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Student Resources

  1. 1. PURPOSEThe Student Resource Center at Argosy University, DC provides assistance to students in need ofacademic and professional support.MISSIONOur mission is to foster a positive learning experience for all Argosy students and to support them indeveloping their academic and professional skills.MESSAGE FROM THE VICE PRESIDENT OF ACADEMIC AFFAIRSHello Argosy students, I encourage you to use this Center for all of your academic and professionaldevelopment needs. We believe in developing strong mentor relationships that will help to guide you inyour journey though Argosy and beyond. In order to serve you best, we will offer seminars, workshops,lectures, as well as tutoring, mentoring and writing assistance. We look forward to serving you duringyour academic career at Argosy University, Washington, DC.
  2. 2. The Writing Center is available by appointment to help students develop their writing abilitiesand style. The Writing Center specializes in reviewing APA style writing.The following websites are also suggested to seek out more advise on the APA writing style:The Basics of APA StyleWhat’s New in the 6th Edition?Mastering APA StyleCreating a Paper Using APA 6th Edition
  3. 3. The Argosy University, D.C. library is located on the 6th floor. Above is a list ofthe many resources of our on campus library. During open houses, the librarianor an assistant will be there to assist you in your research. Please visit theArgosy University, D.C. website for more information, or stop by the 6th floorlibrary today.
  4. 4. The Online Library located within your student portal offers numerousresources for all of your writing and researching needs. There you will finddatabase and software tutorials, APA format assistance, and links to other greattools such as Refworks.
  5. 5. RefWorks, an online research management, writing and collaboration tool, isdesigned to help researchers easily gather, manage, store and share all typesof information, as well as generate citations and bibliographies.If you need to manage information for any reason, whether it be for writing,research or collaboration, RefWorks is the perfect tool. Use the tutorials andinformation resources on this site to work smarter with RefWorks!You can find RefWorks within your Student Portal.
  6. 6. The Argosy University Counseling Center , within your Student Portal, is intended to: • Help students be successful in all aspects of their lives • Create options for faculty and staff when trying to assist students • Provide timely and effective intervention to assist a student in crisisThe Counseling Center provides 24/7/365 access to a counselor when a student is faced with: • Depression • Anxiety • Substance abuse • Domestic violence Argosy University Counseling Center 866-571-1916
  7. 7. Explore everything the Digital Bookshelf And e-texts have to offer within the Digital Bookshelf page of your student portal. You can also find assistancehere for all of your questions! As a graduate student, you may find that you need extra assistance when it comes time to prepare for your comprehensive exam or start your dissertation. You can find much of that help here within your student portal.
  8. 8. PURPOSE The Office of Student Affairs and Career Services at Argosy University, Washington D.C. campus exist to provide quality programs and services for students and alumni that positively effect retention, foster student engagement, benchmark student satisfaction, and facilitate student success. OUR COMMITMENT The Office of Student Affairs and Career Services is committed to progressive partnership with Argosy University students, faculty, and staff in the achievement of its purpose. Active participation in the department’s initiatives will enable students to be confident and contributing members of the University community.Please contact Anita Triggs, Student Services Coordinator, if you are a student currentlyreceiving ADA accommodations that impact your academic performance. Additionally, you may contact Anita for information on resume and cover letter writing as well as interviewing techniques if career transition issues are having a negative impact on your educational experience.
  9. 9. Your Faculty AdvisorAll students are assigned an Faculty Advisor who is a corefaculty member of the program. Your advisor is here to offeradvice regarding specific course scheduling and assistanceshould you find yourself struggling. They are especiallyrelevant when considering more than a full time course load,dissecting the nature of particular classes, or if you need totalk to someone about the field and program that you arepursuing. Your Professor Remember that your Professors are here to help and assist you with your educational goals. If you are struggling in a class, let them know and ask them how they think you can improve. If you have finished a course, don’t be afraid to reflect upon the past and reach out to those Professors and ask them how you can improve going forward.
  10. 10. At Argosy University, D.C., each student is assigned an Academic Progress Advisor. They provide a variety of services to you that will enhance and support your academic experience. *Clinical students should see their Faculty Advisors for all academic assistance. Some areas in which they can provide assistance: •Help with understanding the academic policies and procedures •Assist in the development of academic goals •Provide guidance through the course registration process •Referrals to supportive resources •Help with time management and study skillsYour advisor will assist you with program orientation and class scheduling and will help you resolve any issues with faculty, courses, or policies.Your academic advisor is your advocate during your time as a student at Argosy University.