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Using  Blogging As An  Emerging Technology For Staff
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  • 1. USING BLOGGING AS AN EMERGING TECHNOLOGY FOR STAFF DEVELOPMENT Presented by: Sharifa Knowles and Tracia Culver EDD 7914 Technology- Integrated Teaching and Learning Nova Southeastern University October 21, 2009
  • 2. What is Blogging?  The word blog is an abbreviated version of the term web log.  When an individual writes a blog and maintains it by adding or deleting entries.  Blogging originated in 1995.
  • 3. Uses of Blogs  Online diaries  Sharing ideas or thoughts in a professional or personal.  Informational platforms for education, business and politics.
  • 4. Using Blogs in Staff Development  A collaborative research project in the UK indicated the use of blogs for staff development had a positive impact overall.
  • 5. What are some ways to use blogs in Staff Development?  Students can make online reflections  Instructors can post announcements, agendas, reminders, and assignments.  Students can communicate with each other and the instructor.
  • 6. How does this relate to the Assure model?  Analyze learners- Instructors must gather information about prior to planning the class.  State standards and objectives- Instructors decide the important concepts that need to be covered.  Select strategies, technology, and materials- How is the material going to be presented? Using a variety of approaches will appeal to different learning styles.
  • 7. How does this relate to the Assure model? cont.  Utilize strategies, technology, and materials- Instructors put their plan into action after careful planning.  Require Learner participation- students are required to attend classes, complete coaching hours, and be active on the class blog.  Evaluate and Revise- Throughout the class instructor will evaluate and make adjustments as necessary. At the completion of the class, instructor will take feedback into account from students.
  • 8. References  Hramiak, A., Boulton, H., & Irwin, B. (2009). Trainee teachers’ use of blogs as private relections for professional development. Learning Media and Technology, 34 (3). 259. Retreived September 25, 2009, from Proquest Education Journals. (Document ID: 1865515231).  What is Blogging? (2009). In Tech FAQ. Retrieved from http://www.tech- faq.com/blogging.html