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TDikow Mydidae Lightning Talk
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TDikow Mydidae Lightning Talk


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A six minute presentation on the diversity of mydas flies in the Namib, Karoo, and Kalahari deserts in south-western Africa

A six minute presentation on the diversity of mydas flies in the Namib, Karoo, and Kalahari deserts in south-western Africa

Published in: Science, Technology, Education
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  • 1. Mydas flies from the deserts of south-western Africa Namadytesvansoni NamibimydaspsamminosCephalocera sp. © S. Marshall Torsten Dikow @TDikow Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History
  • 2. . deserts in south-western Africa Namib, Kalahari, and Karoo ◊ Namib › true desert › arid conditions for past 55 – 80 my › annual rainfall 5 – 85 mm (0.2 – 3.3 inch) ◊ Karoo › Succulent and Nama Karoo › annual rainfall 20 – 520 mm (0.8 – 20.5 inch) ◊ Kalahari › savanna › annual rainfall 235 – 500 mm (9.3 – 19.7 inch) map from Lovegrove, B. 1993. ThelivingdesertsofsouthernAfrica. Fernwood Press.
  • 3. Mydidae – mydas flies .. mydas flies ◊ adult flies flower-feeders › some adults do not feed at all ◊ size = 8 – 60 mm (0.35 – 2.36 inch) ◊ 473 species in 66 genera ◊ southern Africa with highest species number Rhaphiomidasauratus© G. Ballmer Anomalomydasmackerrasi© J. Hort Diochlistusauripennis© P. ChewMydasxanthopterus© S. Marshall
  • 4. Namib gravel plains with Welwitschiamirabilis Namib sand dunes (gravel plains in distance) Succulent Karoo with Aloedichotoma Kalahari red sand dunes with Acaciaerioloba ... mydas flies and deserts in south-western Africa
  • 5. .... mydas-fly genera ◊ Namibimydas › 4 species, reviewed Dikow 2012 › 23 specimens, 7 collections (NMNH) ◊ Namadytes › 3 species, reviewed Dikow & Leon 2014 › 68 specimens,10 collections (NMNH) ◊ Nothomydas › 4 species, reviewed Dikow 2012 › 5 specimens, 3 collections ◊ Parectyphus › 1 species, reviewed Lyons & Dikow 2010 › 9 specimens, 5 collections Lyons & Dikow 2010 doi: 10.3897/zookeys.73.840 – Dikow 2012 doi:10.5733/afin.053.0105 – Dikow & Leon 2014 doi: 10.3897/BDJ.2.e1071 5 mm 5 mm 5 mm 5 mm
  • 6. ..... enigmatic mydas-fly species ◊ Syllegomydas new species › 3 female specimens, 2 collections ◊ new genus and new species › 9 specimens, 2 collections (NMNH) 5 mm 5 mm head in ventral view head in ventral view
  • 7. Evolutionary relationships of Mydidae › morphological data › 131 species, 231 characters › tree length 1839 steps › 346 trees › strict consensus tree shown ...... phylogenetic diversity in deserts of south-western Africa Ectyphus pinguis Ectyphus armipes Heteromydas bicolor Ectyphus amboseli M Opomydas townsendi Parectyphus namibiensis Afroleptomydas A sp Clanwilliam Syllegomydas S elachys Afroleptomydas A inhacae Nomoneura caffra Afroleptomydas C sp Stampriet Cephalocera imitata M Cephalocera sp Arenomydas namaquensis M Leptomydas turcicus Syllegomydas N arnoldi M Leptomydas corsicanus Nemomydas lamia Mitrodetus microglossa Vespiodes phaios Mitrodetus dentitarsis Nemomydas melanopogon Leptomydas rapti M Leptomydas lusitanicus Cephalocera sp Sors Sors Mydaselpis sp nov Gamsberg M Syllegomydas N heothinos Syllegomydas S algiricus Afroleptomydas A suffusipennis Namadytes vansoni Namibimydas psamminos Cephalocera sp Papendorp Afroleptomydas A opacicinctus Diochlistinae Argentina F Syllegomydas S proximus Notosyllegomydas brincki Neolaparopsis puncturatus Mitrodetus nanoglossa M Arenomydas callosus Syllegomydas S palestinensis Nomoneuroides natalensis Afroleptomydas A rufithorax Hessemydas parkeri M Haplomydas crassipes Mitrodetus dimidiatus Afroleptomydas A sp Obib Vespiodes leopolditertii Afroleptomydas C mauricei Eremomidas bek Syllegomydas N astrictus Hispanomydas hispanicus Hessemydas daugeroni Pseudonomoneura hirta Namadytes cimbebasiensis Syllegomydas sp nov Ruacana Nomoneura paradoxa Mydaselpis ngurumani Syll gen nov sp nov minute proboscis F Leptomydas sardous Namibimydas stuckenbergi Arenomydas partitus Pseudonomoneura micheneri Nothomydas picketti Nemomydas venosus Cephalocera longirostris Eremohaplomydas desertorum Eremomidas sp nov Tiega M Syllegomydas S lineatus Eremomidas arabicus Afroleptomydas A consanguinensis Afroleptomydas C sp Gobabeb Arenomydas caerulescens Pseudonomoneura bajaensis Leptomydas notos Syllegomydas S vittatus Nemomydas pantherinus Lachnocorynus sp nov Kotwa M Nemomydas gruenbergi M Afroleptomydas A omeri Syllegomydas N dispar Afroleptomydas A paganus Halterorchis karooensis F Nemomydas brachyrhynchus Mydaselpis sp nov Daan Afroleptomydas C sp Koeroegab Hessemydas seyrigi Anomalomydinae Apiophora paulseni Rhaphiomidinae Midacritus wagenknechti Miltinus minutus Midacritus stuardoanus Ectyphinae Apiophora quadricinctata Miltinus sp. (Northern Territory) Miltinus maculipennis Miltinus stenogaster Rhopaliinae Megascelinae Mydinae Diochlistinae Pseudorhopalia mirandai Miltinus viduatus Leptomydinae + Syllegomydinae Parectyphusnamibiensis Namadytesvansoni Syllegomydas new species NamibimydaspsamminosDikow in preparation
  • 8. ....... sharing specimen records with global community ◊ Global Biodiversity Information Facility ◊ NMNH IPT instance ( › specimen occurrence data for Namadytes ›
  • 9. Namadytesvansoni NamibimydaspsamminosCephalocera sp. © S. Marshall › to learn more visit ‹ › presentation on ‹