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Kelsey V02


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Presentation used at Kelsey Marketplaces 2010.

Presentation used at Kelsey Marketplaces 2010.

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  • 1. NCI & Digital Sherpa BIA/Kelsey – San Diego March 2010
  • 2. About NCI
    • Key Company Facts
    • We serve 400+ local, vertical markets in:
      • apartment rental
      • residential real estate
      • home design
    • NCI financial summary in the last quarter Revenue $148MM EBITDA $24MM
    • We have been at this a long, long time…
      • The Real Estate Book launched in 1978, serving the local market of Albany, GA
      • The Apartment Blue Book launched in 1979
  • 3. How we serve local verticals ~25 markets ~400 markets 120 markets Markets Design Sherpa New Product, launching this spring Community Sherpa Social Media Many, many..,, etc. ~1mm UV per month Distribute our listings to Google, Yahoo, Trulia, HomeGain, Zillow, etc. ~ 1.5mm UV per month, Distribute our listings to Oodle, Google, Yahoo, etc. Online Brands Home Design / Home Improvement Residential Real Estate Apartment Rental
  • 4. Digital Sherpa History
    • Began training NCI employees and customers on social media marketing tactics in Q1 2009
    • Released our first product, Community Sherpa, in June of 2009.
      • First customer went live in September, 2009
    • Released our second product, Design Sherpa, in September of 2009
      • First customer went live in November, 2009
    • Signed our first Digital Sherpa customer in December of 2009
      • Customer went live in January, 2010
    • At last count – we have about 1,000 customers across the 2 actively sold products
  • 5. What is Digital Sherpa?
    • Turn-key social media marketing solution for local businesses
    • The service is designed to:
      • Improve social media and search visibility
      • Drive traffic in new ways
      • Create community engagement
      • Unearth new clients
      • Enhance client retention
      • Turbo-charge word of mouth and referrals
      • Build brand and online visibility
    • The product includes
      • Creation of social identities for our customers including blog, Facebook and Twitter
      • Content curation and creation for all of the platforms
      • Recruiting and development of social network connections among our customers clients and prospects
      • Monitoring of the social network activity for problematic or sensitive issues and dialogue
  • 6. What resonates with our customers
    • Our customers understand
      • Having an active website with current, relevant content is better than having a static page
      • Participating on Facebook is probably worthwhile
        • Creating fan pages and developing relationships with some of their customers should drive referral business
        • For the Communtiy Sherpa customers, supporting and encouraging friendships among residents will likely drive retention
        • Some customers may be searching for commercial relationships on Facebook
      • Having a Twitter account seems to make sense
        • Some of their customers and residents look to Twitter for news and information
        • Prospective customers are searching Twitter for places to live, and what is happening locally
    • Our service makes sense to our customers, if they had the time and the skills they would do it themselves
    • For $300 - $400 a month, they would rather we do that work
  • 7. Some Examples
  • 8. Some Examples
  • 9. Some stats for The Preserve
  • 10. Some Examples
  • 11. Some Stats from Beth Davis
  • 12. Our Perspective
    • Local media is a high-touch business
      • It can be as much about making media easy and accessible as it is driving business activity
      • While many of the tasks are the same, the output and outcomes and experiences for each of our customers is different
      • We have taken that perspective with our clients in print, online and now in social media
    • Good social media presence requires
      • Good content curation
      • Good recruitment of a community of interest
      • Constant effort
    • The Sherpa product line has been developed to do the heavy lifting
      • High touch customer service
      • Good content curation & recruitment of a community
      • Makes the local businesses participation in social media marketing easy
  • 13. Me
    • Email [email_address]
    • Blog