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DSpace RoadMap 2011
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DSpace RoadMap 2011


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DSpace software RoadMap as presented at the Open Repositories 2011 conference in Austin, Texas on June 10, 2011.

DSpace software RoadMap as presented at the Open Repositories 2011 conference in Austin, Texas on June 10, 2011.

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. DSpace RoadMap Tim Donohue DSpace Tech LeadLicensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License
  • 2. Meet the Committers! • Andrea Bollini • Gabriela Mircea • Ben Bosman • Scott Phillips • Peter Dietz (1.7.x RC) • Richard Rodgers • Mark Diggory • Kim Shepherd • Tim Donohue • Robert Tansley • Sands Fish (Oct 2010) • Robin Taylor (1.8.0 RC) • Keith Gilbertson • Graham Triggs • Richard Jones • Jeff Trimble (Docs Guru) • Claudia Jürgen • Mark Wood • Stuart Lewis • Aaron Zeckoski • Brad McLeanKey: 5+ Years, 3-5 Years (as of June 2011)
  • 3. 2010-11 Accomplishments• Record 4 releases in one year! – 1.6.0, 1.6.1, 1.6.2, 1.7.0• Scheduled Releases (yearly in Oct?)• Documentation to Wiki• Community Advisory Team (DCAT)• GSoC bears fruit! – Unit Testing Project (Pere Villega) – REST API? (Bojan Suzic)
  • 4. 1.7.x Release• Release Coordinator: Peter Dietz• Major New Features include – Mirage XMLUI Theme – Discovery (faceted browse/search) – AIP Backup & Restore – Curation Task System (Admin UI & CLI)• Improved Performance & Scalability – Kudos to Graham Triggs!• 1.7.2 on May 27th
  • 5. 1.8.0 Release – Oct 2011• Release Coordinator: Robin Taylor• Possible Major Features: – Configurable Reviewer Workflow – SWORD Client? – REST API? – More Curation Tasks (DuraCloud backup/restore integration, Link Checker, Format Identification)Learn More at Robin’s 1.8 Talk!
  • 6. • 4 DSpace Projects – Submission Enhancements • Student: Gaurav Kejriwal, Mentors: Mark Diggory, Scott Phillips – New UI on RESTful Services • Student: Vibhaj Rajan, Mentors: Bojan Suzic, Mark Diggory – WebMVC UI Development • Student: Robert Qin Zhengquan, Mentors: Graham Triggs, Peter Dietz, Stuart Lewis – SKOS Authority Controls • Student: Yigang Zhou, Mentors: Mark Diggory, Ryan ScherleJoin ‘duraspace-gsoc’ Google Group!
  • 7. ROADMAP 2011 - ?
  • 8. This should come as no surpise!
  • 9. DSpace is years young
  • 10. 19 Stable Software Releases
  • 11. DSpace is a Mature, Stable Repository System* • We can store your content • We can help you disseminate it broadly • We can help you preserve it • We can provide you a customizable out- of-the-box system with a large support community * Yes, there are still occasional bugs or ‘quirks’
  • 12. And, yet…. Analogy borrowed from David Flanders
  • 13. You put in yourbeautiful things…and we’ll proudlydisplay & honor them!
  • 14. But, what we still don’t quite support…is the COMMUNITY GARDEN.
  • 15. Where you and your friends can…• interact directly with your ‘beautiful thing’• enhance your ‘beautiful thing’• in a sense, ‘garden’ your data
  • 16. TCTTDWYDWBTOBSEQuote/Image Credit:JISC CRIG (Common Repository Interfaces Group) & David Flanders
  • 17. Providing (Web API) Access to Data Open Knowledge Foundation Projects
  • 18. We should let them dothe same with DSpace
  • 19. ROADMAP 2011 - ? Support “Data Gardening” byopening our DSpace Data & Services
  • 20. How?5 Very Important Projects (VIPs)• REST API• Fedora-Inside• Common Business Tier• Further Modularization of DSpace• Curation Task System
  • 21. REST API • Mobile app development • Build more ‘Ajaxy’ UI gadgets – GSoC “UI on RESTful Services” Project • Non-Java UIs / Gadgets / Mashups – E.g. Ruby on Rails, Django, PHP, etc.Goal: Enable people to build ‘cool things’
  • 22. Fedora-Inside Initiative • Enhanced, more flexible architecture (Fedora) • Versioning of Objects • Richer Relationships between Data Objects • (Potential: access DSpace objects via other Fedora-based Apps?)Goal:Let users enhance their ‘beautiful things’
  • 23. Curation Task System • Enables a basic ‘microservices’ approach to curating DSpace objects • Anyone can build a task & share it. • Future: – Support Tasks in other programming languages: JRuby, Groovy, etc. – Enhanced Task Management UI?Goal:Free ‘curation’ services from command-line & Let everyone build & share curation tools
  • 24. Common Business Tier • Stop supporting many UIs with separate business logic – ONE API defining workflow/business logic – ONE (default) UI, preferably – Various Web Service Interfaces (SWORD, etc) • Others can build & support more UIs/Gadgets in any language – via Common Business Tier and/or RESTGoal: Free Developer Mindshare & simplify UI/Gadget Development
  • 25. Further Modularization • Prepares a more flexible architecture – Longer lasting, easier to replace/swap single components in future • Necessary for Fedora Inside & Business Tier work to occur. • Enhanced module/plugin framework?Goal: Prepare DSpace for the next 9 years!
  • 26. When?Little-by-little over coming releasesWe need volunteers (get involved!)We need people who are excitedWe need developers & DCAT members
  • 27. Help us to open our data to:• user ‘gardening’• external services / cool gadgets• allow devs to build ‘cool things’
  • 28. Image Credits• Surprised Kitten:• Walled Garden:• Nine of Nines:• 1000 users:• Single Leaf:• Community Garden:• Praying Mantis:• Various Website logos: those websites whose logos are displayed• Keys:• Bricks:• Lego Block:• Puzzle Pieces:• Clock:• Open Gardens: