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TCM Asia  Grip Coat
TCM Asia  Grip Coat
TCM Asia  Grip Coat
TCM Asia  Grip Coat
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TCM Asia Grip Coat


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Antislip for Terrazzo, Marble, Granite, Tiles, Timber, Glass

Antislip for Terrazzo, Marble, Granite, Tiles, Timber, Glass

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  • 1. TCM Asia Grip CoatInformation Sheet
  • 2. TCM Asia Grip Coat tcm grip coat is a state of the art polyurea hybrid coating. It has superfast curing propertiesand can be applied to a wide variety of surfaces. It is colour stable, UV stable and odourless.It rapidly cures to form a durable wear resistant coating with a high gloss finish to enhanceappearance and hygiene.tcm grip coat’ can be applied in temperatures ranging from –30°C to +50°C. Therapid curing times allow for a return to foot traffic in 2 hours.When combined with our patented nano anti-slip technology, we can provide for anti-slipprotection with Pendulum Test Values (PTV’s) from 36 up to 55 giving protection from water,dust, oil and other contaminants.TYPICAL USEStcm grip coat is ideally suited to high stress situations where durability (especially ontoconcrete and wood) and colour stability are particularly important. When considered with its‘no-taint’ properties and impressive chemical resistance, along with the ability to be appliedand maintained sub-zero, the following will all benefit: Supermarkets Restaurants / shops / retail outlets / public houses Public buildings and spaces  Leisure centers / swimming pools  Airports, bus and train stations. Schools / universities  Hospitals Hotels / guest houses Chemical plants Food processing areas Chilled distribution Manufacturing plants Distribution centers / warehouses Showrooms and car parksIn addition to internal applications tcm grip coat can be used externally in a multitudeof situations to achieve a durable anti-slip surface such as: Marine applications: boats decks / walkways. Marinas Walkways, bridges, steps, stairs and decking
  • 3. TCM Asia Grip CoatFEATURES & BENEFITS Extremely Fast cure - zero downtime, can work around. 100% solids - No solvents, no water, no waste, reduced COSHH Odourless: no taint -can be used without the need to remove food, garments or staff. Excellent UV resistance: - colours stay bright. Cures from low temperature - excellent for chilled storage. High Tyre Stain Resistance- dirt shedding: lines stay visible. Hygienic - easy to clean, not a culture medium.  Protection - against dirt, spills, wear and tear. High Transparency (clear) - perfect for giving protection to existing flooring. Good colour range: white, yellow, red, green, blue & clear ex-stock, others on request. Easy to install - simple roller application. Spray application for larger open areas. Easy to Maintain – no grinding, just overcoat. What it Provides tcm grip coat can be used to provide a highly durable wear coat over cement or epoxy based screeds, this makes it ideal as the seal / wear coat on new or refurbished floors such as conglomerate, terrazzo, floated or self levelling concrete.The rapid application and full curing ensures there is no appreciable down time and a return toservice is within a few hours, not days or weeks. Additionally because there are no health risks associated with the product or application other trades are not affected.
  • 4. TCM Asia Grip Coat Any floor. Non-slip. Guaranteed Contact us now for a free demonstrationTCM Asia Co. Ltd. 10/437 Moo 3, T. Wichit Muang, Phuket 83000Phone: 076-264442, Fax: 076-264443, email: