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Presentation for my World Religions class on Mormons.

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  1. 1. ? ? ?? ? ? ?? WHO ARE THE MORMONS ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
  2. 2. The name of the church is ‘of Latter-Day Saints’ is used to distinguish today’s church from the Although it is not the first Templechurch in Christ’s time. The ‘Mormon built, this temple is an international church’ is a nickname. symbol of the Mormon Church and is located in Salt Lake City, Utah. The church began with 6 members in 1830 and in 2010 there was estimated to be 14.1 million members
  3. 3. JOSEPH SMITH THE FOUNDER “The fundamental principles of our religion are … concerning Jesus Christ that He died was buried, and rose again the third day, and ascended into heaven; all other things which pertain to our religion are only appendages to* Born on December 23, 1805 it.”* Was said to have had 27 wives* Under his leadership the LDS Church founded communities in Ohio, Missouri, and Illinois* He was president of the Church from 1832 - 1844* A newspaper set up to oppose Smith was attacked and burnt out at Smith’s order. He was arrested and murdered in jail by a mob of outraged citizens Killed on June 27, 1844
  4. 4. (1805) Birth TIMELINE OF EVENTS WE WANT TO MAKE THIS EASY (1820) First vision (1823) Moroni appears (1827) Receives gold plates (1830) Book of Mormon is published (1836) First Temple completed (1838) Officially added on “of Latter Day Saints” (1844)Death
  5. 5. TIMELINE CONTINUED... In 1820, when he was 14, he went into the woods to pray and God the Father and Jesus appeared to him and told him not to join any of the denominational churches.On Sept. 21, 1823, when he was 17, an angel named Moroni, who was the son of Mormon, appeared and told him he was to translate The Book of Mormon his father had compiled.On Sept. 22, 1827 he received the gold plates that contained the scriptures and Moroni instructed him to begin the translation process. The translation was finally published in 1830 as the Book of Mormon. The first Mormon Temple is the Kirtland Temple located in Ohio was completed on March 27, 1836.
  6. 6. WHAT THEY They are the “true church”BELIEVE Mormons believe in the same path to eternal life that the Savior taught while on the earth. Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ enables believers to progress in following the Savior and in becoming more like Him. They keep to the 10 commandments The glory of the Celestial Kingdom is compared withThey believe there are 3 kingdoms of Heaven. Which that of the sun. It is the highest degree of glory one Kingdom a person goes to depends on the life that can receive and isperson lived and is decided by God during Judgment: where God and Jesus Celestial Kingdom (highest) Christ dwell. Terrestial Kingdom Telestial Kingdom (Hell)
  7. 7. SACRED TEXTS Soon after the founding of The Church of Jesus Christ ofLatter-day Saints, Joseph Smith wrote the thirteen Articles of Faith, which are straightforward statements of basic beliefs in the Mormon Church, many of which set the Mormon Church apart from other Christian denominations. The Book Of Mormon is the most sacred text in the LDS Church. Like the Bible, it is the word of God. While the Bible is written by and about the people in the land of Israel and surrounding areas and takes place from the creation of the world until shortly after the death of Jesus Christ, the Book of Mormon contains the history and God’s dealings with the people who lived in the Americas between approximately 600 BC and 400 AD. The prophets in the Book of Mormon recorded Gods dealings with His people to create the book.
  8. 8. Jesus Christ (leads the church through the prophet) Prophet (the president of the church) Under the prophet are 2 Apostles selected as his counselors that make up the “First Presidency” Twelve Apostles There are currently 8 (“Special witnesses” of Jesus) quorums of the Seventy. Each quorum can have up Seventy to 70 members. (Assist the Apostles) Stakes A “Stake President” leads a Stake who serves for 7-10 years. A group of Wards forms Stake.Church WardOrganization The leader of a Ward is called a “Bishop” who serves for 5-7 years. A Ward has 200-400 members.
  9. 9. ORDINANCES OF MORMONS In order to reach the Celestial Kingdom Mormons must perform righteous duties in their lifetime.BAPTISM Mormon children are baptized at age 8 – They believe that children who die before age 8 are innocent and saved through the atonement of Christ.MISSIONARY WORK They believe it is their responsibility to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with others so missionaries work can consist of simply going door-to-door and preaching or traveling to other countries and sharing the word of God.PRIESTHOOD All worthy men in the church may hold the priesthood. Aaronic Priesthood – Young men hold this priesthood which gives them the power to administer the sacrament and baptize. Melchezideck Priesthood – Older men hold this priesthood which gives them the authority to give the gift of the Holy Ghost, bless the sick and lead the church.
  10. 10. Mormon Membership in the Mormon lifestyle Church influences every aspect of the lives of its members* Mormons strictly follow the “Word of Wisdom” – a commandment that forbids drinking alcohol, coffee, tea, and using tobacco or illegal drugs.* They believe in the law of “Tithing” in which they donate one- tenth of their income to the Lord.* They believe in dressing modestly for both men and women. Clothing is not too tight or too loose. Shorts and skirts are knee- length and bathing suits are one-piece.* They believe in the law of chastity – no sexual relations out of wedlock.* More than 360,000 high school students attend seminary ever morning at 6am before school.
  11. 11. CONTINUED… PRAYER Praying is an important part of a Mormons daily ritual. Prayers made on the spot, not memorized. They pray to the father in the name of the Son. They say blessings on their food at each meal. They are encouraged to pray together as a family in the morning and evening. They also say individual prayers for others, help, comfort, questions and protection.SABBATH DAY Every Sunday is the Sabbath Day in which Mormons refrain from work, shopping, and leisure activities.FAST SUNDAY On the first Sunday of each month they refrain from eating food or drinking liquid for 24 hours and donate the money saved to the poor.HOME TEACHING Pairs of men are assigned to teach a gospel lesson and watch over 4-6 families. They visit their assigned families on a Saturday.
  12. 12. Stephenie MeyerFAMOUS Mitt RomneyMORMONSyou probably didn’t know were Mormon Jon Heder Glenn Beck Christina Aguilera