The 10 most important decisions in the life of a new translator trinidad clares


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Presentation for translators who are starting up with tips and suggestions on things to consider.

Presented at the Cardiff University Lifelong Learning Centre on the 3rd December

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The 10 most important decisions in the life of a new translator trinidad clares

  1. 1. Starting up as a translatorThe 10 most iTh 10 t important d i i t t decisions in the in the life of a new translator of a new translator Trinidad Clares Flores MA MITI MCIL NRPSI
  2. 2. QQualifications
  3. 3. Which qualifications? Which qualifications?MA Translation Studies (Cardiff University)MA Translation with Language Technology MA Translation with Language Technology (Swansea University)Online: MA Translation (Bristol University)O li MA T l i (B i l U i i )Diploma in Translation (Chartered Institute of  Linguists) Li it)
  4. 4. Which qualifications? Which qualifications?Highlights MA Translation MA Translation  with  MA Translation Studies (Cardiff) Language Tech. (Swansea) (Bristol)Classroom/distance Classroom Classroom DistanceLanguages All FIGS, Dutch, Polish, Russian,  FIGS, Czech, Portuguese,  Welsh, Chinese Russian, ChineseTranslation practice All Languages Translation practice All Languages Advanced Translation module Advanced Translation module Applied Translation Applied Translation Translation Class moduleCAT tools Introduction to SDL  Language Technology (SDL  Computer‐Aided  Trados & Dejà Vù (4 h Trados & Dejà Vù (4 h  Trados) (22 h) Trados) (22 h) Translation each)Specialised Literary Translation Language Technology: (Déjà Introduction to modules Scientific & Technical Scientific & Technical Vu, Star Transit, Passolo,  Vu Star Transit Passolo specialised translation  specialised translation Medical & Pharmac. Systran) (legal, literary,  Politics & Law Terminology Management,  commercial, social  Business & Admon Interpreting, Placement sciences, science and  Subtitling technology) Translation in the Arts
  5. 5. In‐house or freelance
  6. 6. In‐house In houseAdvantages Disadvantages‐Stability ‐Less freedom ‐Less freedom‐Peers ‐Lower earnings‐Career progression ‐Less control More support‐More support More hierarchy ‐More hierarchy‐More guidance ‐̏Office politics”
  7. 7. FreelanceAdvantages Disadvantages‐More freedom‐More freedom ‐Lack of stability ‐Lack of stability‐Higher earnings ‐Isolation‐Higher control ‐No peers More flexibility‐More flexibility More expenses ‐More expenses‐Can work anywhere ‐Need more discipline
  8. 8. Questions to ask yourself Questions to ask yourselfDo I consider myself a business person?Do I like working on my own? ( Jelly days)Do I like working on my own? (“Jelly” days)Do I mind having to do my own sales, marketing,  invoicing and credit control as well as my own  i i i d di l ll translation work?Am I technically self‐sufficient?Can I cope with the uncertainty of the feast v. C I ith th t i t f th f t famine scenario?
  9. 9. ITI Survey Results ITI Survey ResultsWhat kind of an entrepreneur are you? h ki d f ? ‘Inevitable’ entrepreneur: 8% p ‘Natural’ entrepreneur: 20% ‘Enforced’ entrepreneur: 5% Enforced entrepreneur: 5% ‘Accidental’ entrepreneur: 18% ‘I don’t see myself as an entrepreneur at all  – I’m just a professional’: 49% j p“Weathering the storms and broadening our horizons”, Janet Frasier and  Michael Gold, ITI Conference 2011 Mi h l G ld ITI C f 2011
  10. 10. If you want to start a freelance career a freelancea) Take out a loan (help from partner/family) Take out a loan (help from partner/family)b) Work part‐timec) Don’t leave your job until you have enough of  a workloadd) Don’t expect your business to take off  straight away t i ht
  11. 11. Professional Associations
  12. 12. Professional Associations Professional AssociationsWhy should I join one? h h ld j i ?• Training/CPD g• Peer support• Know what’s happening Know what s happening• Networking• Get work• Other services: credit‐check legal advice Other services: credit check, legal advice,  discounted products and services
  13. 13. Which one?Which one?
