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Internet networking tools for teachers
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Internet networking tools for teachers


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Published in: Technology, Education
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  • 1. Internet Networking Tools for Teachers By Tina Cone Lamar University EDLD 5362 Section ET8009
  • 2. “An abbreviation for the “Digest of Internet Information, Groups and Other stuff,” Diigo is a social annotation service that lets users add highlights and notes in situ to any web page. … Diigo combines aspects of social bookmarking, full-text search, annotations, tagging, and sharing.” (Crunchbase, 2010)
  • 3. Diigo Features… • Diigo allows you to bookmark sites you find useful and add comments for other users.
  • 4. Diigo Toolbar • Diigo provides a toolbar at the top of the site allowing you to Share, Like or Unlike, Save, or Bury a site. • To use the advanced features of Diigo, you will need to download the free toolbar.
  • 5. Classroom Application • Diigo led me to a site on Digital Citizenship • This site provides lesson plans on Ethical Internet Practices which we discuss in my Multimedia and Desktop Publishing classes. • Diigo provides information using keywords and screens the content submitted by users.
  • 6. Diigo Review • CNET gave Diigo 3 ½ stars which is considered very good. • “Diigo is an online bookmarking tool with a twist. Sometimes, merely saving a bunch of tagged Web sites to a list of favorites is not enough. Ever wanted to highlight one cool corner of a Web page? Do you wish you could scribble on various Web sites to collect recipes, plan a vacation, or write a big research paper, then share your notes? Diigo can help you do that.“ (CNET Review, 2010)
  • 7. “The Web is teeming with social- networking sites that emphasize the "social," but what if you're a business-minded individual more interested in the networking end? Where do you go? The answer: LinkedIn.” (PC Magazine, 2007)
  • 8. LinkedIn Features… • LinkedIn features a different type of searching. Networking and creating contacts is the key to good business. • Teachers are more effective when they can share their curriculum and link to other teachers instead of having to create every lesson. • Users create profiles which allows them to add contacts and share resources.
  • 9. LinkedIn Profile • Users can view and add subscribers to their network. The profile provides a way to easily connect with your connections.
  • 10. LinkedIn Toolbar • Teachers who are members of LinkedIn do not have to create profiles for many of the sites associated with LinkedIn. There is a Join button that pulls information from your LinkedIn profile. • The top menu bar provides you easy access to LinkedIn features.
  • 11. Classroom Application • LinkedIn has a group for Response to Intervention and Universal Design for Learning. • Providing the best classroom instruction for all students is often a challenge. This group would help offer suggestions or solutions for any challenges I encounter.
  • 12. LinkedIn Review • AppAppeal gave LinkedIn 5 stars, its highest rating. • “If you're looking for professional contacts and don't want to dive into the deep end by using a business directory or don't feel like browsing thousands of ads, Linkedin can help you find a suitable professional within your social and business sphere.” (AppAppeal, 2009)
  • 13. Citations • Diigo Company Profile. (2009, September 30). Retrieved January 23, 2010, from CrunchBase website: • Janowski, Davis. (2007, April 23). Site of the Week: Linked In. Retrieved January 23, 2010, from website:,2817,2143275,00.asp • LinkedIn Review. (2009, April). Retrieved January 22, 2010, from AppAppeal website: • Wenzel, Elsa. (2006, May 1). Diigo Review. Retrieved January 22, 2010, from CNET Reviews website: 9239_7-32082352.html