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Summary of academic and professional work experience, speaking engagements, and articles/projects

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Daniel CV 2012

  1. 1. TERESA A. DANIEL, JD, PhD 2979 Terrace Lane Ashland, Kentucky 41102 Phone: 606-922-3384 E-Mail: TeresaAnnDaniel@gmail.com Website: www.insideout.bz LinkedIn Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/teresaadaniel Visualize Me: http://vizualize.me/tdaniel#.TyFoGbHZAsc PROFESSIONAL PROFILEDr. Teresa A. Daniel—HR Consultant/Executive Coach, Employment Lawyer, University Faculty/Researcher, andAuthor—is a versatile professional with 25+ years of hands-on business and academic experience working at theintersection of law and human resources. EDUCATIONPh.D. in Human & Organizational Systems – Fielding Graduate University (February 2009)  Dissertation— “Tough Boss” or Workplace Bully?: A Grounded Theory Study of Insights from Human Resource Professionals, a study designed to help identify and distinguish a workplace bully from a manager who is simply operating as a “tough boss”, from the unique organizational perspective of HR practitioners  Doctoral course work focused on issues related to Organizational Behavior, Leadership, and EthicsMaster of Arts in Human Development & Organizational Systems - Fielding Graduate University (2006)Ashland Inc. Executive Development Program at Indiana University Kelley Graduate School of Business- One-Year On-Site General Management/Leadership Studies Program (1990)Juris Doctorate - Salmon P. Chase College of Law, Northern Kentucky University (1982)Bachelor of Science - Centre College, Double Major: Education & Psychology (1979) WORK EXPERIENCE & KEY AREAS OF EXPERTISE ACADEMIC FACULTYSULLIVAN UNIVERSITY, Louisville, KY (March 2010 – Present)Dean & Professor-Human Resource Leadership Programs(April 2011 – Present)Continuing responsibilities for management of the university’s Human Resource Leadership (HRL) Program. Inaddition, appointed as Chair of the new HRL concentration for the PhD in Management program in September witha focus on marketing and enhancing the program at all levels for long-term growth. Member of the PhD Admissionsand Faculty Development Committees, member of the Editorial Advisory Board of the Journal of ConflictManagement, reviewer for the Human Resource Management journal, and selected as a participant in the inauguralclass of the university’s Leadership Development Program in 2012.Professor & Department Chair- Human Resource Leadership Programs(March 2010 – March 2011)
  2. 2. 2Serve as Professor and Department Chair for the Human Resource Leadership Program, a unique online program forboth undergraduate and masters level students focused on the development of leadership skills for HR practitioners.Responsibilities include new course development and continuous course revision, teaching, hiring and supervisionof instructors, recruitment of new students, advising current program participants, accreditation of the curriculum,and representing the university in various professional settings. Member of the Graduate School CurriculumCommittee, the Faculty Committee on Professional Development, and the Academic Cabinet.MARSHALL UNIVERSITY, Huntington, WV (August 2002 – February 2010)Associate Graduate Faculty-College of Business (September 2005 – February 2010)Served as Associate Graduate Faculty for Marshall’s eMBA Program, teaching on-ground courses in Business Lawand Ethics in the executive program in Charleston, WV. Same courses also delivered to students in the jointMarshall University/M.P. Birla Institute of Management MBA Programme in Bangalore, India (2004 - 2009).Undergraduate Faculty- College of Business (August 2002 – June 2005)Served as full-time undergraduate faculty from 2002 – 2005, teaching on-ground courses in the areas ofManagement and Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Business Law & Ethics. Research into and development of theEntrepreneurship minor degree of study, as well as the development of online business courses utilizing the WebCTlearning platform. HR CONSULTANT & EXECUTIVE COACHINSIDE OUT HR SOLUTIONS PLLC, Ashland, KY (July 1998 to Present)Principal Consultant & FounderPrincipal consultant and owner of an independent HR-focused consulting practice that provides employment-relatedpreventive counseling and training (with a focus on problems related to counterproductive work behaviors such asworkplace bullying and sexual harassment), research, and executive coaching to high-potential managers andexecutives in companies predominantly located in the southeastern part of the United States. EMPLOYMENT LAWYER & HR EXECUTIVESPECIAL METALS CORPORATION, Huntington, WV (2000 – 2002)Vice President & Chief Human Resources OfficerHired to accelerate the people-related integration efforts of the $408 million acquisition of Inco Alloys