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Story of 9x9x25 for Winter Institute.

Story of 9x9x25 for Winter Institute.

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  • 1. Photo Album by Conaway, Todd
  • 2. “As an adjunct, I haven't ever been asked to do committee work. I don't see my co-workers on a regular basis (Facebook doesn't count...), and it is many a week that I don't set foot on a Yavapai College campus. The reality is, I tend to be relatively disconnected from other instructors and from the institution as a whole most of the time. Reading the reflections of my colleagues has reminded me each week that we're all in this together; that creating a better world through educating the people in our community isn't just something I want to do, it's something that we're all actively engaged in as a team!" Yavapai College faculty Erin Whitesitt
  • 3. "What I learned is that I have been missing out on thinking about teaching, thinking about the art of teaching. The stuff I learned in college to become a teacher. But the stuff I stopped thinking about when I became a teacher." Yavapai College faculty Charles Lohman
  • 4. "Participating in the 9x9x25 blogging adventure has been a rich experience. I have grown as a teacher, learner, and writer. For example, when writing the first blog on new student orientations, I finished and was pleased with the results. Then I counted the sentences and realized I only had 15. So I had to return and write more, which in and of itself caused me to dive deeper and add more specific details, and isn't that what I keep telling my students? By the end of this experience, I had to count sentences to hold myself back." Yavapai College faculty Tina Luffman
  • 5. Changes for Next Year?
  • 6. RACE BAG t-shirt, “dog at blog post” card, Door Flyer, sticky notes, etc
  • 7. Building Beneficial Relationships
  • 8. What if this were a class? EDU 9925
  • 9. 3 Things Learning Spaces Probationary Portfolios ?