  14. 14. ITI CIOLEntry requirements Qualifications,  Qualifications, experience exam/sample of work,  experienceMember categories Qualified, Associate, PCI,  Fellow, Member, Associate, Student, Corporate StudentSpecific groups Regional, Language,  Translation, interpreting,  Subject languageFor new translatorsF t l t Orientation Course O i t ti C Professional Support  GroupTraining Translation Workshop Translation Division eventsFora LinkedIn, website LinkedIn, website LinkedIn, own Yahoo group  LinkedIn, own Yahoo group for trans, int.Access to Credit Safe Yes NoPI Insurance Yes YesSelf‐certification seals Yes No
  15. 15. Which equipment? q p
  16. 16. Equipment: hardware Equipment: hardwareDesktopLaptopNotebookTablet
  17. 17. Equipment: hardware Equipment: hardwarePriceComfortFeaturesPortability
  18. 18. Hardware tips Hardware tips Spend as much as necessary, you won’t  gregret itGet an extended guarantee, it can be a life saverIf you only work on a laptop, get a good size screen (at least 16 inches)
  19. 19. Hardware tips Hardware tipsMake sure the keyboard is a full‐size one or  y pa buy a separate one
  20. 20. Hardware tips Hardware tipsAppropriate desk and chair (better with  )footrest)Home Broadband & mobile Internet connectionQuiet area used exclusively for workGood All‐in‐one printer/copier/scanner/fax machine
  21. 21. Software orCheck out Valeria Aliperta’s article on the latest ITI Bulletin on all things Apple!latest ITI Bulletin on all things Apple!
  22. 22. Windows v. Mac for CAT Tools Windows v Mac for CAT Tools• CAT tools available for Mac OS X: – Wordfast Pro• VMW VMWare or Parallels Desktop/Boot Camp: P ll l D kt /B t C – MemoQ (fully supported) – Déjà Vu (not supported) – SDL Trados Studio 2011 (Windows Office version SDL Trados Studio 2011 (Windows Office version  needed for preview option)
  23. 23. Software S ft• Microsoft Office•CAT tool•Terminology processing tools (Xbench, Multiterm) Terminology processing tools (Xbench, Multiterm)•DTP program (Adobe Acrobat) Oth t l i i OCR (Abb Fi R d )•Other tools: unzipping, OCR (Abby Fine Reader), Search (S&R, Google Desktop)•Cloud storage software (Dropbox,, iCloud, etc.)•Dictionaries (Routledge technical, Oxford bilingual and monolingual)•Dragon Naturally Speaking Dragon Naturally Speaking•Instant Messaging program (Skype, MSN, etc.)
  24. 24. Apps for iPadApps for iPad
  25. 25. What about CAT tools?
