Social Media Presentation by Tyler Hurst, via Amanda Vega, for AMOCO
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Social Media Presentation by Tyler Hurst, via Amanda Vega, for AMOCO



Intro to social media presentation for AMOCO on April 12, 2011.

Intro to social media presentation for AMOCO on April 12, 2011.



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Social Media Presentation by Tyler Hurst, via Amanda Vega, for AMOCO Presentation Transcript

  • 1.  
  • 2. Amanda Vega and Team
    • 20 years online experience
    • Began as a chat moderator
    • MBA, Columbia University
    • Offices in 10 locations
    • 32 FT staff, 120 contractors: 15 countries/4 languages
    • PR, social media, web services
    • Pink Porsche owner, pug lover, red bottom shoe zealot
  • 3. The book and website
  • 4. The Social Media Bible - contributor
  • 5. Some of Our Clients
  • 6. Interesting Statistics
    • Facebook would be the fourth most populated place in the world. Easily beats Brazil, Russia and Japan.
    • 80% of companies use, (or are planning to use), LinkedIn as their primary tool to find employees
    • Top 3 people on Twitter (Ashton Kutcher, Ellen DeGeneres and Britney Spears) have more combined followers than the entire population of Austria.
    • According to Socialnomics, if you were paid $1 for every time an article was posted on Wikipedia, you would earn $156.23 per hour.
  • 7. Social Media Realities
    • Communication to existing fans/friends is only ¼ of the program
    • Social is about interacting, not selling
    • Shareable content > sales copy
    • The value of new fans/friends is specific
      • Facebook fan = $2.16
      • Avg spend of fan = $71.84 more
  • 8. Social media is about what you can do for your customers , not what your customers can do for you.
  • 9. Social Marketing defined
    • Fusion of sociology and technology
    • Shifts from monologue to conversation
    • Audience shift from consume to produce
    • Brands can participate in existing talks
  • 10. SocialSphere
  • 11. Selling stories
  • 12. The Social Media Campaign Image courtesy and
  • 13. How Can You Play?
    • Blogs
    • Podcasts
    • Social Networking Sites
    • Widgets/Apps
    • Twitter, Yelp, Technorati, Digg, etc.
    • Comment Marketing for PR and Reputation Management
  • 14. Typical Social Media Plan
    • Step 1: Listen
    • Step 2: Create content document
    • Step 3: Create the plan/footprint
    • Step 4: Assign personas/personnel
    • Step 5: Interact
    • Step 6: Track and regroup
  • 15. Step One - Listening
  • 16. Step 2: Messaging Document
  • 17. Step 3: Build Footprint
  • 18. Step 4: Personas/Plan
    • BCFS Mom establishes a message platform – "personas" are selected to push or pull on topics they are already familiar with
    • Persona is assigned “key subjects” – found through 100 influencers, internal teams and others who are within the target and active
    • Personas have plans that include PUSH and PULL activities, which are detailed by week
      • Push involves all outbound communications such as blogs, podcasts, PR efforts, etc.
      • Pull includes all participation with other blogs, news stories, etc. which are managed by consumers. This seeds conversations off the main site, allowing for organic grow
    Message Platforms Female 30’s Stay at Home Mom Active Blogger Existing Followers Female 40’s Executive Mom Active Blogger Existing Followers Female/Male 30’s/40’s Busy Worker Active Blogger Existing Followers Internal Staff PR Team Rep Various others TBD PUSH Push: Daily Blog, Video Optimizations, Podcasts, etc…. PULL Pull: Daily Comment Marketing, Niche Social networking Sites/Newsletters/Coupons, etc.
  • 19. Step 5/6: Talk and Track
    • Tracking Tools – we use Radian6
    • RSS Feed (manual)
    • Twitter Feeds
    • Tie into Google Analytics and SEO rankings
    • Set site goals, traffic goals, store goals, followers
  • 20. Step 5/6: Reporting
  • 21. How Can You Play?
    • Blogs
    • Podcasts
    • Social Networking Sites
    • Widgets/Apps
    • TWITTER, Yelp, Technorati, Digg, etc.
    • Comment Marketing for PR and Reputation Management
    • A million other things we don ’t have time to cover
  • 22. Myths and Truths
    • Social Media isn ’t taking traditional stuff and putting it online
