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Agency analysis

  1. 1. Family Finding Program
  2. 2.  Although we are Department of Social Services for Fresno, the Family Finding unit is made up of Five employees and two interns. Our program is funded through the California Endowment Grant. $15 million was granted to the Fresno Area to dig deep and study every aspect of what causes the disparities to exist, and try to implement new policy to alleviate racisms within the structures of how policy has been written to better serve minority societies.
  3. 3.  Minoritiesespecially African Americans and American Indians show outraging disproportion and disparities in the child welfare system in Fresno, California as well as the United States. Our goal is to reduce ethnic disproportions and disparities for ethnic groups until it no longer exist.
  4. 4.  Students will learn why Family Finding has come into existence in September of this year Students will know who funds Family Finding and why Students will understand the importance of Family finding within this community
  5. 5.  Upon reading this powerpoint students will understand the importance of family finding as it pertains to Child Protective Services in Fresno California.
  6. 6.  Family Finding work with every entity that pertain to Department of Social Services. We do not have assigned cases, but we monitor any case that has an ethnic child involved. We take into account of when an emergency response call come in and a hold is placed on a child and continue throughout the child’s entire experience in the system, to understand what can we do to shorten the experience for the child.
  7. 7.  Furthermore we do what our name says, and find lost members of long term placement ethnic children in foster care.
  8. 8.  Our target population are ethnic foster youth in long term care When foster youth emancipate from the system the have very limited resources Girls usually become pregnant before the age 19 Boys have a %50 percent rate of going to prison before age 24 Only %3 of foster youth obtain a bachelor’s degree
  9. 9.  We aim to attack the percentages. We reconnect foster youth with their families before they leave the system This assists youth in employment because we tend to get jobs through people we know, and who better than family This assist with fighting early pregnancy as females will have safe shelter to achieve goals in life Males will have role models and a support system to lean on
  10. 10.  Ourpractice model is still in the making as we came into existence in September of this year. As an intern I am fortunate to be able to assist with the process.
  11. 11. The significance of this agency in terms of socialjustice, social work values and human rights The significance of Family Finding in terms of social justice is to combat structural racism. We see impoverished communities failing to mobilize through flawed policy. Low income units are placed in the worse school districts with the highest rate of crime because there are no jobs. There are no banks. Disease is higher due to living conditions. The people who live in these areas are blamed for the condition they are born in. But as policy makers we keep them there! Family Finding goal is to break this cycle.
  12. 12.  Who funds the Family Finding unit in Fresno, California? Who are the Family Finding target populations? What are the goals of Family Finding?