Tourism and Related Terms


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Definition of tourism and related terms

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Tourism and Related Terms

  1. 1. What is Tourism? Tourism involves the short term movement of people to destinations outside the places they normally reside. It is distinguished from migration by its temporary short- term character (more then 24 hours but less than a year) It is essentially a pleasure activity in which money earned in one’s country of residence is spent in the places visited.
  2. 2. Types of Tourists International Tourist- one who travels outside his own country of residence either within a defined geographical region, e.g. a Canadian visiting Grenada. Regional Tourist- one visiting within a defined geographical region, e.g. a St.Lucian visiting Antigua. Domestic Tourist- one spending at least one night away from his normal place of residence, but within his own country of residence. E.g. someone from Gros Islet in the north visiting Anse-la Raye on the west coast.
  3. 3. Excursionist: Temporary visitors staying less than twenty four hours in the country visited.Cruise Passenger: A person travelling on a cruise ship. By United Nations definitions they are excursionist and not tourists because they do not stay in hotels or other accommodation on land but sleep onboard a ship.
  4. 4. What is the Tourism Product?‘ The experiences and memories resulting from taking part in the tourism activity which begins from the time the tourist chooses his vacation destination and ends when he returns to his normal place of residence’
  5. 5. What makes the Tourism Productsuccessful? Accessibility Amenities Attractions Accommodation
  6. 6. Tourism Sector The Tourism Product comprises eight (8) sectors Accommodation Food and Beverage Adventure Tourism and Recreation Transportation Attractions Travel Trade Events and Conferences Tourism Services
  7. 7. The “All Inclusive” Resort An “all inclusive” concept refers to vacation where all or most of the services to include transportation, lodging, meals, beverages, entertainment, watersports, tours etc. are included for a pre-established price . Generally everything is paid for in advance and the only monies changing hands at the destination (resort) is for incidentals such as faxes, long distance calls etc.
  8. 8. Impact of TourismEconomic Linkage : The extent to which the sub-sectors of the tourism industry use goods and services available in other sectors of the economy. If the tourism industry mainly local goods and services, tourism is said to have strong linkages with other sectors of the economy. For example a hotel buys most of it’s food from local farmers and manufacturers.
  9. 9. Impact of TourismEconomic Leakage: The loss of tourism foreign exchange resulting from the need to import goods and services required for the industry.
  10. 10. References Mc Donald, M.(2000). Teaching Tourism in the Caribbean. Barbados: Caribbean Tourism Human Resource.