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A talk given at Pittsburgh Podcamp 8, Oct 5, 2013. In the talk, I use the five years of blogging as as a case study for what has and hasn't worked as a blogger.

A talk given at Pittsburgh Podcamp 8, Oct 5, 2013. In the talk, I use the five years of blogging as as a case study for what has and hasn't worked as a blogger.

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • These slides will be on slideshare, linked from this page.
  • Long form content: is blogging now LF given the role of Social Media?
  • There are many reasons to blog. All valid with none more important than the others.
  • Lack of analytics- was anyone listening
  • Google Analytics
  • Dyke March post-
  • Gay wrestle gay sex title
  • Banner year Award at the end of the year/ begining of fifth Gay wrestle gay sex title
  • Fairy tale wedding post
  • How has Twitter changed and what does that mean for content?
  • Transcript

    • 1. An Activist blog after five years. Thomas Waters, October 5, 2013
    • 2. This session There is plenty of resources to help someone just getting started, but what about after that? How do you take a blog that is not a newbie blog and get it to keep growing/succeeding? Technical Stuff Content Blogging as a lifestyle
    • 3. Why blog? Content Marketing News/Journalism Opinion Editorial Personal voice- diary/1st person accounts Community Building/Educational ASPIRATION BLOGS: The Dish/ Andrew Sullivan AmericaBlog/ John Arovosis
    • 4. The beginning... 2002-2004- diary blogging Early efforts Queer Look Podcast iTunes 2006-2007, reposted 2009 Podcamp 2008
    • 5. The first year... Content/topics Blog design Theme: iNove Expectations Social media
    • 6. The second year... Content/topics Dyke March post Blog design Purchased theme: Flexithemes “The News” Expectations Social media
    • 7. The third year... Content/topics Bloomfield incident posts Trans issues Blog design Blog Talk Radio Expectations Social media
    • 8. The fourth year... Content/topics Beacons of Equality Award Focus on deeper issues Blog design Emphasis on SEO Expectations Social media
    • 9. The fifth year... Content/topics Sochi Olympics Blog design The LGBTQ weekly news recap Expectations Social media
    • 10. Strengths... Consistent voice. Focused content that remains topical. Equal opportunity opinions. Not a clone of other sites. Deep content. Not a cheerleader blog.
    • 11. Weaknesses/shortcoming s... Spelling Being over-extended Forgetting to be fearless. Failing to do adequate marketing. Failing to do enough editing. Failing to use keywords or keyword phrases in the content
    • 12. Lessons Learned... Content/Topics Post length Don’t over think or over work the post
    • 13. Lessons Learned... Blog design Evaluate your theme. What do you want your UX to be? Don’t be afraid that you aren’t enough of a geek. Adjust your blog as it works for you. Don’t adjust a good process simply to fit your software/theme restrictions.
    • 14. Lessons Learned... Expectations Know what you consider to be your goal(s) so you can decide if you are meeting these goals. You can take a break and not have your blog die. Social media: don’t mistake being on social media for your blogging.
    • 15. What blogging requires An opinion and enough ego Time Naiveté
    • 16. Q/A