Internationalby Special Metals Corporation, making it the worlds largest producer of high-performance nickel-based alloys. Aspart of the executive team, principal duties included ensuring the effectiveness of the companys human resources,labor relations, and employee communications functions, as well as the management of safety, security andcommunity relations, plus health and environmental issues for the company’s 2,700 employees. Targeted focus wasthe establishment of a new cash balance pension plan, acquisition integration, and trust enhancement throughmultiple two-way communications with employees. Duties spanned multiple locations, including the UnitedKingdom, France, and Italy, and included frequent interaction with the Personnel & Compensation Committee of thecompany’s Board of Directors. Active participant in the unsuccessful efforts to restructure the company and reducecosts in an effort to avoid bankruptcy which occurred in March, 2002.ASHLAND INC, Ashland, KY (1983 – 1998)Corporate Staff Attorney to Divisional Vice President- Human ResourcesWorked for this $10 billion then-Fortune 50 company with more than 33,000 employees for more than 15 years inprogressively responsible HR and legal roles. Positions held included: Divisional Vice President- Human Resources & Communications (1996 – 1998) – As part of the executive team, principal responsibility was to conduct due diligence and lead efforts to integrate the HR and Communications functions following the merger of two coal companies, each partially owned by
  3. 3. 3 Ashland Inc., to form Arch Coal, Inc. Duties included the full scope of HR (e.g. training and development, compensation and benefits, employee relations, performance management, succession planning, HRIS, recruiting/retention, etc.) and Employee Communications for this $2 billion company employing more than 5,500 employees in multiple U.S. locations. Role required frequent interaction with the Personnel & Compensation Committee of the company’s Board of Directors. Manager- Employment Policies & Practices (1988 – 1996) - Responsible for providing HR/legal policy and employment law counsel and HR and preventive legal training to Ashland’s senior management and eight subsidiaries, development of executive compensation plans and programs, employee complaint investigation and management of employment-related litigation, plus special projects (e.g. corporate-wide re-engineering and cost containment initiatives, executive development programs, legal/regulatory issues, etc.). Duties included regular quarterly updates on emerging HR and legislative issues to the company’s senior leadership, as well as presentations about special projects. Corporate Staff Attorney (1983 – 1988) - Responsibilities for Securities and Exchange Commission- related issues and general corporate legal matters, including transactional due diligence, SEC-document preparation (e.g. Proxy Statement, Annual Report, etc.), contract drafting, merger and acquisition due diligence, as well as annual shareholder meeting preparations.Special accomplishments and awards while at Ashland Inc.:  Prior to inclusion in the Key Manager’s annual incentive award program, was awarded the prestigious Chairman’s Award for four consecutive years for outstanding work “above and beyond expectations”.  Achieved an “Outstanding” performance rating (the highest possible) multiple years in a row for performance excellence. Receipt of this rating was extremely limited and required the pre-approval of the Chairman of the Board & Chief Executive Officer of this Fortune 50 company.  Selected to attend the year-long Indiana University Executive Development Program in 1990, a program reserved for select, high potential key managers.  Selected to serve as a special project Team Leader for an aggressive $10 million cost-cutting program, working in partnership with the McKinsey consulting firm in 1993.  Nominated by Ashland’s senior management team for the Tri-State Women in Industry Award in 1995 (an award honoring women making a significant contribution to industry in a managerial, executive or professional role).U. S. COURT OF APPEALS FOR THE SIXTH CIRCUIT, Cincinnati, OH (1982 - 1983) Staff AttorneyServed as a Staff Attorney for the US Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit, providing legal research andconsultation to the justices of the Court.O’HARA, RUBERG & TAYLOR, Covington, KY (1979 - 1982)Law ClerkWorked 20-hours (or more) per week as a Law Clerk for a 10-person law firm during all three years of law school,providing services in both legal research and trial preparation to firm partners and associates. ACADEMIC AND PROFESSIONAL SCHOLARSHIP BooksStop Bullying at Work: Strategies and Tools for HR & Legal Professionals. Alexandria, VA: Society for HumanResource Management Books (2009). SHRM Book of the Week: September 2009 and February 2010. SHRM #7 Top Best Seller for 2010.