  26. 26. CAT Tools: Friend or Foe? CAT Tools: Friend or Foe?Advantages:‐Higher consistency and quality of the translation g y q y‐No need to repeat work: all translations are stored‐Higher productivity Higher productivity‐Allows you to work in more formatsDisadvantages:‐Can slow you down if not comfortable Can slow you down if not comfortable‐Lower rates if working with agencies
  27. 27. CAT Tools: which one to buy CAT Tools: which one to buy What should I take into account:• What my clients request What my clients request• Features (standard file formats: .sdlxliff, TM,  glossary and compatibility with .ttx) l d ibili ih )• Learning curve g• Availability of resources• Price
  28. 28. Features SDL Trados SDL T Studio  MemoQ Déjà Vu X2  WordfastComparison Studio Starter Freelance Prof. ProTM size 5000 units Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 1,000,000Multiple TMs No Yes Yes Yes (5) YesMultiple glossaries No Yes Yes Yes (5) YesCreate project No Yes Yes Yes YesReal‐time preview Yes Yes Yes Yes (.rtf) YesMachine Translation Yes 3 MT engines Google MT  Google Automated Plug in Plug‐in TranslateTerm extraction SDL Multiterm SDL Multiterm Yes Build ?  Extract 2011* Extract 2011* Lexicon ManualStatistics No Yes Yes Yes YesPDF files Support Yes Yes No No YesAutopropagate Yes Yes Yes Yes YesPrice €99/year €845 €620 €690 €350Alignment tool Yes Yes Integrated Yes IntegratedFile formats Sdlxliff, ttx, itd, Sdlxliff, ttx, itd, Xliff, .ttx,  sdlxliff, .ttx,  .inx, .pdf, .mf,  inx, icml, xml,  inx, icml, xml,  .inx, .mif, .xml, .inx… .ttx pdf, resx, xtg pdf, resx, xtg .xml, .pdf
  29. 29. Translation Memories Survey 2006Translation Memories Survey 2006Imperial College London:‐Around 80% translation professionals use TM Around 80% translation professionals use TM‐Most‐widely used tool: TRADOS (51% + 24%)‐Highest rating: Déjà Vu‐Less than 2% of respondents used MemoQ Less than 2% of respondents used MemoQ k%2Fportal%2Fpls%2Fportallive%2Fdocs%2F1%2F7307707.PDF&date=200 9‐09‐18
  30. 30. CAT Tools: types of matches CAT Tools: types of matches• New words• Low fuzzy matches (up to 84%)• High fuzzy matches (85‐99%)• 100% matches 100% matches• Repetitions• 101% /Perfect matches/ICE matches (context)• “Internal matches”• “Leveraged” words Leveraged words• Post‐editing
  31. 31. Should I specialise? p
  32. 32. Absolutely!‐Key to professional sector‐Less competition Less competition‐Higher rates‐Increase your professional self‐esteem
  33. 33. Industrial v. professional sector Industrial v professional sectorIndustrialI d ti l Professional P f i l‐Fast turnaround ‐Highly specialised‐High volumes ‐Professional profile‐Low rates ‐Direct contact‐Intensive use of technology ‐Technology as aid‐Imposed conditions ‐Negotiated conditions‐Translators as commodity ‐Translator as valued‐Impersonal mass offers p p partner‐Translators bear exchange ‐Translator as linguisticrate costsrate costs “consultant” consultant
  34. 34. Examples of industrial sector Examples of industrial sector• http://nopeanuts wordpress com/resistance/llorens/ : charge for using their own tool “Translation  Workspace Workspace”• “ “Requests” to reduce your rates by 5% ” d b• No payment for 100% matches and repetitions• ‐mills/
  35. 35. Dear Sir/Madam,We are looking for a long term commitment with a freelance for our different projects, based on translation, editing/proofreading, audio transcription, interpretation, voice b d t l ti diti / f di di t i ti i t t ti icover, copyright, DTP etc. Current project details: p jLanguage: Italian>EnglishSubject: TechDeadline: November 30th, by 5:00PM GMT+1Volume / Length: 10 000 words (It is a part of a project of 100 000 words)Rate: 0.035 EUR/word, please consider the amount of work.We need partial deliveries every day. p y yTRADOS is required.Target lang. should be your native one. PLEASE LET ME KNOW HOWMUCH CAN YOU TAKE.Would appreciate if you could send us some details about your work as it follows:1. A link to proz profile (for easy tracking)2. Your CV3. Indicate the rates you operate for:• Translation• Editing / Proofreading4. Contact information (phone numbers, hours to be contacted) required.4 Contact information (phone numbers hours to be contacted) requiredLet us know if further collaboration is possible.Best regards,
  36. 36. How?• St d i f Studying for a degree in your chosen subject d i h bj t• Attending short specialised courses• Watching webinars:  – 6th December ‐ Getting Started with Telephone  Interpreting I t ti – 1st February – Specialising in Medical Translation – 9th F b February – Ch i t f T Chemistry for Translators l t• Reading journals and related literature• V l Volunteering to work in your specialised subject  i ki i li d bj (NGOs, charities, etc.)
  37. 37. How much should I  charge?
  38. 38. The $64,000 question!
  39. 39. Types of work Types of work Do we know what we are talking about? Do we know what we are talking about?o Translationo Proofreading/Reviewing/revising/Editing P f di /R i i / i i /Editio Transcription/Voice‐overo Transcreationo DTPo Localisationo Testingo Interpreting (consecutive, simultaneous, whispered,  telephone, etc.) )
  40. 40. Types of charges Types of charges• Rate per word/thousand words p /• Rate per character, cartella, etc.• Hourly rate Hourly rate• Proofreading/reviewing/editing*• Special jobs: localisation (translation+resizing),  testing, transcription, etc.• Minimum charge g• Weekend and urgent work
  41. 41. When deciding your rate, take into account..• Taxes!!• Expenses p• Holiday pay• Sick pay• Pension contributions• CPD• Slack time• Admin time
  42. 42. How do I calculate my rate? How do I calculate my rate? Daily output Daily output 2000‐2500 words/day2500 words/8 hours = 312,50 words/h Hourly rate Hourly rateTo earn £20 per hour: (equivalent to £28,800/year) Word rate£20/312,5 words  £0,064 per word/£64/1000 w£20/312,5 words = £0,064 per word/£64/1000 w£30/312,5 words = £0,096 per word/£96/1000 w
  43. 43. CalcPro•‐ GB).xls• To help us determine how much we need to  charge depending on how much we want to  charge depending on how much we want to earn
  44. 44. Other information to help us Other information to help us• Bear in mind language combination,  p y specialised field, country• Check rates published by professional  associations (i.e. recent survey by ITI/CIoL) associations (i e recent survey by ITI/CIoL)• Most importantly… talk to other experienced  translators
  45. 45. Should I give volume discounts?Should I give volume discounts?Author: Alejandro Moreno Ramos( ingenierotraductor com/p/author html)
  46. 46. Is competing on price good?Is competing on price good?
  47. 47. I m a novice, I should charge less I’m a novice I should charge lessIf you accept a lower rate, the client won’t pay the  y p , p y higher rate of experienced translators and  everybody will lose y yOnce set, it s very difficult to increase your rate with Once set it’s very difficult to increase your rate with an existing clientNovice translator + reviewer = same quality as  experienced translator i dt l t
  48. 48. How do I promote myself p y
  49. 49. How do I promote myself? How do I promote myself?1. Professional associations f i l i i2. Translators’ fora3. Translators’ directories4.4 Social media Social media5. Powwows or other translators’ gatherings h6. Training and other events g7. Specialist fora and events
  50. 50. 2. Translators Fora 2 Translators’ Fora• P f i Professional Associations: TransNet ( lA i ti T N t (general CIoL l CI L forum for translators), InterpNet, etc.• Technical fora TW users WF Pro dejavu I Technical fora: TW_users, WF_Pro, dejavu_I,  memoQ• Language specific: Traducción en España Language‐specific: Traducción en España,  Apuntes, Asetrad, SpanNet (ITI)• Specialised: iJurado PS interpreters Wales Specialised: iJurado, PS_interpreters_Wales,  Medtrad• Jobs adverts: Jobs‐translators tr‐jobs Infotrad Jobs adverts: Jobs translators, tr jobs, Infotrad• Payment:
  51. 51. 3. Translators directories 3 Translators’ directories••••• www translatorsbase com••,,,, 
  52. 52. Advantages DisadvantagesJob offers Strong competitionExposure “Cattle market” approachBlue Board Low quality offersPowwows Pay‐per‐services Pay per servicesKudoZ Limited ability to commentTranslators forums Commercial company profits from  p yp translatorsTraining events Perpetuates translator as “commodity”Group buysG b Perpetuates culture of clients setting prices P l f li i i
  53. 53. 4. Social Media 4 Social Media• #l8 #i10n, #ITItranslators, #ITIconf, #IntJC• ITI, CIoL, Freelance Translators & Interpreters  Network, Translation agencies bad practices,  N k T l i i b d i Translation Professionals• Aiic interpreters, Asetrad  Aiic interpreters Asetrad• Blogs, own website
  54. 54. LinkedIn
  55. 55. There sThere’s something about translation
  56. 56. A PragmaticA Pragmatic Eye (Charlie Bavington) (Charlie Bavington)
  57. 57. Translation Times: Judy & DagmarTranslation Times: Judy & Dagmar Jenner
  58. 58. 5. Powwows and translators gatherings 7
  59. 59. 6. Training and other events 6 Training and other events10th December: Contract Terminology and Law, and Civil 10th D b C t tT i l dL d Ci ilLiability by Lexacom English Law Courses, London10th December: Translating Business Film material, Aston  g ,University, Birmingham (ITI)21st January: NWTN Boost your Business Day, Manchester (business planning, marketing, sales negotiation and (business planning marketing sales negotiation andassertiveness) (ITI)24th January: webinar “Choosing your market” (ITI via  y gy (eCPD Ltd.)13th February: LRG Pricing WorkshopFree webinar: “Quality CPD on a budget”F bi “Q lit CPD b d t”
  60. 60. 7. Specialist fora and events 7 Specialist fora and events• Chambers of commerce• Trade fairs Trade fairs• Professional Associations• Conferences & professional events
  61. 61. How to break the vicious circleHow to break the vicious circle No  No work No work experience
  62. 62. Test: to do them or not to  do them? do them?
  63. 63. Tests Reasons to do them: Prove your knowledge y g Prove you can follow instructions Prove your technical skills Prove your technical skillsX Reasons not do them: X A sample can show my work X The client is just following bureocratic process The client is just following bureocratic process X I have qualifications and experience
  64. 64. Tests Should they be paid? If very specific requirements from existing client y p q g If required by a specific timeframe Unusually long (more than 300 words) Unusually long (more than 300 words)X We consider them a marketing tool y pX We are confident that they will lead to paid work
  65. 65. Where to look for help? p
  66. 66. Where to look for help Where to look for help• ITI’s Orientation Course• Books published by experienced translators Books published by experienced translators• Fora• Translators’ blogs• Colleagues• Webinars
  67. 67. BooksThe Entrepreneurial Linguist h i l i i(Judy and Dagmar Jenner)(Chris Durbam)
  68. 68. Webinars– “Quality CPD on a budget”  (– “A l i f j b ff “Applying for job offers: top tips for translators” i f l ” (‐for‐job‐ offers‐top‐tips‐for.html?spref=tw) offers‐top‐tips‐for html?spref=tw)
  69. 69. Other resources Other resources• Fire Ant and Woker Bee  p j j• Th T The Translator’s Tool Box:  l ’ T lB A computer primer for translators
  70. 70. What to do if I don’t have  work?
  71. 71. Feast v. Famine Feast v Famine‐Update/improve your CV‐Update/improve your website (or create one) d /i bi ( )‐Update your social media sites‐Learn more features of CAT tools‐Get more software and learn to use it Get more software and learn to use it‐Learn more about a subject you are interested in (it  could be a new specialised field) could be a new specialised field)‐Learn/improve another language‐Send your CV to existing clients y g‐Send your CV to new targeted clients‐Catch up on translators’ directories, fora and blogs
  72. 72. And enjoy yourself!And enjoy yourself!
  73. 73. Skype: tclares Twitter: trini.clares