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  • 1. The Command form in French
  • 2.  The imperative form is used to command someone to do something , or to make a suggestion about what to do if you are part of the group: Close the door! Let’s play soccer! In French this form consists of the verb ending either in –e-, -ez, or –ons, depending upon who you are addressing. This form is NEVER preceded by a subject pronoun. (je,tu,il,elle,nous,vous)
  • 3.  For example let’s take the verb regarder (to look at) I can say “Je regarde la télévision” which means “I am watching television”. If I want this to be a command and I am telling one person I would say “Regarde la télévision” **notice that for –er verbs in the tu form the final –s- is dropped************ I could also command a group of people to watch TV by changing the ending to –ez: Regardez la télévision! Or I could suggest that we all watch TV: Regardons la télevision!
  • 4.  Now lets see if we can form the following commands in French:English FrenchLet’s eat lunch DéjeunonsStudy (all of you) EtudiezListen to the teacher(you fam.) Ecoute le prof
  • 5.  Come up with 3 original command which the class will perform: One is the tu form to be addressed to and individual. One in the nous form which everyone will do. One in the vous form which more than one person will do(but not including yourself).