  4. 4. 4The Management of People in Mergers and Acquisitions (co-authored with Dr. Gary S. Metcalf). Westport, CT:Quorum Books (2001).Cash Balance Pension Plans: A Practical Primer. Brookfield, WI: International Foundation of Employee BenefitPlans (2000). Nominated by the publisher for the 2001 SHRM Book Award.Book ChaptersCash Balance Pension Plans, Encyclopedia of Retirement and Finance. Westport, CT: Greenwood Publishing(2003).Chapter on Privacy Issues: Employer Practices and Policy Concerns (co-authored with Richard K. Griffith, Esq.).Kentucky Employment Law Deskbook. Lexington, KY: UK/CLE (1992).Refereed Journal ArticlesCaught in the Crossfire: When HR Practitioners Become Targets of Bullying, Employment Relations Today Journal,39 (1) (Spring 2012), pp. 9 - 16.The Role of Malice in Cases of Workplace Misconduct, The International Journal for Responsible EmploymentPractices and Principles (May 2011).Midlife Employees & Work: A Focus on the Management of Midlife Career Adjustment and Strategies forEngaging Midlife Talent, Journal of Global Business (Fall 2006).What Glass Ceiling?: How Women-Owned Small Businesses are Re-Defining True Female Empowerment with Dr. MargieMcInerney, International Journal of Diversity in Organisations, Communities and Nations, 4 (Summer 2004).E-Commerce & the “Reluctant” Small Business Owner: How Technology is Changing the Business Model forSmall and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) with Dr. Margie McInerney, The International Journal of AppliedManagement and Technology, 3 (1) (May 31, 2005).An Assessment of Youth Entrepreneurship Programs in the United States with Dr. Calvin A. Kent, The Journal ofPrivate Enterprise (Spring 2005).Practitioner-Focused ArticlesA Dangerous Crossroad: Executive Success and the Increased Potential for Ethical Failure, SHRM Legal Report(July 2013).Managing Employee Surveys, SHRM Toolkits (August 2012).Managing Workplace Conflict, SHRM Toolkits (July 2012).Managing Employee Recognition Programs, SHRM Toolkits (June 2012).Managing Employee Assistance Programs, SHRM Toolkits (May 2012).Managing and Leveraging Workplace Use of Social Media, SHRM Toolkits (May 2012).Managing Difficult Employees and Disruptive Behaviors, SHRM Toolkits (April 2012).Managing for Employee Retention, SHRM Toolkits (February 2012).
