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Pos August 2011 Newsletter2

  1. 1. SINCE 2003 (502)543-4100 FAX: 877-200-4940 Professional Office Solutions, TOLL FREE: 877-338- 8800 WWW.PROSOLUTIONS.INFOSPECIAL POINTS LLC. Newsletter V O L U M E 4 , I S S U E 1 A U G U S T 2 0 1 1OF INTEREST: “We take the pain out of medical billing.”•Three of our provid-ers received theirstimulus money!•New way to notifyPOS of issues: Sup- Importance of Electronic Prescriptionsport tickets! We all know difficult to because Medicare•Is EMR for you? there is a push to spell, and drugs will withhold per- have our offices may have similar centages from pay-INSIDE THIS paperless. One of names, resulting ments if physiciansISSUE: the ways the gov- in the pharmacy do not have 25 ernment is pushing accidently giving electronic pre-Welcome New 2 a person the scriptions sent by for medical of-Customers! wrong medication. December 31, 2011. fices to be paper-Don’t Forget 2 less is through If you electroni- If you do not sendAbout our new the use of Elec- cally prescribe a the 25 prescrip-Support Tickets! tronic Prescrip- medicine these tions by the dead- tions. There are types of errors line, and do not several ways other are greatly re- meet one of the ex-Bullitt County 3 than simply saving duced. Further- emption policies,Advanced Pain paper that elec- more, by elec- Medicare will with-Center tronic prescrip- tronically pre- hold 1.5% of yourProviding Clinical 4 tions will benefit scribing these allowed MedicareSummaries to you. It will help databases can charges in 2013 andYour Patients to better prevent automatically do 2% of the allowed several types of drug- drug and charges in 2014.What Does EMR 5 errors. First, the drug-allergydo for Me? electronic pre- checks for physi- If you would scription saves cians, leading to like more informa-Opportunities for 6 any human error of better patient tion on electronicOur Clients care and health. prescriptions, the messy handwriting being misinter- requirements, orCongratulations to 7 preted. It also It is impor- how to e-prescribePhysicians Receiv- saves on spelling tant that your in AMS please calling Stimulus errors. Often office begins Tiffany or BrittanyMoney times prescrip- electronically Luster at (502)Medicare as a 7 tions are very prescribing as 543-4100.Secondary Payer soon as possible PROFESSIONAL OFFICE SOLUTIONS, LLC.
  2. 2. PAGE 2 Welcome New Customers! Did you know that Professional Office Solutions would like to welcome two Professional of our newest clients!Office Solutions • Dr. Adam Hicks’ newly opened practice– University currently has Podiatric Surgery and Limb Preservation 12 practices • Dr. Luke Kovatch’s newly opened practice– Kovatchusing our EMR! Foot & Ankle Specialists, PLLC All of us here at Professional Office Solutions thank you for the opportunity to work with you! Don’t Forget about our new Support Tickets! Don’t forget you can either Submit message please be as about our new help a Ticket or View Entire detailed as you can as desk! We know that Knowledge Base. If to what your problem your offices need help you view our Knowl- is. For instance, if you Three of those at all times of the day edge Base, we have are having an issue practices have and we know that if addressed many of our with a scanner please already you have a problem at frequently asked ques- do not only tell us whatreceived the 1st night, you may forget tions. If you Submit a type of problem you to call us first thing in Ticket, you will type in are having, but also stimulus the morning. This is your name and email include the type of payment! why we have devel- address and give us a scanner you have, how oped our online help description of your long the problem has desk. problem. The ticket will been going on, and If you go to our be reviewed as soon any other information website as possible and you you can provide. (www.prosolutions.info) will be contacted via Please contact our and hit the Service Re- email or phone call tech department if you quest tab, you will be when the issue has have any questions re- sent to a screen where been fixed. In your garding the help desk. PROFESSIONAL OFFICE SOLUTIONS, LLC.
