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A discussion about the future of the world.

A discussion about the future of the world.

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  • 1. The FutureThe Future
  • 2. What will the future be like?• The past century has seen amazing changes in all areas of life. What changes will the future bring? What will your life be like in 50 years?
  • 3. Jobs
  • 4. Jobs in the future.• What will your job be like in the future?• What will your workplace be like?• Will you work only in the same place, or will your office be mobile?
  • 5. Marriage
  • 6. Marriage in the future
  • 7. Le Trung – Brampton Ontario, 2009
  • 8. Polygamy
  • 9. What will marriage be like in the future?• Will people still get married in the future?• How will our personal lives be different?• Will people in China start to adopt foreign marriage customs (polygamy, etc.)?
  • 10. Technology
  • 11. Flying car
  • 12. Jet pack
  • 13. Robots
  • 14. How will technology be different in the future?• What new inventions will people be using in 50 years?• What kinds of things do you use today that you think you will not use in the future? (paper, gasoline)
  • 15. Language
  • 16. Will we speak the same languages in the future?• Will more foreigners speak Chinese in the future?• What will happen if Chinese people keep studying English so seriously?• Will English always be an important language in the future?