  5. 5. 5Complying With Workplace Records and Reporting Requirements, SHRM Toolkits (February 2012).Study Probes Bullying of HR Professionals, SHRM’s HR Magazine, Volume 57, No. 2 (February 2012).Conducting Human Resource Audits, SHRM Toolkits (February 2012).Screening by Means of Pre-Employment Testing, SHRM Toolkits (January 2012).Managing Work/Life Fit: Dependent Care, SHRM Toolkits (December 2011).Managing Adoption Benefits, SHRM Toolkits (December 2011).Screening and Evaluating Candidates, SHRM Toolkits (November 2011).When Bullying Hits Home, SHRM’s HR Magazine, Volume 56, No. 5 (May 2011).Managing Federal Contractor Affirmative Action Programs, SHRM Toolkits (January 2011).Managing Workplace Privacy, SHRM Toolkits (January 2011).Identifying and Leveraging Employee Competencies, SHRM Toolkits (December 2010).Managing Human Resources in Mergers and Acquisitions, SHRM Toolkits (December 2010).Managing Human Resources for a Company in Bankruptcy, SHRM Toolkits (December 2010).Tough Boss or Workplace Bully?, SHRM’s HR Magazine, Volume 54, No. 6 (June 2009).  Issue won a Silver medal from Association Trends and a finalist slot in the prestigious Neal Awards from the American Business Media AssociationHR Basics: Human Resource Audits, SHRM Web Content (January 2009).Bullies in the Workplace: A Focus on the “Abusive Disrespect” of Employees, SHRM Whitepapers (August 2006).The Fundamentals of Employee Recognition with Dr. Gary S. Metcalf, SHRM Whitepapers (May 2005).The Science of Motivation with Dr. Gary S. Metcalf, SHRM Whitepapers (May 2005).Employee Recognition—Selling, Implementing and Communicating the Program with Dr. Gary S. Metcalf, SHRMWhitepapers (May 2005).HR Compliance Audits: “Just Nice” or Really Necessary? SHRM Whitepapers (November 2004). [Retired].A Blueprint for Surviving Mergers and Acquisitions, SHRM Whitepapers (August 2004). [Retired].“Hassle-Free” Hiring in a Small Business Environment: Guidelines and Recommendations to Inform and ProtectEntrepreneurs and HR Professionals during the Recruiting and Selection Process, SHRM Whitepapers (March2004). [Retired].The Exodus of Women From the Corporate Workplace to Self-Owned Businesses, Employment Relations Today Journal(Winter 2003).Developing a “Culture of Compliance” to Prevent Sexual Harassment, Employment Relations Today Journal (Fall
  6. 6. 62003).Tools for Building a Positive Employee Relations Environment, Employment Relations Today (Summer 2003).Between Trapezes: The Human Side of Making Mergers and Acquisitions Work, Compensation & Benefits, 15(1)(Winter 1999).Planning for Voluntary and Involuntary Work Reductions, Employment Relations Today Journal (Autumn 1995).Electronic and Voice Mail Monitoring of Employees: A Practical Approach, Employment Relations Today Journal(Summer 1995).How Not to End Up In Court (Or - The Artful Termination), Labor Line (Summer 1991). [Retired].Academic Conference ProceedingsHR in the Crossfire: An Exploration into the Role of HR and Workplace Bullying, 8th International Conference onWorkplace Bullying and Harassment, University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark, June 13 - 15, 2012.Workplace Bullying in American Organizations: The Path from Recognition to Prohibition, 53rd Annual Conference of theInternational Society for the Systems Sciences, The University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia, July 12 – 17, 2009.Worlds Apart: A Focus on the “Great Divide” within the HRM Scholar-Practitioner Community, 51st Annual Conferenceof the International Society for the Systems Sciences focused on Systems Thinking, Modeling and Practice, Tokyo Instituteof Technology, Tokyo, Japan, August 5 – 10, 2007.Application of a Systems Approach to Distance Education, 50th Annual Conference of the International Society for theSystems Sciences focused on Complexity, Democracy and Sustainability, Sonoma State University, Rohnert Park, CA,July 9 – 14, 2006.What Glass Ceiling?: How Women-Owned Small Businesses are Re-Defining True Female Empowerment (withDr. Margie McInerney), Fourth International Diversity Conference on Diversity in Organisations, Communities andNations, Los Angeles, CA, July 6 – 10, 2004.Youth Entrepreneurship Programs: An Assessment (with Dr. Calvin A. Kent), Association of Private Enterprise EducationInternational Convention, Nassau, Bahamas, April 4 – 6, 2004.E-Commerce and the “Reluctant” Small Business Owner: How Technology is Changing the Business Model for Small andMedium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs): Presentation to the International Business Interface Institute Conference in Quito,Ecuador, November 17 – 19, 2003.Professional Presentations & WorkshopsHR in the Crossfire: When Bullying Is Targeted at HR Professionals. Workshop for HR practitioners sponsored bythe Hartford, Connecticut Human Resource Association of Central Connecticut in Hartford, CT on October 25,2012.HR in the Crossfire: When Bullying Is Targeted at HR Professionals. Workshop for HR practitioners sponsored bythe Kentucky State Society for Human Resource Management in Louisville, KY on September 27, 2012.HR Masters Series about Workplace Bullying. A series of 3 live Webinars about workplace bullying for HR andRisk Management professionals (co-facilitated with Dr. Gary Namie) on September 7, September 21 and October 5,2012.
