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City of god booklet

  1. 1. Directed by Fernando Meirelles (2002)
  2. 2. First impressions of the Film and its charactersMake notes on the following: did you like it and why, did you hate it – why?Who are these characters and what did you think of them? What role do you think they playin the film? What could they represent? How do they inform us about the culture and life ofthe slums?
  3. 3. Film Narrative
  4. 4. Apply Todorov’s theory of equilibrium to the FilmEquilibrium –Disruption to the Equilibrium –Attempt to repair the equilibrium –New Equilibrium –Would it be possible to apply Propp’s theory of character types to this film?Hero
  5. 5. VillainHelperDonor
  6. 6. False Hero Princess Questions on the context of City of God1. What percentage of people in Brazil lives in absolute poverty?
  7. 7. 2. Name some of the factors that lead to a misrepresentation of Brazil?3. Why did Brazilian filmmakers limit themselves to making documentaries?4. What 2 factors brought about the first Brazilian new wave?5. How were Latin American auteurs seen?6. In the second wave of cinema novo, what did filmmakers reject in favorof?
  8. 8. 7. Where did the writer of the book on which the film was based grow up?8.What issue did the directors want to bring to peoples attention?What do we learn from the documentary, News From a Private War?
  9. 9. Narrative in City of GodThe Three StoriesBelow are the 3 stages that are presented to us in City of God. Try tosummarise what happens within these stages:The Story of the Tender Trio
  10. 10. The Story of Little Ze and drugsThe Story of Knockout NedCity of God and GenreIt was stated on the front of the DVD box that this film was the Braziliangoodfellas, but why is this?Below is a table that you should fill in to illustrate comparisons between Cityof God and other films that you feel are similar to it. Two categories havebeen chosen for you in order for you to look at specific films. Film for Comparison Comparison Point
  11. 11. Gangster Film
  12. 12. Character RepresentationsCharacter What they represent Why is this?RocketLittle ZeBeneNockout Ned Messages and ValuesWhen the leftism government was overthrown in 1964. Glauber Rocha wroteof his determination to fight back using a camera, ‘the only weapon I couldmuster’. The verb to shoot is used to describe what is done with a gun andwhat is done with a camera.What does the camera vs. the gun metaphor suggest to the audience
  13. 13. Close Study AnalysisTry to make notes on the following scenesOpening Credits (50 seconds)Playing Football (4:08)
  14. 14. Stealing Gas (5:46)Considering a robbery (9:35)What happens during the robbery of the hotel?
  15. 15. How are the different intentions of the Tender Trio and Lil Dice apparent?Following is a clip after the motel robbery: what happens in it and whathappens to the other characters in the film?The Apartment (36:08)
  16. 16. Getting Promoted (43:56)Being in Charge (56:20)How has the City of God changed when compared to the start of the filmwhen the characters were younger?
  17. 17. Making Choices (1:01:06)Knockout Ned’s Story (1:25:31)Resolve to the conflict (1:54:03)
  18. 18. PowerFrom what you have learned during the course of studying this film, try to write as muchas possible about the following points: •What is Power in this film? •Who has the Power? •What happens when you have no Power?
  19. 19. •Can you gain Power if you have none?