted by Terry Whalen, CPC Search, www.cpcsearch.com

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10 Tips For AdWords

  1. 1. Expert AdWords Advice from an SEM Pro
  2. 2.  AdWords Keyword Tool - a great start ◦ Google is great at the keyword (kw) relevancy game ◦ Since a majority of searchers use Google and its partners, the idea is to ‘go to the source’ for kw ideas ◦ Give Google a seed kw (or 10) & they’ll spit out additional relevant kw ideas ◦ Access the Keyword Tool at the top of the kw list in any ad group
  3. 3.  AdWords Search Query Report ◦ Much improved, with more granular data ◦ Focus on search queries that have received conversions, not just clicks ◦ Add search queries w/ match type showing as ‘Broad’ or ‘Phrase’ to appropriate ad groups ◦ Use impression, click, cost & conversion metrics to determine match types for new kw’s
  4. 4.  Analytics Keyword Data ◦ Mine your Google Analytics, Omniture, WebTrends or other analytics reporting system for kw ideas ◦ Focus on organic kw’s that have resulted not only in clicks, but in conversions, goals, and measurable value ◦ In GA, select Traffic Sources, then Keywords, then click on ‘non-paid,’ & lastly select Goal Conversion tab
  5. 5.  Use All 3 Match Types: Broad, Phrase & Exact ◦ Using all 3 match types gives the advertiser greater visibility and control into their campaigns ◦ Add phrase & exact match for keywords that show a high volume of impressions, clicks, cost or conversions, or for kw’s that are core to your business ◦ Note – use the Search Query report to determine the user search queries that are being matched up to your broad & phrase-matched kw’s
  6. 6.  Test Keyword Insertion (KWI) in Text Ads ◦ KWI automatically inserts the user’s search query into the text of the ad ◦ KWI can be used in headlines or in lines 1-2 ◦ Test KWI cautiously, and only in ad groups that exclude high-volume, broad match keywords
  7. 7.  Set Ad-Serving to Rotate(!) ◦ Ads must be rotated evenly in order to be tested properly against each other ◦ AdWords defaults to serve higher-CTR ads more often than lower-CTR ads; this makes more money for Google at the expense of the advertiser ◦ Go to Campaign Settings to select ‘rotate’
  8. 8.  Highlight the Value Proposition  Match Ads with their Ad Group ◦ Use relevant ad group kw’s in ad text  Use a Compelling Offer ◦ E.g. $10 off purchases of $60+; ◦ E.g. Free Trial  Include a Call-To-Action* ◦ E.g. Learn how to leverage IT resources w/ PPM. Free White Paper. * Or implied call-to-action
  9. 9.  Keep It Simple ◦ A simple account structure benefits day-to-day navigation, management & bid optimization  Consider Separate Campaigns for: ◦ Breaking out geo-targets ◦ Differentiating between different key target metrics ◦ Reporting purposes  Always run Content Campaigns Separately ◦ This is acknowledged best practices, since Search is an altogether different medium vs. Content
  10. 10.  Download & Use AdWords Editor ◦ AdWords Editor (AE) is useful for:  Bid optimization  Ad creation & optimization  Creating new campaigns & ad groups  Adding kw’s in bulk to multiple campaigns & ad grps  Making across-the-board changes to bids, ads, etc.  Modifying destination URLs for conversion tracking  Creating ‘child’ ad groups from ‘parent’ ad groups  And much more…  Download AdWords Editor (PC or Mac)
  11. 11.  Start Simple & Small ◦ Start simple, and go where the data takes you. PPC is an iterative activity. The data determines where to go next. If you started with 1 campaign composed of 5 ad groups, expand the ad group that shows click and conversion activity and leave the others for later.  Move to Complex & Large ◦ Expand kw’s, ad groups, and campaigns based on what has worked; in terms of time & effort, feed the winners & starve the losers; I believe this approach will save you time and make you (or your client) more money!
  12. 12. Terry Whalen CPC Search terry@cpcsearch.com www.cpcsearch.com  Principal at CPC Search  Full-service SEM agency  Certified Google  Google AdWords AdWords Professional Qualified Company  Deep expertise in B2C &  Manage campaigns B2B marketing, landing across Google, Yahoo & page optimization, and MSN for clients spending all facets of online $100k to $4m+ annually marketing  Offices in San Francisco  UC Berkeley Haas MBA & Santa Barbara, CA