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In this presentation I use data from Into Focus a benchmark report on effective nonprofit video and a couple of examples of nonprofits that are overcoming barriers to creating their own nonprofit videos in house.

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Nonprofit video

  1. 1. Video for nonprofits Theresa Dawson
  2. 2. Growth of online video: YouTube
  3. 3. YouTube in 2013  100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute  More than 1 billion unique users visit YouTube each month  Over 6 billion hours of video are watched each month on YouTube—50% more than last year  Mobile makes up more than 25% of YouTube's global watch time, more than one billion views a day  70% of YouTube traffic comes from outside the US
  4. 4. Nonprofit video report
  5. 5. What NPOs are saying about video 80% say video is important to their organization NOW 91% say video will be important to their org in the future
  6. 6. Social media channels used by NPOs
  7. 7. BUT 62% give no resources/time to video
  8. 8. So what can you do? 1. BUDGET Videos on a shoestring:
  9. 9. Shoestring PLUS get someone with a following to offer your message  XHPHRlWZk
  10. 10. So what can you do? 2. STAFF AND RESOURCES  Budget for/hire outside vendors  Identify staffers/volunteers who are interested in video to start making content  Get trained e.g. Reel Change for Nonprofits  Get tips from those already doing it: e.g.
  11. 11. So what can you do? 3. SILOS  Have a strategic plan for how the video is going to be used within your organization and share costs  Think of how a video could be repurposed for another department in the organization
  12. 12. So what can you do? 4. MEASURING ROI  Know in advance what your goal is and how you’ll measure success
  13. 13. NPOS report being unsure how to measure success
  14. 14. So what can you do? 4. MEASURING ROI  Sign up for a YouTube Nonprofit channel  In the Benchmark report 42% were members, 18% didn’t know  YouTube reports only 20,000 of the hundreds of 1000s eligible nonprofits have joined…only 1 percent have enabled Donate Now button
  15. 15. YouTube nonprofit program
  16. 16. Example:YouTube nonprofit channel  icCancer?feature=watch  cjSlU&list=FLfgkTaIERYkraETfLHgvF2A
  17. 17. YouTube Analytics tools
  18. 18. The present/future?  Shorter video formats – instagram video 15 seconds, vine 6 seconds 
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