  7. 7. 7HR in the Crossfire: When Bullying Impacts HR Professionals. Workshop for HR practitioners sponsored by theLouisville chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management in Louisville, KY on August 30, 2012.Emotional Intelligence: The Key to Individual and Team Success. Workshop for HR practitioners sponsored bySullivan University in Lexington, KY on August 24, 2012.What You Need to Know About Workplace Bullying (And Why It Is Important). Kentucky Association of CareerColleges & Schools Annual Meeting in Lexington, KY on April 27, 2012.  Highest presenter rating among all sessions for this semi-annual state conferenceTough Boss or Workplace Bully?: Strategies for Dealing with Difficult People at Work. Workshop for HRpractitioners sponsored by Sullivan University in Lexington, KY on March 16, 2012.Understanding EQ and Making It Work for You—In Business and in Life. Lecture to faculty and researchers in theSchool of Arts, Design and Architecture at Aalto University in Helsinki, Finland on March 2, 2012.Emotional Intelligence: The Key to Individual and Team Success. Lecture to sustainable urban design students in theSchool of Arts, Design and Architecture at Aalto University in Helsinki, Finland on March 1, 2012.Stop Bullying in the Workplace. Northern Kentucky Society for Human Resource Management Chapter Meeting inCovington, KY on November 17, 2011.Tough Boss or Workplace Bully? West Virginia Annual State Society for Human Resource Management Conference inBridgeport, WV on October 5, 2011.Stop Bullying at School: Strategies and Tools for Educators. Sullivan University Annual Educator’s Conference inLexington, KY on November 5, 2010.Stop Bullying at Work: Strategies and Tools for HR Practitioners. Tri-State Society for Human ResourceManagement Meeting in Ashland, KY on October 27, 2010.Stop Bullying at Work: Strategies and Tools for EAP Practitioners. 2010 EAPA Annual World Conference inTampa, FL on October 9, 2010.Stop Bullying at Work: Strategies and Tools for HR & Legal Practitioners. 2010 Annual Nonprofit HR Conferencein Washington, DC on October 5, 2010.  Second highest presenter rating among all sessions of this national conferenceStop Bullying at Work: Strategies and Tools for HR & Legal Practitioners. Indiana Annual State Society for HumanResource Management Conference in Indianapolis, IN on August 17, 2010.Stop Bullying at Work: Strategies and Tools for HR Professionals. “Mega-Session” at the 25th Annual KentuckySociety for Human Resource Management Conference in Louisville, KY on September 16, 2009.HR Essentials for Start Ups and Small Businesses: Strategies to Create a Positive and Litigation-Free Workplace.Two workshops during the 25th Annual Kentucky Society for Human Resource Management Conference inLouisville, KY on September 17, 2009.Workplace Bullies: Causes, Consequences & Potential Cures. WV Chamber of Commerce’s 2008 Joint HRSummit/Governor’s Safety Conference in Charleston, WV on September, 30, 2008.Bullies in the Workplace: A Focus on the “Abusive Disrespect” of Employees. Tri-State Society for HumanResource Management meeting in Huntington, WV on March 28, 2007.
