Spa ar verbs


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Spa ar verbs

  1. 1. Spanish verbs in -arHow to conjugate Spanish –ar verbs
  2. 2. What is a verb?Verbs are words that describe actions.Like the commercial says, verbs are “whatyou do”. They are either “irregular verbs”like ser and tener which you have alreadylearned , or “regular verbs like verbs thatend in –ar.Verbs can either be in the infinitive form orthe conjugated form. The infinitive form isthe raw form of the verb, all Englishinfinitives start with “to”.
  3. 3. Why do we conjugate? However, you can not use the infinitive form in a sentence: I to speak Spanish.What’s wrong with the above sentence?. TO CONJUGATE A VERB YOU CHANGE, OR CONJUGATE, THE VERB TO MATCH A GIVEN SUBJECT. I speak Spanish/ I am speaking Spanish
  4. 4. How do we conjugate a verb? Spanish infinitives typically end in either –ar, -ir or –er . When we conjugate a regular Spanish verb we divide the verb into 2 parts, a stem and an ending take off the last two letters and add different ones. Yo hablar Español.= I to speak Spanish Yo hablo Español= I speak or am speaking Spanish We took the ar off the end and added the letter o….now the sentence make sense.
  5. 5. Many Spanish verbs ending in –ar follow a regular patternThe verb hablar (to speak) is conjugated below.You have to memorize the fact that verbs ending in –arin the infinitive follow the “normal” pattern of conjugation,meaning you can just take the –ar ending off the infinitiveand add the following endings to the stem: hablar (to speak) yo hablo nosotros/as habl amos tú hablas vosotros/as habl éis él/ella/U. habla ellos/ellas/Uds. hablan
  6. 6. Most of the –ar verbs you will learn are activities On page 57 of your textbook common –ar verbs are listed. Try to guess which verb fits in the following sentences and change them to match the subject:El ____________ la radio.Nosotros ______________café en la cafetería.Ellas ___________________el futból.Ud._____________________un lapíz para escribir.
  7. 7. Practice makes Perfect! The only way to learn verb conjugations is to practice often, much like you would to learn a piece of music. The link below brings to an excellent website where you can practice all Spanish verbs, and gives you helpful comparisons to English verbs:
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