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What's Wrong with Vuvuzela Marketing?



Using the Vuvuzela of World Cup fame to illustrate how traditional one-note marketing is yielding to an orchestra of social media and digital marketing.

Using the Vuvuzela of World Cup fame to illustrate how traditional one-note marketing is yielding to an orchestra of social media and digital marketing.



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    What's Wrong with Vuvuzela Marketing? What's Wrong with Vuvuzela Marketing? Presentation Transcript

    • What's Wrong with Vuvuzela Marketing?
      By Bob Snyder
      Speak up, I can’t hear you!
    • The Sound of the World Cup
      You can argue the real World Cup winner was the stadium horn of South African soccer, locally known as a humble “Lepatata...”
      ... now in OED and
      famous the world
      as the vuvuzela
    • Primitive & Effective...
      ...As a sound device.
      So, what’s wrong with Vuvuzela Marketing?
      It’s single note...
      It’s annoying...
      It’s out of date...
    • Tribal interest
      Just as marketing is used by companies to create customer interest in brand, products and services, the kuduzela stimulated interest in the tribe from members.
    • But Tribes Change...
    • The World Changes
      Today’s modern DURBAN
    • The GAME itself Changes
    • Changes in Our IT World
      Context-aware computing
      Pattern-based strategy
      Social Networking
      Cloud Computing
    • The Confluence of Four
      Cloud, context, pattern, and business social networks are linear notes, but the confluence of the four that will create a different sound for what we do with information technology.
      The purpose of technology was to add efficiency and cut costs: now it’s more to do with revenue, value and citizen involvement than cost optimization of back-office processes.
    • Increasing Segmentation
      By Product
      By Customers
      By Channels
    • Segmenting? No Fracturing!
    • Advent of Social Networking
      A New Conversation Begins....
      Business Implications
    • The Power of Facebook
      More than 400 million active users
      50% of active users log on to Facebook in any given day
      Average user has 130 friends
      People spend over 500 billion minutes per month on Facebook
    • Social Media Experts
      • Make a guess as to HOW MANY experts on social networking we have?
    • Twitter Vuvuzela?
      Only 8.7% of TWITTER messages could be said to have "value”
      Self-promo 5.9%
      Spam 3.75%
      Talk 37.5%
      Babble 40.5%
      Only 8.7%?
      Source: Pear Analytics
    • Brands & Twitter
      Source: Razorfish Digital Brand Experience Study
    • How online content maps to the IT buying process
      The TechTarget Media Consumption Report
    • Anti-Social Networking
      Out of 255 Enterprise 2.0 applications
      70% are capable of transferring files
      64% have known vulnerabilities
      28% are known to propagate malware
      and 16% can tunnel other apps.
      Source: Palo Alto Networks
    • Mobile Phones & Devices
      Swiss Army knife utility
      New form factors
      When combined with social networking...powerful!
    • iPad Fuss Missed The Point
      It’s About What He’s NOT Holding in His Hands...
    • The Power of Applications
    • Cloud Computing
    • Changes in the Tribe
    • Hook Instead of Hammer
      Lead Generation: The hammer was the telephone with endless cold calls beating executives into appointments by attrition.  
      The hook is an opportunity for the executive to learn something insightful about their own business, industry, or competition.
    • Partner Preparation
      We slice, dice and tier our partners
    • Level Playing Field vsLevels of Playing Fields
    • Fill-in–the-Form-itis
      It was supposed to be HIGH TECH, HIGH TOUCH...circa 1980 author and Apple PR guru Regis McKenna
    • The Greying of the Channel
      Ben Stiler, Then and Now (42)
    • They Know More...
    • They Have More Access
      Access to...
      ...Your Sources of Supply
      ...Your Components
      ...Your Record
      ...Your Competitors
      ...Your Other Partners
    • What the Partner Wants
      A stable regime
      Simple, clear programmes
      Less paperwork
      “Don’t Step on My Toes”
    • Vendor Certification
      It was a pretty good trick to get channel to pay for their education to sell your products, but...
      ...Where is the Certification for PARTNER MANAGERS?
    • Signs You Are A Partner-Centric Business
      You send channel partners to other web sites.
      You measure how many partners refer other partners to you (Net Promoter Score) and reward that.
      Your only customer service policy is to do right by your customer.
      Your channel are doing things with your product that you never imagined and they are posting videos.
      Partners are posting you on social networks.
      You know you compete for your partner’s attention with others.
    • Vuvuzela Marketing
      The vuvuzela rocks stadiums with its loud and raucous sound that reflects the exhilaration of supporters...
      Sound pressure of 120 dBA (the threshold of pain) at 1 metre (3.3 ft) from the device opening!
      Its high sound pressure levels at close range can lead to permanent hearing loss for unprotected ears after exposure.
    • Vuvuzela Marketing...
      Was right for its time...
      But today it grates on customer and channel alike...
      The note it hits is PAINFUL, not playful
    • Instead...
    • For some reason...
      Personally, I favour lots of STRINGED INSTRUMENTS
    • Thanks for Listening!
      We publish Channel News for Solution Providers throughout EMEA.
    • Click on photo to hear the LAST vuvuzela marketing of WORLD CUP 2010.
      Read our News for EMEA Channels on these sites...