  8. 8. 8The Fundamentals of an Employee Recognition Program (It Really Does Make a Difference) with Dr. Gary S.Metcalf to a group of HR professionals in Lexington, KY on February 23, 2005 and in Louisville, KY on March 22,2005.HR Compliance Audits: “Just Nice” or Really Necessary? Tri-State Society for Human Resource Managementmeeting, Huntington, WV on September 15, 2004 and to the WV State Conference for the Society for HumanResource Management in Charleston, WV on January 26, 2005.The Entrepreneurial Process: From Ideas to Reality. One-Day Workshop Presented to a group of more than 100academics and business professionals at the Visvesvaraya Technological University and the Centre forEntrepreneurship Development of Karnataka (CEDOK) in Bangalore, India on December 12, 2004.Do You Have What It Takes?- The “Entrepreneurial Personality” & Key Characteristics for New Venture Success .Joint Session of Students, Faculty and Administration of the M.P. Birla Institute of Management and the MarshallUniversity Institute of Management in Bangalore, India on December 17, 2003.Global Perspectives on Entrepreneurship—Issues and Challenges for India. Presentation to Students, Faculty andAdministration of the JSS Centre for Management Studies at the University of Mysore in Mysore, India onDecember 16, 2003.Workforce Trends & Strategies—Preparing Small Business Owners for the Future. Huntington Chamber ofCommerce, Huntington, WV on October 28, 2003.EntrePrep Summer Institute 2003 (July 21 – 25, 2003). Served as the lead instructor and program coordinator forthis one-week entrepreneurship program for rising high school juniors and seniors. The goal of the program was toexpose students to issues related to entrepreneurship and small business by focusing on the development of an ideaand building a business plan to support it. EntrePrep, jointly sponsored by the Kauffman Foundation and MarshallUniversity, was held during the week of July 21 – 25, 2003 on Marshall’s campus.Tools for Building a Comprehensive Employee Relations Strategy. Tri-State Chapter of the Society for HumanResources Management, Huntington, WV on March 26, 2003.Women of Promise: Those Who Succeed/Those Who Fail. Marshall Community & Technical College AdministrativeProfessional’s Day Workshop on April 23, 2003.Leadership That Gets Results: A Focus on Emotional Intelligence & Leadership Styles. Huntington RegionalChamber of Commerce on May 13, 2003.HR Best Practices in the United States. Presentation to a group of Chinese delegates visiting the MarshallUniversity campus to study the US business and educational system on October 17, 2002.Management Practices in the United States—A Focus on People. Served as faculty in a 16-Week ExecutiveDevelopment Program for a group of executives from SINOPEC Corporation (headquartered in Beijing, China)through the Marshall University International Studies Program weekly from late August through mid-December,2001.Managing Your Employees for High Performance—Strategies for Performance Feedback. Presentation to the BoydCounty, Kentucky Dental Association on November 19, 1999.Employment Law for Managers—Strategies for Compliance. Presentation to high-potential executives participatingin the joint Ashland Inc./Indiana University Kelley School of Business Executive Development Program inBloomington, Indiana during consecutive years from 1990 - 1996.
  9. 9. 9ResearchScrutiny from the Top: How Executives View HR Practitioners: a study designed to better understand how seniororganizational leaders view HR practitioners in order to identify where the potential for conflict most frequentlyarises—and why (Research was approved for funding by Sullivan University in April 2012).When Workplace Bullying Impacts HR Professionals: a study designed to understand the prevalence of workplacebullying among HR practitioners and whether or not it is related to their organizational role (Research was fundedfrom the inaugural faculty grant pool and awarded by Sullivan University in April 2011)."Tough Boss” or Workplace Bully?: A Grounded Theory Study of Insights from Human Resource Professionals: adissertation study designed to help identify and distinguish a workplace bully from a manager who is simplyoperating as a “tough boss” from the unique organizational perspective of HR professionals (Fielding GraduateUniversity, February 2009).Media InterviewsInterviewed about bullying at work with a focus on the differences between a “tough boss” and a workplace bullyfor the Bureau of National Affairs-HR Newsletter (Spring 2012).Interviewed about virtual employees and how to make working remotely successful for both the employee and theemployer. The interview will appear in ASTA Network Magazine (Summer 2012).Interviewed about 2011 research study which focused on the prevalence of bullying among HR practitioners and itsrelationship to their role. The interview appeared in the “HR News” section of SHRM’s HR Magazine (February2012).Interviewed for an article which probed the question of “Why do successful people fail?” for a February 2012edition of Louisville’s Business First newspaper.Interviewed about work sharing practices by a reporter for the American Society of Travel Advisors NetworkMagazine on January 6, 2012.Interviewed about research into the prevalence of workplace bullying among HR practitioners and whether or not itmay be related to their organizational role by a reporter for SHRM Online Content on December 5, 2011.Interviewed about workplace bullying research by a reporter for VIV Magazine on November 16, 2011.TV interview about bullying in the corporate workplace for the “Weekends with Whitney” show via an NBC affiliatein Chicago, IL on September 7, 2011.Radio interview about workplace bullying broadcast to five affiliate stations via The Mary Jones Show, WDRC-AMin Hartford, CT on August 23, 2011.Interviewed about research on workplace bullying for an article titled “Adults Behaving Badly” which appeared inthe October 2011 issue of the American School Board Journal published by the National Education Association(July 2011).