    • A blog on your site and a YouTube rendering of your video is NOT social media
    • Most companies and agencies don ’t get the “outside your customer base” concept
    • You can.t PLAN “viral”
    • Out of everything, comment marketing/reputation management is MOST important
  • 23. Most Importantly…
    • Social media and use of tools online is about reaching people through OTHER people
    • The new buyer and media is influenced by messaging outside of your core marketing
    • It ’s about saying something relevant enough so I pass to MY network, not what you pass to yours – Twitter retweet examples
    • If you don ’t play/talk, others will for you
    • You must have policy and risk auditing in place
  • 24. Credit Union Opportunity
    • CUs are organically built on real relationships – not bank “relationships”
    • Segmented audience and conversation helps
    • People are desperate to connect, feel special, and not deal with machines
    • A natural attraction to your industry drives the right kind of social person
    • The big banks can ’t move as quickly
  • 25. UT Federal Credit Union
    • 1,557 fans
    • $1 for every friend to charity
    • More discussion needed
    • More features could be added
  • 26. Other Examples
    • AZ Federal CU
      • Posts a good amount of community news
      • Very personally social = more interaction
    • Patelco CU
      • Good use of video: contest on YouTube
    • TX CU League
      • Good use of information video across many topics
      • Better use of photos than rest
      • Great tie in to other sites/friends/promos
  • 27. Cassandra Luppens, CISA
    • 10+ years in audit
    • ISACA Austin BOD
    • Innovator in merging IT and Business
    • Twitter: CassLuppens
  • 28. Risks
    • Social networking sites are the most vulnerable category of Web sites
      • 82% of social networking sites have an urgent, critical or high severity vulnerability - May 2009 WhiteHat Security
    • “ It is not a risk that someone will do something dumb someday. Actually, it’s a certainty.”
  • 29. Risk Cont.
    • Financial/Operational Risk
      • Current movements towards real time and/or tagged information such as XBRL
      • Regulatory
      • Information leakage
        • M&A activity
        • Intellectual property
        • Client/customer information
        • Personal information
      • Fraud
  • 30. Rewards
    • Free Free Free!
      • Marketing
      • Advertising
      • Research
      • Collaboration
      • Blogging
      • Recruitment
      • Customer Support
  • 31. What To Do About Risk
    • Policy and Procedure
      • Training-HR
        • Training/imploring your employees the socially responsible way to use social media
          • Passwords
          • URL un-shortener
          • How to protect yourself and your information
  • 32. What Else Can You Do?
    • Documentation-IT
      • Create policy which dictates your security standards
        • Utilize your risk assessment to identify specific areas that need to be addressed such as disclosure of confidential information
      • Consistently executing on the policy through HR/Legal/Audit
        • This will enable you to enforce your policy document should you have a violation
      • Keep it simple
        • 61% of employees say that even if employers are monitoring their social networking activities, they won ’t change what they are doing online –Deloitte LLP 2009 Ethics and Workplace Survey Results
      • Empowerment –Intel- right or wrong approach
  • 33. Bottom Line…
    • Risk vs. Reward – you have to evaluate
    • A good policy is your strongest asset
    • You MUST have a social media expert AND a compliance, IT, HR, and marketing person involved – the knowledge of each is imperative to be collectively used
  • 34. Closing
    • You don ’t want to miss the party.
      • But you do want to protect your wallet.
    • Social media isn ’t making other advertising obsolete.
      • But it ’s not going away either.
    • You may think only the kids are playing.
      • But those “kids” are your future customers.
    • So get involved, hire experts, and join the conversation!
  • 35. My plea to you…
    • Connect the way only a credit union can!
  • 36. THANK YOU!!!
    • Thank you again!!!
    • Questions and Answers