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  • 1. Searching the Web Know what you are doing
  • 2. Which computer type?
    • Are you using
    • a PC
    • or
    • a Mac?
    • This is a Mac or Apple computer
  • 3. PC Computers
    • PC used to mean Personal Computer but it has come to mean NOT a Mac
    • So:Dell, HP, etc
  • 4. Browsers
    • A web browser is a software application for retrieving information on the World Wide Web.
    Safari Firefox Internet Explorer
  • 5. Search Engines
    • Google
    • Yahoo
    • AOL
    • Bing
    • Different tools looking for stuff on the Web -robots called spiders do the looking
  • 6. Directories Web sites selected by people and sorted by subject
    • http:// /
    • http://
  • 7.
  • 8.
  • 9.  
  • 10. Search box is where you enter your query Navigation bar has a space for web address or URL of web site Make sure you know how to bookmark web sites so you can easily get back to them
  • 11. Almost 13 million hits in quarter of a second
    • .com sites are commercial but can be very good
    • . edu sites could belong to a university but may be by students
    • .org sites are usually great but may have a bias
    • . gov is from the government
  • 12. In a long article, use ctrl+F or Find under edit Enter word you are looking for, it will be highlighted
  • 13. Evaluating a web page
    • Here are some things to consider when selecting web pages, the who, what, when, where and why.
    • From
    • See here to think about evaluating all sources of information
  • 14. Some sites to look at
    • Dog Island: Free Forever
    • Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus
    • Haggis Hunt
    • Sellafield Zoo
    • The World’s First Transgenic Mouse