  10. 10. 10Interviewed about research on the differences between a tough boss and a workplace bully for an article in theMiami Herald (June 2011) and Chicago Tribune (July 2011).Interviewed about research on workplace bullying targeted at HR practitioners for an “Executive Briefing” article inSHRM’s HR Magazine (May 2011 issue).Interviewed about workplace bullying for an American Society of Training and Development magazine article(Winter 2011).Interviewed about a workplace bullying restaurant incident in New York for the Executive Briefing column (page15) in SHRM’s monthly HR Magazine (January 2010).Interviewed about workplace bullying and its consequences on targets by The Philadelphia Inquirer (September2010).Interviewed about Organizational Responses to Workplace Bullying for a Best Practices in HR article via Business& Legal Reports, Inc. Issue 895 (October 2009).Interviewed about the differences between a workplace bully and a “tough boss” for an article in SHRM’s HRMagazine (June 2009).Interviewed about workplace bullying for an article in The Daily Independent (August 2009).Interviewed for an HR Perspectives article in the 2008 Bureau of National Affairs Benchmark Survey Report aboutHuman Resource Audits (June 2008). OTHER PROFESSIONAL AND CIVIC SERVICEBoard of Directors, Bellefonte Land, Inc. (April 2005 – Present)Serve as a member of the Board of Directors for a privately-held group of land investors developing a 400-acre tractof property into high-end home sites.VP- Membership & Member of the Board of Directors, Tri-State Society for Human Resource Management(2003 – 2004)Responsible for maintaining and expanding the membership of this local chapter of the national SHRM organizationfor this one-year term.Co-Chair, “A More Perfect Centre” (2007) and the “Front & Centre” Campaigns (1995) for Centre CollegeThrough a combination of public speaking at fundraisers and a variety of written communications, helped to raisemore than $5 million from alumni of Centre College during two regional contribution campaigns in 2007 and 1995.Founding Director, Ashland Education Foundation, Inc. (1989 - 2000)The Foundation is a group of local businessmen and women devoted to improving the quality of education in theAshland community through annual fundraising and year-round professional support to the Ashland public schools.Chairman of the Board and Director, Ashland Inc. Employees Credit Union (1988-1994)The Ashland Inc. Credit Union is an $80 million dollar institution providing “bank-like” services to more than33,000 employees and their families. MEMBERSHIPS & ADMISSIONSInternational Association on Workplace Bullying & HarassmentKentucky Bar Association
  11. 11. 11Society for Human Resources ManagementSociety for Organizational, Consulting and Work Place ProfessionalsU.S. District Court for the Eastern District of KentuckyU. S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit OTHER HONORS & AWARDSKentucky Bar Association Continuing Legal Education Award (2011 and 2010)Received the Kentucky CLE Award in both 2010 and 2011, an award which honors lawyers who have earned 62.5continuing legal education credits within a three-year period.Fulbright Senior Specialist Award (2004)Approved candidates are eligible to be considered as a potential match for overseas assignments to fulfill requestsmade by universities and businesses to the Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board, the Bureau of Education andCultural Affairs of the Department of State and the Council for International Exchange of Scholars.Centre College Distinguished Alumnus Award (2002)Selected by the Alumni Association Board of Directors to receive the Distinguished Alumnus Award in 2002. ThisAward is presented to select Centre College alumni “who have distinguished themselves in their professions, in theirservice to Centre, or in their service to humankind”.