  3. 3. VOLUME 4, ISSUE 1 PAGE 3 Bullitt County Advanced PainBullitt County Advanced Pain Center was opened to help themembers of their community and surrounding areas have ahigher quality of life. We want to help people with both chronicand acute pain conditions. Our procedures are very successfulin rehabilitating patients. We do not want anyone to give upthe hope of leading a normal life again. Our treatments can Professional Officehelp them. We treat patients with the following conditions andmore: Solutions is updatingNeck Pain their website andBack PainHerniated Disc and Leg or Arm pain literature. We wouldHeadaches appreciate customerFailed Back Surgery Syndrome testimonials to use. IfDegenerative ArthritisWork Injuries you write a testimonialAuto Injuries please e-mail it toOur office is located in Shepherdsville, Kentucky. If you or oneof your patients would like to contact us please feel free to do Tiffany Luster atso at (502) 543-9351. tiffanyl@prosolutions.info or Brittany Luster at brittanyl@prosolutions.info. Watch for our next newsletter. It will have important information on ICD-10.
  4. 4. PAGE 4 Providing Clinical Summaries to Your Patients Doctors are working hard to reach each criterion to earn their stimulus money for using Electronic Medial Records. One of the guidelines that have been Send us an released in order to reach future stimulus money is a requirement that doctors pro- vide at least fifty percent of patients with clinical summaries of their visit. article about There are a few ways that offices can go about doing this. Of course, you your practice could print the copy of the summary and mail this to the patient or hand it to them before they leave your office. However, this could be very costly after paying fortoday! We will paper, ink, and postage. publish it in Another possibility is through e-mail. This eliminates all three: postage, ink, andour newsletter stamps. After the note from the visit is completed, from the main screen of the pa- tient’s chart, check mark the encounter note(s) that you wish to print. Be sure to for free! Our setup your printer to “Print2PDF”. At the bottom left hand side of your screen selectwide range of the “Print” button. In the box that pops up select the template for printing encounter notes. Then select “Send to Printer”. Save this to your folder in POS. If you save clients may this document as the patient’s name it may be easier to locate. Next, login to yourneed to refer a work e-mail account. Address the e-mail, attach the clinical summary, and write your message. (If you would like to receive a prewritten message to include in thesepatient to you! e-mails, please contact Tiffany at tiffanyl@prosolutions.info or 502-543-4100 and she will send you a copy of one.) Send the e-mail. Again, be sure to go back to into the patients chart under “Patient Measures” and mark the “Patient provided a clinical summary for office visit” option and then “Update”. There is still another option for how to send your clinical summaries. You can provide these summaries through what is called a patient portal. With this por- tal, you also have the options of creating your own customized registration forms, and direct your patients to YOUR OWN website to register. The portal will have many other added benefits for your office. You can find more information on this at www.myehr.info. You could load the patient’s clinical summary into their account on the portal. You provide the patient information to access their summary. As long as the summary is imported into the portal, whether or not the patient goes to look at the summary, this is included in your 50%. Again, be sure to go back to into the pa- tients chart under “Patient Measures” and mark the “Patient provided a clinical sum- Check out our mary for office visit” option and then “Update”. newsletters on our No matter which option you use to send your patients the copy of their clini- cal summary, make sure you do the following: after sending the summary, remem- updated website: ber to go back to the patient’s chart. At the bottom of the screen select the “Patientwww.prosolutions.info. Measures” tab. Always remember to check mark “Patient provided a clinical sum- mary for office visit” and select “Update”. You can choose the best way for your office to send the summaries. How- ever, remember, for you to meet the stimulus requirements you must send these summaries for at least 50% of your patient visits. If you have any questions please feel free to call Tiffany or Brittany at (502) 543-4100. PROFESSIONAL OFFICE SOLUTIONS, LLC.
  5. 5. PAGE 5 What does EMR do for me? Even with the government offering a large stimulus package to pro-viders, many of physicians are still very hesitant about switching to elec-tronic charting. When considering an EMR remember there are manyadded benefits from it for you, the provider, and your practice. While an EMR may be costly to implement in the beginning, It willactually eliminate many other costs in your business. You will savemoney in charting materials, paper, faxes, and ink costs for your print-ers. According to Medical Practice Digest, “over the course of one year,you can expect an estimated $5.00 per patient for supplies and an esti- Saving papermated $40 savings per month in chart maintenance.” This adds up! The costs and getting morepaper savings can really add up when you think about the ability to im- organized!port lab results and no longer receiving paper refill request. By saving all There are soof this paper we are becoming better stewards and being much more en- manyvironmentally friendly. benefits to electronic Another big benefit is that you no longer have to go searching for charting.misplaced charts. Everything you need to know about a patient will always Call us tobe right there at your computer. This means less patients have to wait on find outhold or in the waiting room while you franticly search for their charts. The moreless time patients spend waiting, the happier they will be, which means information on EMRthey are more likely to continue to be a patient at your practice. today! Although most practices will tell you that EMR does slow their prac-tice down initially, most of those same practices will say that after a fewmonths of getting used to EMR it does help the practice. It saves time andmistakes once the system is implemented and used regularly. The time toimplement an EMR is now. Medicare will begin withholds in 2015, so whynot take advantage of the stimulus money while it is being offered. If you have any questions about either the stimulus program or Pro-fessional Office Solutions’ EMR please contact Tiffany Luster at (502) 543-4100.
  6. 6. PAGE 6 PROFESSIONAL OFFICE SOLUTIONS VO L U M E 4 , I S S U E 1 OPPORTUNITIES FOR OUR CLIENTS... Free Advertising for Your Office! Out of ideas of how to advertise your practice? We all need new,creative marketing tools to get our business name out there. Foreach quarterly POS newsletter, we reserve two to three spaces for articles from our clients. This is a great way to advertise your office for free! Remember to get your article or ad in soon! This is first come, first serve! The articles we receive first are put in the newsletters first. We hold other articles for the next newsletter. If you would like us to use an article aboutyour office please email Tiffany at tiffanyl@prosolutions.info or Brittany at brittanyl@prosolutions.info. Referral Commission In todays ber and are happy check for $200. Thisharsh economy there with our services we is our way for POSare many people who would like for you to say thank you forare in need of a to refer your asso- sharing your confi-little extra cash! ciates to us. dence in our ser-Did you know refer- When a physi- vices.ring Professional cian refers a col- When you make aOffice Solutions to league and they sign referral please haveyour colleagues a billing contract the physician or of-could mean added with us we will give fice manager callincome or discounts your office a $500 Dan or Teresa Lusterto your practice? credit off your next at (877) 338-8800Professional Office invoice. If you are and make sure theySolutions would a staff member and give us your name solike to thank you refer another physi- that we can thankfor referring your cian or practice to you for the refer-colleagues to us. us and they sign a ral.If you are a physi- billing contract wecian or staff mem- will write you a Teresa Luster, CPC
  7. 7. PAGE 7 PROFESSIONAL OFFICE SOLUTIONS VO L U M E 4 , I S S U E 1 “ W E TA K E T H E P A I N O U T O F M E D I C A L B I L L I N G . ” CONGRATULATIONS to the THREE Physicians Who Proved Meaningful Use of an EMR and Received Stimulus Money!!!!!!!Professional Office Solutions is proud to announce that three of their EMR customershave received their first stimulus payments for showing meaningful use of an EMRsystem. These offices were able to prove that they had met 15 core objectives and 5menu set objectives set by the government for at least 90 days. These physiciansand their staff’s have put in a lot of hard work.The physicians who received their stimulus money were two primary care offices andone podiatry office. Professional Office Solutions also has four other offices whohave attested and are waiting to receive their payments. If your office is interested inEMR, the rules, knowing more about the stimulus package, or how to begin imple-mentation please feel free to call Tiffany or Brittany Luster at (502)543-4100. Medicare as Secondary PayerBeginning September 1, 2011, secondary Medicare claims will begin to be denied ifthe reason code box is not filled in as to why Medicare is secondary. This extra stepis very easy, and by taking the time to complete the step, you are ensuring quickerpayment of the claim.If you enter in Medicare as the secondary insurance in the insurance screen a smallbox will open up that says Medicare Secondary Reason Code. It will have a yellowquestion mark beside it. If you click on the question mark a list of options will comeup. The majority of the time the reason you will be selecting is #12. If you are un-sure as to the reason, please put #12 in the box. If a person’s spouse is still workingand employed, you will also put #12 in this box. If you have any questions please feelfree to call.
  8. 8. Professional Office Solutions 5239 Cedar Grove Road #3 Shepherdsville, KY 40165 Professional Office Solutions NEWSINSIDE THIS ISSUE: CONGRATULATIONS to the Physicians Who Proved Meaningful Use of an EMR and Received Stimulus Money!!!!!!Also see: Don’t Forget About our New Help Desk where• Providing Clinical Summaries to Your Patients you can Submit Your Own Support Ticket! • What does EMR do for me? • Medicare as a Secondary Payer